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Powertronix Corp. - Mastering power isolation for medical devices

Year after year, POWERTRONIX stands out as a leader in developing cutting edge products

And The IS FLEX is Powertronix newest and most impressive design.

The state of the art features of the IS Flex make it uniquely equipped for today’s medical environment. No other product can match its reliability, adaptability, and ease of use. (read more)

Powertronix Corp. - PowerMED

These units provide protection to many abnormal operating conditions such as overload, over current and improvised cooling, as well as filter power disturbances and noises. (read more)

Powertronix Corp. - Isolation Station FLEX

Powertronix Isolation Station FLEX Series is used in medical devices to provide medical isolation from the main electricity supply, limiting the leakage current and provide patient and operator protection. (read more)

Powertronix Corp. - Powertronix Isolation Station

Powertronix Isolation Station is used in medical devices to provide medical isolation from the main electricity supply, limiting the leakage current and provide patient and operator protection. The possibility of symptomless failure is almost zero. (read more)

Powertronix Corp. - 3-Phase Transformers

3-Phase Transformers converts incoming line voltage to desired output load voltage, as well as adapt the incoming 3-phase line configuration to the desired 3-phase load configuration. (read more)

Powertronix Corp. - Power solutions for the Medical Industry

We work closely with our customers to fully understand their needs and we provide unique, high quality, cost effective products, manufactured in our large ISO 9000 certified manufacturing facilities (read more)

Powertronix Corp. - AC-DC Linear Power Supply

POWERTRONIX AC-DC Linear Power Supply provides Long Life, Highly Reliable, Robust Design in Rugged Conditions. Single phase or three phase AC inputs with six and twelve pulse conversion for DC smoothness. (read more)

Powertronix Corp. - POWERTRONIX Standard Toroidal Power Transformers

POWERTRONIX Standard Toroidal Power Transformers are used for step-down voltages. Dual primary windings for series or parallel connection provide universal voltage range and 50/60Hz operations. The secondary windings are isolated and can be connected in series or in parallel for standard applications, voltage rectification or preliminary design evaluation.


(read more)
Powertronix Corp. - POWERTRONIX Isolation Transformers

POWERTRONIX Isolation Transformers are distinguished by their small size, light weight and high efficiency. They are built to form, fit and function and can be provided with one or more primary windings and one or more secondary windings. (read more)

Powertronix Corp. - Why Powertronix Toroidal Transformer?

The toroidal transformer has a lot of advantages over the EI- type transformer. Powertronix offers a wide range of toroidal transformers and uses in-house developed software to design custom toroids. (read more)

Powertronix Corp. - Power Distribution Units (PDU)

PDUs offer the isolation features of our transformer, the voltage regulation and noise suppression features of our PLC and the AC power distribution capabilities. (read more)

Powertronix Corp. - POWERTRONIX Toroidal inductors / chokes

POWERTRONIX Toroidal inductors / chokes are smaller, lighter, cooler and more efficient than conventional laminated inductors. Its winding construction geometry helps to lower electromagnetic interference (EMI). (read more)