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RegalRexnord - What Is Sensor Fusion?

In Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) connected devices, sensors are responsible for collecting data from various functions of the machine. As most connected devices have multiple sensors, it is crucial that the data being collected is conveyed to users in the most “context-driven" way possible. This is where data aggregation or “sensor fusion” comes into play.

Se (read more)

RegalRexnord - Smart Condition Monitoring System

The Model 1030 Rexnord Smart Condition Monitoring System, has two distinctive features:

  • It monitors oil quality along with temperature and vibration—the only such system for large gear drives.
  • It’s universal. The Model 1030 can be fitted to nearly any gear drive with an oil port 3/4” or greater—typically on equipment with a 100...
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RegalRexnord - Selecting the Right Belt for your F&B Application

Open Vs. Closed Hinge Belting. Why Is The Difference Important In The Food And Beverage Industries? (read more)

RegalRexnord - KleanTop Conveyor Belts

Food processing facilities have unique challenges that require unique solutions. Rexnord’s KleanTop plastic modular belting products are food grade conveying solutions made specifically with food processing applications in mind. With more than 120 years of experience, the broadest portfolio of conveying products, and a team of dedicated application engineers and food industry exper... (read more)

RegalRexnord - Flame-Retardant Modular Belt

As production speeds and performance expectations continue to rise, worker safety and equipment reliability have come to the forefront.

As the can manufacturing industry becomes more demanding — with ever-increasing production speeds and performance expectations – there is a growing need for modular conveyor belting and components to handle bigger workloads faster and... (read more)

RegalRexnord - Rexnord Roller Upgrade System

With improved uptime, increased efficiency, and lower roller maintenance costs, the Rexnord Roller Upgrade System has been shown to reduce costly unplanned downtime by 85%.

Offering easy installation and that's adaptable to many different conveyor setups, The Rexnord Roller Upgrade System is ready to accommodate high-speed lines with multiple configurations and variations in packa... (read more)

RegalRexnord - Increase drive performance and thermal capacity

Increase drive performance and thermal capacity without additional power or water supply. (read more)

RegalRexnord - Intelligent IOT Platform

The Perceptiv Intelligence IoT platform is a framework that securely communicates with sensors, gateways, devices and external data sources bringing you valuable insights to track equipment performance, improve efficiency and better manage your operations. (read more)

RegalRexnord - Cost effective wireless monitoring

the new Perceptiv™ Sentry S2100 platform for cost effective wireless vibration and temperature monitoring. Users, primarily in light duty applications, will benefit from early detection of asset problems for predictive maintenance, resulting in increased productivity and efficiency as well as reduced downtime and maintenance costs. (read more)

RegalRexnord - Turn Belts for Longer Life in Food Processing

Designed for strength and stiffness, extending product life. (read more)

RegalRexnord - Link-Belt for All Your Ball Bearing Needs

Every need, every application—we have your bearing. 

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