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ProSonix Corporation - What Are Heating?

Steam Injection Heater with Internally modulated Steam Flow Control Design (read more)

ProSonix Corporation - What's The Best Steam Pressure for My Application?

What is the best steam pressure for my application?

We are often asked by customers if there is an advantage to using lower or higher steam pressure in their application. Many plants have a variety of steam pressures available, or they may have a pressure regulator which allows them to use any pressure steam in the application. (read more)

ProSonix Corporation - Boost Hot Water Systems w/ ProJet® Steam Sparger

With cold weather approaching, hot water systems such as CIP washdown, boiler feedwater heating, etc. all may need a boost to maintain proper water heating temps. Incoming cold water can drop temp wise this time of year. Our PSX200-J tank mount Jet Sparger can be mounted on you CIP surge tank or feedwater tank to give your heating system a boost. (read more)

ProSonix Corporation - Direct Steam Injection for Efficient Manufacturing

Efficient, reliable, and earth friendly. The power of direct steam injection brings unparalleled efficiency to manufacturing. Learn more about our products are good for your process and the planet! (read more)

ProSonix Corporation - Meet Sanitary Process Conditions w/ProJet Heater

The ProJet sanitary steam injection water heater is designed to meet sanitary process conditions. Sanitary surface finishes, tri-clamp style connections along with no threaded connections, and fully fluid drainable design. (read more)

ProSonix Corporation - What is Steam Hammer or Water Hammer?

What is Steam Hammer or Water Hammer?

Steam hammer occurs when un-condensed steam forms bubbles, and when these bubbles contact a pipe wall or the side of a tank, they collapse and the moving fluid produces a concussive sound. (read more)

ProSonix Corporation - Got Steam?

Try our Steam Usage Calculator today! (read more)

ProSonix Corporation - ProJet® Steam Sparger for Water Tank Heating

Does your hot water system need a boost? ProSonix's ProJet® steam jet sparger can be added to your hot water tank for a temperature boost, additional heating during cold months, and meeting plant sanitation hot water demand spikes. (read more)

ProSonix Corporation - Benefits of Steam Injection Heating

ProSonix manufactures steam injection heaters for industrial water heating applications. Customers rely on us to deliver a solution that provides reliable and energy efficient performance. We work with applications that are simple to the most complex. Contact ProSonix to learn more about the benefits of steam injection heating. (read more)

ProSonix Corporation - What are you Heating?

Reliability for Fluid Heating Applications (read more)

ProSonix Corporation - PSX I Series Inline Heater For Your Applications

Heating of slurries and aggressive fluids difficult to pump, can present challenges for heat exchangers and common steam spargers. ProSonix inline steam injection heaters are designed to process hi solids, hi viscosity slurries & sludge. The PSX I Series delivers high velocity steam into the slurry which provides a completely mixed product without energy loss or equipment wear. (read more)

ProSonix Corporation - Instantaneous Hot Water for Industrial Application

ProSonix is pleased to introduce a new option for instantaneous water heating, the ProJet™. The ProJet™ offers a compact, versatile and easy-to-install design for instantaneous hot water with a unique 2-stage self-modulating steam flow control design that maintains high steam flow velocity through a wide range of operation. (read more)

ProSonix Corporation - Direct Steam Injection Heating for the Food and Beverage Processing Industry

 The PSX I Series and ProJet Heaters are used for CIP, blanching, cooking, can topping and pasteurizing. (read more)

ProSonix Corporation - Jacketed Reactor and Vessel Heating

Direct Steam Injection heating of hot water offers many important advantages over steam for jacketed reactor heating.  (read more)