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Quality Bearings & Components has promoted these products / services:

Quality Bearings & Components - Measure Vibration to Protect Expensive Machinery

Condition monitoring is the practice of using specialized tools, sensors and data to evaluate the operating condition of machinery and equipment. For example, QBC/BETEX VibChecker (TB-780202) collects data on vibration caused by bearings and other power transmission components, detecting misalignments that can lead to premature failure. (read more)

Quality Bearings & Components - Bearings Plus Comprehensive Services

Standard catalog items offered include pillow blocks, 4-bolt flange mounting blocks, 2-bolt flange mounting blocks, and the paired ball bearing inserts. Both set screw type and locking collar type ball bearing inserts are made to fit shaft diameters .1/2" to 4". Specify BBXINS-... Series (read more)

Quality Bearings & Components - Economical Alternative to Spherical Plain Bearings

Rod end bearings offer greater mounting convenience and provide a compact, lightweight, economical design alternative to the spherical plain bearings. QBC offers a wide selection of rod end bearings to meet your needs, download specifications, request a quote, or buy online. (read more)

Quality Bearings & Components - For Reliable Performance Specify QBC Bearings

Off-the-shelf flanged-sleeve bearings made of oil impregnated sintered bronze SAE 841 are available. These self-lubricating bearings fit shaft diameters .127" to 1.503" and range in overall diameter from 3/8" to 2-1/16". Specify BSNFLN-... Series. (read more)

Quality Bearings & Components - Linear Motion Components and Assemblies

QBC is an authorized stocking distributor for the world's largest bearings and linear motion products manufacturers. For dependable performance specify precision shafting paired with linear ball bearings from QBC. Customization available.

Thomson Linear Motion products. Request a quote or buy online. (read more)

Quality Bearings & Components - Induction Bearing Heater

Induction heating is a superior, fast and controlled heating method. It is a safe and environmentally-friendly alternative to traditional heating methods such as ovens, oil baths or blow torches. (read more)

Quality Bearings & Components - Hydraulic & Mechanical Bearing Pullers

Hydraulic and mechanical pullers are ideal for pulling and replacing a wide variety of parts including bearings, bushings, wheels, gears and pulleys. Hydraulic push puller tools help to easily fit or remove bearings and sleeves using either the outer or inner edges. Heavy-duty mobile hydraulic pullers can be used for dismantling heavy-duty bearings, couplings, gears and other parts. (read more)

Quality Bearings & Components - 4-bolt Polyester Flange Mounted Blocks

Standard duty 4-bolt flange mounting blocks that have a polyester housing, removable acetal bearing insert, with 316 stainless steel balls. (read more)

Quality Bearings & Components - Self-Aligning Needle Roller Pressbearings

A new series of inch and metric needle roller pressbearings from Quality Bearings & Components - QBC are self-clinching and self-aligning to ±5° and are designed for high-speed, high-load applications. Operating temperatures range from -22°F to +248°F (-30°C to +120°C). (read more)

Quality Bearings & Components - Three-In-One Quick Bearing Monitoring Meter

The Bearing Checker measures machine surface temperature with infrared light, and can also be used as an electronic stethoscope for listening to machine sounds. (read more)

Quality Bearings & Components - BETEX Bench-Top Heater With Swivel Arm

BETEX 22 ESD induction heater from Quality Bearings & Components - QBC designed for heating bearings, pulleys, couplings, rings, etc. (read more)

Quality Bearings & Components - BETEX 22 ELD is the smallest of induction heaters

This 3.6 kVA portable induction heater will accept bearings, gears and other components with a minimum Inner Diameter of 10 mm or .39 inches. (read more)

Quality Bearings & Components - 4-Bolt Flange Mounting Blocks from QBC

QBC announces a new line of standard duty 4-bolt flange mounting blocks that have a cast iron housing in addition to a dual seal feature. They are identified as the BBXBLK-HCF... and BBXBLK-UCF... Series and are designed to fit shafts ranging from 1/2" to 3-1/2" in diameter. (read more)

Quality Bearings & Components - Four-point Contact Ball Bearings from QBC

This dynamic series also comes in the innovative conrad style that features conrad radial contact points and the angular contact style that utilizes angular contact single bearings which are both reliable and cost-effective. (read more)

Quality Bearings & Components - Hydraulic Pullers From BETEX Prevent Shaft Damage

Identified as the TB-P79.... Series, the 6 models designed for 4, 6, 8, 12, and 30 ton capacities. They are easy to operate by one person and can easily convert from a 2-arm to a 3-arm hydraulic puller. The arms slide inwards or outwards simultaneously. (read more)

Quality Bearings & Components - High-Grade Axial Needle Roller Thrust Bearings

QBC announces a new addition to its line of reliable and cost-effective high-grade axial needle roller thrust bearings. This new line of metric axial needle roller thrust bearings feature steel needles and range in widths from 2 mm to 5 mm. (read more)

Quality Bearings & Components - Locking Collar, Cast Iron Pillow Blocks from QBC

These pillow blocks, identified as the BBXBLK-HCP... and BBXBLK-UCP... Series, are made of cast iron housings, solid base dual seal type pillow blocks. They are designed to fit shafts ranging from1/2" to 3-1/2" in diameter. (read more)

Quality Bearings & Components - Mount Power Transmission Components Safely

Reduce maintenance cost and improve assembly process using QBC/BETEX Cone Heater. The Cone Heater provides controlled, even heat and is a safe alternative to traditional methods such as hammering, oil baths, or blow torches. They offer optimal performance for smaller components. Safe, efficient, and affordable, one lightweight unit does it all, able to heat multiple components simultaneo... (read more)

Quality Bearings & Components - Check Noise Levels - Power Transmission Components

A QBC/BETEX professional sound meter is designed for quick and accurate noise surveys. The meter, identified as the model 1500, features an extra large easy to read digital display. Included with the meter is a storage case, wind cap for the microphone, and instruction guide. (read more)

Quality Bearings & Components - Aluminum Frelon® Lined Linear Bearings

These Frelon lined anodized aluminium bearings can tolerate up to 1,500 psi over the portion of the bearing that is carrying the load. (read more)

Quality Bearings & Components - MF Induction Heaters for Economical Bearing Repair

BETEX® MF Induction Heaters, enabling repair operations of the rail industry to easily dismantle the inner rings, NU-NJ bearings and labyrinth rings when servicing truck axels. (read more)

Quality Bearings & Components - Linear Bearings Available in Many Types

These steel bearings conform to AISI 52100 standards and are hardened to HRc 60-64. They are available in adjustable, open or closed and standard or heavy-duty types. (read more)

Quality Bearings & Components - Self-Lubricating Spherical Bearings from QBC

These high capacity bearings are designed for superior performance in low frequency applications and have the ability to accommodate shaft misalignments in most styles from 8.5° to 16.0° depending on the mounting used. (read more)