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Proteus Industries Inc. - Flow Meter 8000 Series

Proteus 8000 Series instruments provide accurate, rugged, reliable and cost-effective measurement of heat transfer fluids and other liquids from -40 to 90 °C. (read more)

Proteus Industries Inc. - Compact PPA vortex flow meters

Compact PPA vortex flow meters with optional temperature measurement capability (read more)

Proteus Industries Inc. - Vortex Flow Meters PV6000 Series

PV6000 Series flow meters utilize the vortex principle to provide accurate, reliable and cost-effective measurement of heat-transfer fluids and other liquids (read more)

Proteus Industries Inc. - Compact stainless steel vortex meters

Compact stainless steel vortex meters for flow, temperature,and pressure measurement (read more)

Proteus Industries Inc. - Vortex Flow Meters V7000 Series

Proteus’ world-class calibration capability can transform standard meters into instruments of uncommon accuracy, providing the confidence and certainty that the most critical heat-sensitive processes and equipment require. (read more)

Proteus Industries Inc. - 6000 Series Flow meter: Essential Facts to Know

6000 Series Flow Meters use a simple turbine principle to generate a pulse output that is directly proportional to the instantaneous flow rate. (read more)

Proteus Industries Inc. - Importance of Flow Control Solutions

The measurement of volumetric flow velocity, mass flow of liquid, and flow rate are obtained through flow sensors. Liquid flow sensor solutions are very important, in order to maintain mass flow measurement within process industries. (read more)

Proteus Industries Inc. - High/Low Extreme-Temperature Liquid Flow Meter

Proteus offers a liquid flow meter that operates at liquid temperatures from -80 to 200 C /-112 to 392 F. Providing an accurate, reliable, and cost-effective measurement of heat transfer fluids. (read more)

Proteus Industries Inc. - FLC600 Series Flow Controller

> Stand-alone and built-in manifold versions available
> Flow controller integrates valve, meter and display
> Flow ranges from 0.5-20 LPM / 0.13-5.3 GPM
> Programmable PID controller for precise control
> Digital display
> Analog output
> Two programmable alarm levels (read more)

Proteus Industries Inc. - Flow Monitoring & Control Instruments

> Monitor instantaneous and total flow
> Flow, temperature and pressure can be monitored with FluidVision® 4000 instruments
> Multi-channel controls - Up to 8 input/output channels
> Batch control
> Multiple alarm functions
> Data logging (read more)

Proteus Industries Inc. - Weldsaver for automatic welding cap changer dry

Proteus Industries introduces the WeldSaver7™ a breakthrough to keep automatic cap changers completely dry! (read more)

Proteus Industries Inc. - 8000XHT Series Extreme-Temperature Flow Meters

Innovative technology and design, for use with fluid temperatures to 200 °C (read more)

Proteus Industries Inc. - WeldSaver™

Coolant Flow Controller & Leak Detector (read more)

Proteus Industries Inc. - Thermal Control Flow Meters – Die Casting

Thermal Control Flow Meters - Die Casting
Proteus flow meters are used to improve die life, startup scrap reduction and productivity (read more)

Proteus Industries Inc. - 100 Series Flow Switches

Flow rates from 0.2 to 227 LPM / 0.06 to 60 GPM > Adjustable trip point > Flow switch cannot jam in Flow OK position > 5-year warranty (read more)

Proteus Industries Inc. - FLC700 Series Flow Controller

FLC700 Series Flow Controller

Fast, responsive PID controller rotates vane to maintain precise control at selected flow rates. (read more)

Proteus Industries Inc. - Engineering Design Services

Proteus Industries is now offering a full engineering design and consulting services to worldwide customers. (read more)

Proteus Industries Inc. - 6000 Series Rebuild Kit

Upgrade Your Existing 6000 Series Instruments with Easy-to-Use Rebuild Kits (read more)

Proteus Industries Inc. - EtherNet/IP™ Stack

> ODVA EtherNet/IP™ specification compliant
> 100% ANSI C source code
> Can be used as standalone (single task) or with RTOS
> Compatible with any Bekerly socket TCP/IP stack
> Compatible with Rockwell ControlLogix EtherNet/IP (read more)

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Through placing a valve in the liquid flow’s path, control valves regulate the liquids’ flow rate through pipelines in a system.


Proteus produces flow control solutions used in the semiconductor industry and vital to the repeatability, manufacturing, and capability of integrated circuits.


As technology advances and new industries are developed, the need for precise and exact measurements only increases


With several kinds of flow switches on the market, it can be difficult to choose the perfect product for your specific purposes. Here are some important things to know before choosing a flow device from a premier manufacturer of flow switches.


Gauging liquid flow in industry application, daily measurement process is highly significant for calibrating the precision of the device that is in use.


True to its name, a liquid flow meter is employed to measure the pace of a liquid.


When buying a flowmeter and switch online, ensure that the equipment has every vital feature and specification as per your need.