RMD Kwikform Ltd has promoted these products / services:

RMD Kwikform Ltd - Airodek Formwork System

Airodek is a low-weight, high productivity, simple slab formwork system, suitable for slabs of up to a depth of 700mm. Its quick, safe and simple assembly process enables one man to erect up to 40m² in an hour, significantly reducing construction time and labour requirements and thereby customers costs. (read more)

RMD Kwikform Ltd - Rapidclimb Formwork Bracket System

The crane assisted climbing formwork bracket system from RMD Kwikform. Robust galvanised climbing bracket - 45kN max vertical capacity. (read more)

RMD Kwikform Ltd - Megashor Modular Propping System

Megashor is an ultra high-duty modular propping system designed for high axial loads. But its real strength lies in its versatility. From heavy lifting towers to travellers for tunnel formwork, bracing for excavations, shoring and trusses, Megashor can be configured for a huge variety of applications. (read more)

RMD Kwikform Ltd - Trench Lining Systems

The RMD Kwikform Trench Box Systems have been developed to provide a revolutionary panel design, offering a market leading strength to weight ratio when compared with any like for like system. (read more)

RMD Kwikform Ltd - E35 and E40 Adjustable Props

RMD Kwikform's high strength E35 and E40 Adjustable Props can be used in a vast range of decking systems - as individual props or in back propping scenarios. With self-cleaning external threads, this class "E" prop is designed in accordance with EN1065 and the galvanised finish offers longevity and durability. (read more)

RMD Kwikform Ltd - Ascent-S Safety Screen System

Award-winning safety screen system for protection of public and workers on high rise construction projects. (read more)