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Precision Associates Incorporated - Rubber Seals for use with Food and Dairy

Precision Associates’ facility has been audited and approved for the processing of 3-A materials. Forty-two PAI compounds comply with the 3-A Sanitary Standard 18-03. Materials included are NBR, FKM, Silicone, EPDM and Urethane. Manufacturers of equipment for use in these industries can save time and money by specifying rubber components that are produced from 3-A compliant... (read more)

Precision Associates Incorporated - Custom Medical Rubber Seals and O-Rings

PAI manufactures a number of compounds that are suitable for use in medical applications requiring body or body fluid contact. Items intended for medical use can be produced in our ISO 7 (Class 10,000) Cleanroom. All stages of rubber production from mixing of rubber compounds through packaging are performed within the Clean Room facility, including cryogenic and mechanical... (read more)

Precision Associates Incorporated - Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel Fuel Compatibility

The worldwide drive for cleaner burning fuels has led to the development of Ultra Low Sulfur Diesels (ULSD) and Biofuels. Many of these Biofuels are blended with Diesel to produce alternative fuels B5 (5% Biofuel), B20 (20% Biofuel) and B50 (50% Biofuel).

Traditional polymers used in gasoline engines are not compatible with these new fuels. Precision Associates Inc. has done exhau... (read more)

Precision Associates Incorporated - Visit us at OTC - Houston May 6-9

Precision Associates will be exhibiting at the Offshore Technology Conference (OTC) in Houston, Texas from May 6-9, 2018.

The OTC is celebrating its 50th anniversary. Gather with other energy professionals to learn more about the latest innovations in technology. 2000+ exhibits, 350+ technical presentations and networking opportunities with colleagues from over 100 countries.

(read more)
Precision Associates Incorporated - Clean Room Rubber Molded Products

Precision Associates (PAI) produces O-rings and custom rubber components in USP VI, ISO-10993, biomedical, and some implantable grade materials. Polymer types include Silicone, EPDM, Viton®, and FFKM. Parts manufactured within the clean room are suitable for use in equipment or devices requiring contact with pharmaceuticals, humans or animals, and body fluids

Precision... (read more)

Precision Associates Incorporated - Medical Seals and Rubber Components

Precision Associates specializes in close tolerance, 100% visually inspected, precision products and that’s why customers in the Life Sciences industries trust PAI to supply their custom medical rubber seals and O-Rings. PAI manufactures a number of compounds that are suitable for use in medical applications requiring body or body fluid contact. Items intended for medical use can b... (read more)

Precision Associates Incorporated - O-Rings and Molded Rubber Seals

Our O-Rings are available in more than 1,000 compounds developed by PAI chemists to meet the challenging requirements of today's applications. Refer to our Compound Selection guide, or call us for help determining the material best suited for your application.

The dimensions and tolerances listed are per AS-568 and apply to our standard 70 Durometer Buna N. Due to the variations i... (read more)

Precision Associates Incorporated - Molded Rubber Gaskets

For those times when a stamped gasket just won't Precision Associates for a molded rubber gasket. A molded gasket allows you to use a profile with a round or O-Ring style cross-section and material selection is open to any one of our 1000+ rubber compounds. Cut gaskets are limited to the availability of sheet good materials and require wider tolerances. Precision Associates pr... (read more)

Precision Associates Incorporated - Custom Gaskets and Gasketing

Precision Associates Inc. can custom mold gaskets for applications where a traditional stamped or cut gasket will not provide the proper function.

Molded gaskets can have a different type of cross-section, round like an O-Ring or even a more intricate pattern like an H seal. They also allow for top/bottom features and location devices. Cut gasket profiles are limited to standard s... (read more)

Precision Associates Incorporated - Custom Molded Precision O-Rings

Precision Associates has over 2600 O-ring sizes available! If the size you need isn't currently tooled, PAI can make a new mold and produce the part to your exact specifications! (read more)

Precision Associates Incorporated - Rx for healing your sealing problem!

Precision Associates has specialized in close tolerance, 100% inspected precision products for over sixty years! That's why customers in the Life Sciences industries trust PAI to supply their O-Rings and custom rubber sealing solutions. PAI manufactures a number of compounds that are suitable for use in medical applications requiring body or body fluid contact. USP Class 6 and ISO 10993-... (read more)

Precision Associates Incorporated - Oil and Gas Compounds for Rubber Seals

Precision Associates has more than sixty years of experience developing rubber materials for a wide variety of industries. Most recently, our efforts have been focused on providing materials suitable for the harsh environment of the Oil and Gas industry.

Whether your concerns are Rapid Gas Decompression (RGD), Sour Service, High Pressure, Heat, or Steam, Precision Associates can m... (read more)

Precision Associates Incorporated - Metal and X-Ray Detectable Rubber

Precision Associates has developed four metal and x-ray detectable materials made with ingredients sanctioned under FDA Title 21 CFR 177.2600 and also 3A Sanitary 18-03 approved. Silicone, Nitrile, EPDM and FKM are all 70 durometer and blue in color. Materials can be colored for specific customer requirements and any polymer can be made metal detectable... (read more)

Precision Associates Incorporated - X-ring Seals Run Circles Around O-rings!

What Makes X-Ring Seals Better? (read more)

Precision Associates Incorporated - World's Smallest O-ring just got smaller!

The World's Smallest O-Ring! Our 4-4 O-Ring is shown here in Roosevelt's ear. The O-Ring OD is only .012" (.3 mm). Precision Associates has always been known for making precision molded rubber seals, as well as tiny O-Rings and other microminiature products.

This O-ring was manufactured completely at Precision Associates (PAI), including machining of the mold used to produc... (read more)

Precision Associates Incorporated - Special Size O-Rings

Precision Associates has over 1600 Non-Standard O-Ring tools or "Special" size O-Rings available! We add, on average, one size each week, so our selection is always growing. If you still can't find the size you require, we can quote one for you and with our own in-house tool shop, we can quickly make a new size for you at a reasonable cost! (read more)

Precision Associates Incorporated - Low Temp Materials from Precision Associates!

In Minnesota, we have some experience with cold temperatures during our many months of winter. That's why the technical staff of Precision Associated developed compounds for use in frigid weather! (read more)

Precision Associates Incorporated - We now have over 2600 O-Ring sizes!

Precision Associates now has over 2600 O-Ring Sizes available!

Explore our AS-568 & Extended Standard Size O-Rings including our new 5/32" Nominal Cross Section O-Rings. Precision Associates' O-Rings are available off the shelf in several standard compounds. Or try O-Rings in one of 1,000+ specialty materials in 24 polymer groups, including Viton®, Aflas®, EPDM, Nitril... (read more)

Precision Associates Incorporated - Z-APT Reduces stiction in Dynamic Applications

Precision Associates introduces Z-APT™ Advanced Polymer Treatment.

Topical lubricants, such as Moly, Teflon® or Silicone oil are excellent choices for aiding in the assembly of component parts but are generally temporary and not sufficient enough to prevent premature seal failure in dynamic applications. (read more)

Precision Associates Incorporated - Pneumatic and Low Pressure Hydraulic Seals

Precision Associates’ Homogeneous Rubber U-Cups are the seal of choice for Pneumatic and low-pressure Hydraulic applications. Because U-Cups do not rely on initial compression to seal, they are excellent in applications that require low breakaway pressure. (read more)

Precision Associates Incorporated - Multiseal® Low Friction Seals

What Makes Multiseal® Low Friction Seals Seals Better? (read more)

Precision Associates Incorporated - Pull-Thru Hol-Masks™

Pull-Thru Hol-Masks™ are used to protect through holes during plating, painting, anodizing, de-burring, etc. (read more)

Precision Associates Incorporated - Custom and Standard Rubber Balls

If you need custom balls and sphere shapes, Precision Associates will manufacture the product you need to your exact specifications! (read more)

Precision Associates Incorporated - Custom Molded Rubber Seals

We stock an extensive number of seals available for immediate shipment but when you require a special seal made to your specifications, contact Precision Associates (PAI) for assistance. Our engineers and chemists are experieinced in the requirements to successfully manufacture and deliver a quality rubber product.

With our on-site tool shop and fast production lead time, we can p... (read more)

Precision Associates Incorporated - Custom Molded Rubber Parts

Precision Associates offers engineering services from initial part design to final delivery. If you need a standard O-ring, lip seal, gasket rubber-to-metal or other custom seal shape, we'll manufacture the product you need to your exact specification! (read more)

Precision Associates Incorporated - Choose a seal provider early in the design stage!

Too often, the seal that keeps the unit functional is the last thing that designers plan for! Selecting a standard sized seal will minimize tooling investment and improve delivery. Precision Associates has over 2600 O-Ring molds available but if one of those doesn't work for you, we can design a special seal to fit your needs.

Choosing the right material is also crucial to seal su... (read more)

Precision Associates Incorporated - Visit us at the D2P Show on April 24-25

Visit Precision Associates at the D2P Show April 24-25 at the Mohegan Sun Expo Center in Uncasville, CT. Stop by and see us in Booth 345! (read more)

Precision Associates Incorporated - Sealing Solutions...Exactly!

High quality, custom-molded rubber parts, O-rings, X-rings, U-Cups, and Wipers for customers in all industries for over half a century. Both OEM's and Seal Distributors rely on our Technical Expertise, Service Excellence and Manufacturing Experience to provide Sealing Solutions...Exactly! (read more)

Precision Associates Incorporated -  Close Tolerance Rubber Molding Services

Close Tolerance O-Rings and Seals

Precision Associates' proprietary molding process, state of the art deflashing equipment and in-house tooling facility is capable of accurately producing quality molded O-Rings and seals with tighter tolerances than the AS-568 Standard.

Lean manufacturing, defect reduction and other quality practices often dictat... (read more)

Precision Associates Incorporated - Low Temp Sealing for Oil & Gas Applications

Precision Associates announces the addition of four compounds FKM and HNBR (70 & 90 duro) to the B-Lo° Lo-Temp Rubber Compound family. With true TR-10 values of -40°C (-40°F), these traditional high temp polymers perform reliably in cold weather making them the ideal choice for products used in varying climates. (read more)

Precision Associates Incorporated - Perfluoroelastomers (FFKM) O-rings

Today's rubber seals are being required to perform in increasingly extreme conditions; oil and gas operations or chemical processing plants sealing harsh chemicals at progressively higher temperatures. These extreme conditions require special materials to provide an acceptable seal in these environments. Perfluoroelastomers (FFKM) are often the best option for reliab... (read more)

Precision Associates Incorporated - 3-A Sanitary Rubber Products

Precision Associates has over 25 different compounds available that comply with 3-A Sanitary Standards. (read more)

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Precision Associates will exhibit in this years Global Petroleum Show held in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.


Precision Associates, Inc. of Minneapolis, MN celebrates its 60th Anniversary this month! The company began operations with just a few O-Ring molds and began soliciting business from local manufacturers.


Precision Associates Open House Aug. 20 in Minneapolis, MN


Precision Associates to host ISD Spring Technical Training June 5-6


Precision Associates will co-exhibit with our sister company MMI Precision at Mfg4 hosted by SME on May 6-8th in Hartford, CT. Stop by our booth 2116 to see the World's Smallest O-Ring!


Precision Associates participates in several trade shows and industry events throughout the year. Stop by our booth to see the World's Smallest O-Ring!


Check out the new look of PAI's website! Same great information in our catalog but we've added some new content and made it more user friendly.


Visit PAI at the Gasketing/Converting EXPO in Orlando, FL on March 26th.