ROHM Semiconductor GmbH has promoted these products / services:

ROHM Semiconductor GmbH - SCT3105KL N-channel SiC Power MOSFET

SCT3105KL is an SiC (Silicon Carbide) trench MOSFET. Features include high voltage resistance, low ON resistance, and fast switching speed. Suitable for solar inverters, DC/DC converters, switch mode power supplies, induction heating, motor drives. (read more)

ROHM Semiconductor GmbH - LMR1802G-LB Operational Amplifier

LMR1802G-LB precision single CMOS operational amplifier features low noise, low input offset voltage and low input bias current that are suitable for equipment operating from battery power and using sensors that an amplifier. (read more)

ROHM Semiconductor GmbH - BD00FD0WFP2 - Regulator

BD00FD0WFP2 is low-saturation regulators. The BDxxFD0 series output voltage are Variable, and fixed type. It have a built-in over-current protection circuit that prevents the destruction of the IC due to output short circuits and a thermal shutdown circuit that protects the IC from thermal damage due to overloading. (read more)

ROHM Semiconductor GmbH - BD9408FV LED Driver

BD9408FV is a high efficiency driver for white LEDs and it is designed for large LCDs. BD9408FV has a boost DC/DC converter that can supply appropriate voltage to the light source of LEDs series array. (read more)

ROHM Semiconductor GmbH - BS2132F Gate Driver

The BS2132F is a monolithic bridge driver IC, which can drive external Nch-FET and IGBT driver in 3 phase systems with bootstrap operations. 600V high voltage bootstrap diode is integrated between the VCC pin and the VB pins. (read more)

ROHM Semiconductor GmbH - RPM-20PB Phototransistor

ROHM's optical sensors serve as eyes to monitor changes of any motions, and comply with customer's day-to-day diversifying requests. (read more)

ROHM Semiconductor GmbH - Ambient Light Sensor IC - BH1603FVC

Analog current output type ambient light sensor IC is composed of photodiodes,amplifiers and current mirror circuits. The output current can be converted to the voltage value by external resistor. (read more)

ROHM Semiconductor GmbH - Power MOSFET - R8002ANJFRG

R8002ANJ FRG is a power MOSFET with low on-resistance and fast switching, suitable for the switching application. It is a highly reliable product for automotive. (read more)

ROHM Semiconductor GmbH - Zener Diode - BZX84B18VLFH

BZX84B18VLFH is high reliability automotive Zener Diode for voltage regulation. (read more)

ROHM Semiconductor GmbH - Standard Operational Amplifier - BA82902YFV-C

BA82902YFV-C is high-gain, ground sense input Op-Amp. This IC is monolithic ICs integrated dual independent Op-Amps on a single chip. This Op-Amp has some features of low power consumption, and can operate from 3V to 36V (single power supply). (read more)

ROHM Semiconductor GmbH - 60V Nch+Pch Power MOSFET

HP8M31TB1 is low on-resistance and small surface mount package MOSFET. It is suitable for motor drive. (read more)

ROHM Semiconductor GmbH - SiC Schottky Barrier Diode

Silicon Carbide Schottky Barrier Diode For Automotive - SCS206AJHR

Switching loss reduced, enabling high-speed switching. (4-pin package) (read more)

ROHM Semiconductor GmbH - Super Fast Recovery Diode

RF071LAM4STF is the high reliability Automotive Fast Recovery Diode, suitable for general rectification. (read more)

ROHM Semiconductor GmbH - CMOS Real-Time Clock - BU9873

I²C BUS Serial Interface RTC With High-Precision Oscillation Adjustment

The BU9873 is a CMOS real-time clock, which has a built-in interrupt generation function. (read more)

ROHM Semiconductor GmbH - Optical Proximity & Ambient Light Sensor

RPR-0521RS is a module that includes optical proximity sensor, ambient light sensor, and infrared LED. It enables lowering current consumption and/or improving the screen visibility under the bright environment. (read more)