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Port Plastics, Inc. - Your source for thermoset composite materials

Looking for a reliable source for thermoset composite materials? (read more)

Port Plastics, Inc. - Can Ingredients Impact Food Processing Equipment?

Discover the dangers lurking behind sugar in this Port Plastics Food For Thought featured article! Explore the hazards associated with food automation in this week's insightful piece by industry authority Dana Scott! (read more)

Port Plastics, Inc. - PEI - A Versatile Thermoplastic for Engineers

PEI (Polyetherimide) is an amorphous engineering thermoplastic offering exceptional mechanical, thermal, and electrical properties. It can be easily machined with conventional metalworking tools and painted, hot stamped, printed or metalized. (read more)

Port Plastics, Inc. - New Port Plastics Website

Introducing the All-New PortPlastics.com – Your Hub for Innovative Solutions in Plastics! (read more)

Port Plastics, Inc. - What is Norsok M710?

Norsok M710Norsok M710 is a globally recognized standard developed by the Norwegian Petroleum Industry used to qualify nonmetallic materials for the petroleum industry. (read more)

Port Plastics, Inc. - The Effects of Moisture on Plastics

No doubt, if you machine plastic parts, you have been faced with the effects of moisture absorption. Moisture absorption is defined as the ratio of the weight of water absorbed by a material to the weight of the dry material. (read more)

Port Plastics, Inc. - Compliant Plastics for Aerospace & Defense

Typical Applications

  • Interior walls and seat components
  • Nacelle wear pads
  • Landing gear components
  • Interior brackets, slide rails
  • Seals, gaskets, valve seats, bushings
(read more)
Port Plastics, Inc. - Semiconductor Plastics

No segment of Semiconductor plastics have been more impacted from miniaturization than Back End Test. Almost all IC devises must be tested for functionality over a wide range of parameters. In performing the test, a jig is required to fix the IC chip properly for testing. (read more)

(read more)
Port Plastics, Inc. - Advantages of Acrylic Mirror “See Thru” material


  • Surveillance
  • Theatrical applications
(read more)
Port Plastics, Inc. - Advantages of Flametec® Kytec® – PVDF

Flametec® Kytec® – PVDF material is an ultra-pure fluoropolymer product suited for harsh chemical, thermal, and ultraviolet environments. (read more)

Port Plastics, Inc. - Flame retardant polypropylene

Flametec® Kytec® CP-7D is a proprietary formulation of flame retardant polypropylene is designed for wet process tools, furniture, and cabinetry construction for the semiconductor industry. (read more)

Port Plastics, Inc. - The benefits of Semitron ESd 225 POM

Semitron® ESd 225 is ideal for fixturing used in the manufacturing of hard disk drives or for handling in-process silicon wafers. (read more)

Port Plastics, Inc. - The Use of Plastic Shapes in the Food Industry

We offer the widest range of plastics that meet both FDA compliance & EU compliance. Whether you are baking at high temperatures or moving high volumes of product at room temperature we have compliant food grade materials available in a wide range of performance levels ranging from basic Polyethylene &PET chemistries up to PPS & PEEK. (read more)


Port Plastics offers a range of plastics for direct contact with food that meet both FDA compliance & EU compliance. Whether baking at high temperatures or moving high volumes of product at room temperature, we have compliant food-grade materials available for all performance levels. (read more)

Port Plastics, Inc. - AMGARD SR OPTIX Acrylic

AMGARD OPTIX Acrylic is an antimicrobial acrylic scratch resistant sheet. (read more)

Port Plastics, Inc. - Acrylic Mirror “See Thru”

See-Thru Mirror allows a percentage of incident light to pass through while reflecting the remainder. (read more)