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Reid Supply - The Process For Powder Coating Stainless Steel

Because of its strength and durability, steel is commonly used in numerous commercial and residential applications. However, not all steel is the same. Mild steel, while great for both commercial and residential applications, is susceptible to corrosion, so applying a protective coat of paint is often reasonable.

However, why would anyone consider protecting corrosion-resistant me... (read more)

Reid Supply - What Is Tooling (Everything You Need to Know)

Every manufacturing and molding process is built on the use of tools, often known as machine tooling. Tooling refers to building various different kinds of equipment and gear required for production, such as molds, jigs and fixtures. Effective tooling allows the production of high-quality products, which also increases product life cycles, and ensures the correct fun... (read more)

Reid Supply - Automation Solutions

Let us help find the right industrial automation components for your needs! (read more)

Reid Supply - Free CAD Downloads

Quickly Find and Specify Products into Your Designs (read more)

Reid Supply - Kipp - New Products Just In and Ready To Ship!

With more than 100 years of manufacturing and engineering excellence, KIPP sets the standard for quality and innovation serving a range of manufacturers such as medical, food processing, packaging, aerospace, and automotive. (read more)

Reid Supply - Jergens - Tooling Company - READY TO SHIP!

Specializes in fixturing and workholding equipment as well as hoisting fixtures and quick lock pins for rigging and other applications. (read more)

Reid Supply - Elesa - Indicators, knobs, and handles

Elesa is a key provider of fluid indicators, handles, and hardware for specs that matter to new and existing product requirements and contracts. (read more)

Reid Supply - Reelcraft - New Product In Stock and Ready To Ship

Durable, Long-Lasting Quality Hose Reels Made in the USA

Call: (800) 253-0421 or Email: sales@reidsupply.com
(read more)

Reid Supply - Workholding Clamps & More - Many In Stock

Many toggle clamps and accessories ready to ship.

See our Shop Workholding Clamps Catalog (read more)

Reid Supply - Manual Swing Clamps

Manual toggle clamps are used in industrial applications to tightly hold workpieces during machining processes or to position parts while performing other mechanical tasks. Toggle clamps consist of a handle to operate, a clamping arm to reach the workpiece, a linkage system to increase the applied force, and a base for mounting to a workbench or fixture. Once activated, toggle clamps are... (read more)

Reid Supply - Ball & Spring Plungers & Accessories

Ball and spring plungers, also known as spring-loaded devices, are designed to locate, align, and hold different components in a variety of applications. These devices consist of a narrow body, an internal spring, and a ball or nose. They may also have a knob, button, or lever for hand-operated control. Positioning and locking occur when the force of the spring applies pressure to the ba... (read more)

Reid Supply - Get Organized With Colored Handle Grips. IN STOCK!

- Implement safety using color codes

- Company branding

- Color code different operations

Ergonomic Toggle Clamp Handle Grips provide a safe and comfortable gripping surface for vertical hold down clamps. These accessory parts act a guard and help protect against potential pinch points.

See Options (read more)

Reid Supply - Extensive line of manual toggle clamps

You can depend on Reid Supply for all your industrial clamps and workholding products. We offer an extensive line of manual toggle clamps that include hold-down clamps, push-pull clamps, plier clamps, and hook-and-latch clamps. If you want to make your process repeatable with no loss of quality, we carry a series of pneumatic power clamps and hydraulic power clamps that can perform a ran... (read more)

Reid Supply - Adjustable & self-compensating shock absorbers

Shock absorbers optimize machines in a reliable and effective way by decelerating loads quickly without recoil. Choose from adjustable and self-compensating force types.

View Our Options (read more)

Reid Supply - Quality Cost-Effective Knobs Direct From Our Plant

NEW! Knobs Catalog-BEST Lead Times BEST Prices

We offer a comprehensive line of industrial knobs that are used on manufacturing equipment and machinery. Many of our knobs are designed for use on commercial goods and specialized equipment as well. Commonly found on machine tools, jigs, and fixtures, our ball knobs come in a variety of shapes such as round, knurled, mushroom, and re... (read more)

Reid Supply - Lobed Knobs

Lobed knobs also called clamping knobs, grip knobs, star knobs have a scalloped edge to allow for maximum grip and comfort.  (read more)