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Renesas Electronics Corporation - USB-C™ Combo Buck-Boost Battery Charger

The ISL9241 is a digitally-configurable buck-boost battery charger. Using firmware control, it can switch between two charging modes – Narrow Voltage Direct Charging (NVDC) and Hybrid Power Buck Boost (HPBB/Bypass) charging. (read more)

Renesas Electronics Corporation - Ultra-Low Power Renesas Synergy S1JA MCU

The new ultra-low power S1JA MCU offers rich analog features, provides best-in-class programmable analog and security functions for high-accuracy sensor signal acquisition and conditioning for cost-sensitive and low-power IIoT sensor applications. (read more)

Renesas Electronics Corporation - 100V, 4A Half-Bridge N-Channel MOSFET Drivers

Renesas' AEC-Q100 qualified 100V half-bridge drivers safely drive MOSFETs for bidirectional controllers in 12V to 48V automotive hybrid powertrains. The advanced ISL784x4 MOSFET driver family enables high current DC/DC conversion with adjustable dead time and maximum efficiency. They are suited for 12V to 24V bidirectional DC/DC converters and other high current buck or boost applications. (read more)

Renesas Electronics Corporation - Rad-Hard Current Sources ICs

Simplify Satellite Subsystem Design with Precision Current Source Devices. The new Rad Hard ISL70591SEH and ISL70592SEH deliver ultra-high spaceflight performance with a smaller footprint, wider supply voltage, and higher accuracy. Providing scalability and SEL robustness, the current sources complement our radiation-hardened temperature sensors, and replace discrete solutions. (read more)

Renesas Electronics Corporation - High-end RZ/A MPU Design Environment for HMI

Design with microcontroller simplicity using Renesas RZ/A microprocessors and Software Package design environment. The new design environment for RZ/A MPUs simplify and accelerate the development of rich HMI and camera, and GUI-based applications, such as industrial equipment, home automation, medical devices, white goods, and video surveillance and video/fingerprint based access control. (read more)

Renesas Electronics Corporation - Simple Digital Power Modules

Renesas’ new family of RAA210xxx digital power modules provide POL conversion for advanced FPGAs, DSPs, ASICs and memory used in servers, storage, optical networking, and telecom equipment. The simple digital power modules offer advanced digital telemetry and performance, and are as easy to use as Renesas’ analog power modules. (read more)

Renesas Electronics Corporation - High Efficiency Buck-Boost Controllers

Renesas’ new ISL81601 and ISL81401/A are the industry’s only true bidirectional controllers, leveraging proprietary buck-boost algorithms and smooth mode transitions. The devices generate point-of-load (POL) and voltage rail conversions with peak efficiency up to 99% and are ideal for DC power backup and battery-powered medical, industrial and telecommunication systems. (read more)

Renesas Electronics Corporation - LTE IoT Connectivity Development: AE-CLOUD2

LTE IoT includes the very latest cellular technologies Cat-M1 and Cat-NB1 (NB-IOT), both are ideal for connecting IoT devices and sensors to 4G LTE cellular networks globally. AE-CLOUD2 enables connection of those IoT devices to cloud service providers with minimum effort. (read more)

Renesas Electronics Corporation - Scalable Single Output Digital Controllers

The ISL68300/01 digital DC/DC controllers provide single output POL conversions for FPGAs, DSPs, ASICs, network processors and general purpose system rails. The ISL68300 with integrated MOSFET drivers can drive discrete external MOSFETs, while the ISL68301 with PWM output can be paired with Renesas’ smart power stages or DrMOS power stages to create a complete voltage regulator sol... (read more)

Renesas Electronics Corporation - 3.3V, 1Mbps Radiation Tolerant CAN Transceivers

The ISL7202xSEH CAN transceivers provide reliable serial data transmission between a CAN controller and CAN bus at speeds up to 1Mbps. The ISL72026SEH, ISL72027SEH and ISL72028SEH devices are fully QML-V qualified and compliant with the ISO11898-2 physical layer standard. Up to 120 ISL7202xSEH ICs can be connected to a single CAN bus to reduce cabling/harness SWAP costs. (read more)

Renesas Electronics Corporation - Low Power MCUs with 1MB Flash, 192KB SRAM

The Renesas Synergy™ S3A1 MCU Group offers 1MB code Flash memory, 192KB SRAM, and ultra-low power consumption in a variety of pin and package footprints. The devices are ideal for a wide range of applications, including wearables, portable medical and fitness devices, building automation, fire and security control, thermostats, and more. (read more)

Renesas Electronics Corporation - High-Efficiency, 20A Multiphase PMICs

Renesas' ISL91302B and ISL91301A/B multiphase PMICs offer the highest power efficiency and smallest footprint for application processors in smartphones and tablets. The devices' low quiescent current, superior light load efficiency, regulation accuracy, and fast dynamic response significantly extend battery life for today’s feature-rich, power hungry devices. (read more)

Renesas Electronics Corporation - Enterprise Cloud Toolbox for AE-CLOUD1 Kit

Renesas’ Synergy™ Enterprise Cloud Toolbox Application Project, together with the Synergy AE-­CLOUD1 Kit, provides a reference design and starting point to connect in 10 minutes or less to enterprise clouds such as Microsoft Azure™, Amazon Web Services™, and Google Cloud Platform™. (read more)

Renesas Electronics Corporation - Full-Featured Cap Touch MCUs with 512KB Flash

Renesas’ RX130 Group of MCUs offer up to 512KB flash memory and increase package size up to 100-pins. Featuring capacitive touch IP with improved sensitivity and robustness, the MCUs are ideal for devices designed with challenging, non-traditional touch materials or required to operate in wet or dirty environments. (read more)

Renesas Electronics Corporation - Rad Hard 100V & 200V GaN FET Power Solutions

Renesas' ISL70023/24SEH GaN FETs and ISL70040SEH GaN FET driver enable primary and secondary DC/DC converter power supplies in launch vehicles and satellites, as well as downhole drilling and high reliability industrial applications. (read more)

Renesas Electronics Corporation - Dual 30A and Single 33A Digital Power Modules

The Renesas ISL8274M and ZL9024M digital power modules deliver the highest power density in their class and up to 95.5% peak efficiency. The PMBus-configurable devices deliver POL conversions for advanced FPGAs, DSPs, ASICs and memory used in servers, telecom, datacom, optical networking and storage equipment. (read more)

Renesas Electronics Corporation - Rad Hard Quad Power Supply Sequencers

The ISL7x321SEH are the industry’s first quad power supply sequencers designed to drive point-of load (POL) regulators that power high performance FPGAs and complex, multi-rail power systems. The highly integrated sequencers provide critical reliability features, and reduce bill of materials cost by replacing discrete solutions that employ several comparators, resistors, and capaci... (read more)

Renesas Electronics Corporation - Rad-Tolerant Plastic Package ICs

Renesas' ISL71xxxM radiation-tolerant plastic-package ICs support cost-sensitive, small satellites for low Earth orbit, as well as high altitude avionic systems, launch vehicles, and medical equipment. (read more)

Renesas Electronics Corporation - High-Speed RS-485 Transceiver

The ISL32741E is a galvanically isolated, high-speed differential bus transceiver, designed for bidirectional data communication on balanced transmission lines. The device uses Giant Magnetoresistance (GMR) as its isolation technology.

ISL3274xE isolated RS-485 transceivers provide 40Mbps bidirectional data communication for Industrial IoT networks. The ISL32740E isolated transcei... (read more)

Renesas Electronics Corporation - Automotive Full HD LCD Video Processors

The TW8844 video processor with MIPI-CSI2 output and TW8845 video processor with BT.656 output exceed the requirements of the FMVSS-111 law, displaying live video with graphics overlay in less than 0.5 seconds after vehicle ignition. The TW884x provides a robust rear-camera architecture to overcome the fast boot reliability issues with today’s more complex center-stack systems. (read more)

Renesas Electronics Corporation - Pin-Compatible 12V Sync Buck Regulators

Renesas' ISL850xx sync buck regulators step-down 12V rails to POL inputs as low as 0.6V for MCUs, FPGAs, memory and peripheral I/Os. The devices deliver up to 14A of continuous output current to industrial computers and programmable logic controllers as well as telecom, test and measurement, server and storage networking equipment. (read more)

Renesas Electronics Corporation - Multi-Cell Battery Pack Monitor

Renesas' ISL94202 battery pack monitor enables ultra-small 2-terminal designs, and accurately monitors, protects and cell balances rechargeable battery packs to ensure safe operation and charging. The device supports Li-ion and other battery chemistries used in applications such as vacuum cleaners, lawn equipment, handheld power tools, e-bikes, scooters, toys, and energy storage systems. (read more)

Renesas Electronics Corporation - Rad Hard 32-Ch Driver with Integrated Decoder

Renesas' ISL72813SEH rad hard 32-channel driver reduces the size, weight and power of satellite command and telemetry systems. The device integrates the decoder, level shifter and driver array in a single monolithic IC, allowing satellite manufacturers to significantly increase system capacity and reduce solution size by 50%. (read more)

Renesas Electronics Corporation - Isolated RS-485 Transceiver

Renesas' ISL32704E isolated RS-485 transceiver provides 4Mbps bidirectional data transmission for industrial IoT networks. The high-speed device delivers industry-leading EMI and CMTI in a small QSOP package that's 70% smaller than competing solutions. The ISL32704E transceiver simplifies PCB layout, reduces board space requirements, and enhances data transmission reliability and integ... (read more)

Renesas Electronics Corporation - Automotive LiFePO4 Battery Charger

Renesas' ISL78693 single-cell battery charger extends the life of Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) batteries used in automotive emergency call (eCall) systems. The battery charger offers up to 4x lower leakage current (3µA) than competitive chargers, allowing the eCall backup battery to remain charged for a longer period of time. (read more)

Renesas Electronics Corporation - Single-Chip USB-C Buck-Boost Battery Chargers

Renesas' buck-boost battery chargers support bidirectional power delivery in ultrabooks, tablets, power banks and other mobile products. The single-chip ISL9238 and ISL9238A battery chargers replace competitive two-chip solutions to reduce customer BOM costs by up to 40%. (read more)

Renesas Electronics Corporation - Automotive 6-Phase Bidirectional Controller

Renesas' ISL78226 bidirectional controller is designed to perform buck and boost power conversions between 12V and 48V automotive buses. A single automotive-grade ISL78226 delivers up to 3.75kW at greater than 95% conversion efficiency, and is able to interleave in a modular master/slave architecture to deliver higher power. (read more)

Renesas Electronics Corporation - Digital Multiphase Controllers with AVSBus

Renesas' ISL681xx and ISL691xx digital controllers provide up to seven phases assignable in any combination across two outputs, and combine with smart power stages to provide a scalable solution from 10A to 450A. The result is enhanced power optimization and more energy-efficient networking and communications infrastructure equipment. (read more)

Renesas Electronics Corporation - Programmable Gamma Buffer for Automotive LCDs

Renesas' ISL76534 14-channel programmable gamma buffer delivers the highest accuracy gamma calibration to ensure consistent brightness and color matching of every LCD panel inside a vehicle. It provides the industry’s lowest power consumption at 56.6mW, which is 5x lower than the closest competitor. (read more)

Renesas Electronics Corporation - 4-Ch. Video Decoder with MIPI-CSI2 Interface

Renesas' ISL79985 4-channel video decoder features a MIPI-CSI2 output interface that supports the latest SOCs and ADAS processors, while also lowering the system's EMI profile. The highly integrated decoder replaces up to nine discrete components with a single chip to preserve critical board space. (read more)

Renesas Electronics Corporation - Buck-Boost Regulators with 4.5A Switches

Renesas' ISL91127/28 buck-boost regulators feature 4.5A switches, up to 96% efficiency and a compact footprint, enabling power designs that maximize efficiency while providing flexibility and ease of design. They offer the industry’s lowest quiescent current of 30µA for superior light load efficiency. (read more)

Renesas Electronics Corporation - Compact, High Efficiency Buck-Boost Regulator

Renesas' ISL9120 ultra-small buck-boost regulator enables efficient power management of system power supplies and peripherals in portable battery powered consumer products. Its adaptive current limit PFM architecture delivers industry-leading efficiency up to 98%, while providing smooth transitions between buck and boost modes, and rapid transient response. (read more)

Renesas Electronics Corporation - Rad Hard In Amp with Differential ADC Driver

The ISL70617SEH rad hard 36V in-amp integrates a rail-to-rail output differential ADC driver to provide the industry’s highest sensor signal processing performance for communication satellites. Its high integration and best-in-class performance reduces system size, weight and power (SWAP) costs, and speeds time to market. (read more)

Renesas Electronics Corporation - 12 Cell Li-ion Battery Pack Monitor

Renesas' automotive grade ISL78610 multi-cell battery monitor provides cell balancing and accurate voltage and temperature monitoring to safeguard Li-ion battery packs in hybrid and electric vehicles. The ISL78610 can be used as a standalone device or as a redundant back-up device when combined with the ISL78600 battery manager, allowing automakers to achieve the higher ASIL-D ra... (read more)

Renesas Electronics Corporation - High Speed Quad Laser Diode Driver

Renesas' ISL78365 automotive laser diode driver pulses four high intensity lasers up to 750mA for projecting full-HD color video onto the windshield. The device's higher current and faster switching speed enables head-up displays with high resolution, high color-depth and high frame-rate projections. (read more)

Renesas Electronics Corporation - Pin-Compatible 5A & 3A Power Modules

Renesas' ISL8205M/02M power modules provide POL conversions for FPGAs, DSPs and MCUs in a wide range of battery-powered industrial and consumer applications. The ICs deliver high power density and up to 95% efficiency in a compact package. The 5A ISL8205M and 3A ISL8202M offer unique efficiency and power saving features to extend battery life and support Energy Star compliant pro... (read more)

Renesas Electronics Corporation - Pin-Compatible Automotive DC/DC Converters

The Renesas ISL78233/34/35 automotive DC/DC converters step-down 5V rails to POL for GPUs, FPGAs, DSPs and SOCs. The highly efficient devices deliver 3A, 4A and 5A of continuous output current to infotainment head units and Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) employing forward-looking smart cameras to detect and classify objects. (read more)

Renesas Electronics Corporation - High Voltage 80V, 4A DC/DC Power Module

The Renesas ISL8216M high voltage power module supports a wide 10V-80V input voltage range with an adjustable 2.5V to 30V output range, making it a flexible solution for 12V, 24V, 36V and 48V applications. The ISL8216M is packaged in a rugged thermally enhanced 15mmx15mmx3.6mm over-molded HDA package, which permits full load operation without heat sink or fans, preserving valuable board... (read more)

Renesas Electronics Corporation - 80A Single Channel Digital Power Module

The ISL8273M digital power module delivers up to 80A output current and operates from industry standard 5V or 12V input power rails. In a multi-module/multi-phase configuration, the digital switch mode power supply can support up to 320A power rails. (read more)

Renesas Electronics Corporation - Fully Encapsulated 50A Digital Power Module

The ISL8272M digital power module is a complete step-down power supply capable of delivering up to 50A of output current from industry standard 12V or 5V input power rails. The easy-to-use ISL8272M provides PMBus-enabled point-of-load conversions for advanced FPGAs, ASICs, processors and memory in space-constrained and power-dense telecom and datacom applications. (read more)

Renesas Electronics Corporation - Digital Hybrid DC/DC Controllers with PMBus

The ISL6820x digital hybrid DC/DC controllers provide POL conversions for FPGAs, DSPs, ASICs, processors and general purpose system rails. The ISL68200 with integrated MOSFET drivers can directly drive external MOSFETs, while the ISL68201 with PWM output can be paired with a DrMOS power stage to create a complete voltage regulator solution. (read more)

Renesas Electronics Corporation - Rad Hard 5V 16-Ch and 32-Ch Multiplexers

Intersil’s ISL71830/31SEH 5V rad hard multiplexers provide data acquisition systems with the industry’s best ESD protection, and deliver lower RON and input leakage for reduced power consumption and higher signal integrity. (read more)

Renesas Electronics Corporation - AEC-Q100, 55V Synchronous Boost Controllers

Intersil’s ISL78227/29 2-phase synchronous boost controllers help simplify the design of your high voltage automotive applications. Operating from a 12V battery supply, the AEC-Q100 qualified controllers efficiently boost the output voltage to 24V, 36V or 48V. (read more)

Renesas Electronics Corporation - 5V Zero-Drift Programmable Gain In Amps

Intersil’s ISL2853x/63x zero-drift programmable gain in amps feature an integrated RFI filter for EMI reduction and a gain stage output that provides flexibility for more complex designs. Due to their low drift, they are also particularly well-suited for precision applications that experience large variances in temperature. (read more)

Renesas Electronics Corporation - Dual 15A/Single 30A Step-Down Power Module

The ISL8225M fully-encapsulated power module is capable of delivering up to 100W output power from a tiny 17 mm x 17 mm thermally enhanced QFN package. (read more)

Renesas Electronics Corporation - High Efficiency 8A and 3A DC/DC Converters

The ISL8018 and ISL80030/30A/31/31A sync buck regulators step-down 5V rails to point-of-load (POL) inputs as low as 0.6V for FPGAs, DSPs and microprocessors. The feature-rich ISL8018 8A DC/DC converter offers up to 97% efficiency and higher integration than competitive devices. The 2 x 2mm ISL8003x 3A devices are pin-compatible and offer up to 95% efficiency. (read more)

Renesas Electronics Corporation - Cost-Effective 6V LDOs for Noise Sensitive Loads

Intersil's high-performance, cost-effective ISL80510/05 LDO voltage regulators provide best-in-class dropout and transient performance for noise sensitive loads. The 6V ISL80510 and ISL80505 LDOs deliver 1A and 0.5A of continuous output current and ultra-low dropout of 130mV and 45mV at full load, respectively. (read more)

Renesas Electronics Corporation - High-Speed RS-485/RS-422 Transceivers

Intersil's ISL3159E/79E RS-485/RS-422 transceivers deliver 40Mbps transmission performance over an extended temperature range, enabling precise control of motor positioning in factory automation applications. Available in an ultra-small package, the ISL3179E 3.3V and ISL3159E 5V transceivers offer greater design flexibility for supply voltage, board space savings and rugged environments. (read more)

Renesas Electronics Corporation - 3-to-8 Cell Li-ion Battery Pack Monitor ISL94203

Intersil’s ISL94203 battery pack monitor accurately monitors, protects and cell balances rechargeable battery packs to maximize battery life and ensure safe charging and system operation. The device supports Li-ion and other battery chemistries used in medical mobility carts, wheelchairs, e-bikes, handheld power tools and battery backup systems. (read more)

Renesas Electronics Corporation - Highly Accurate Digital Power Monitors

Intersil’s ISL28023/5 digital power monitors deliver high accuracy measurements in a wide input common mode voltage range, providing a high level of safety margin that is often necessary in wired, wireless and data infrastructure applications. The digital current sense and voltage monitors offer a broad feature set and the highest level of integration, reducing design complexity. (read more)

News articles and press releases for Renesas Electronics Corporation:


Automotive-grade ISL78610 battery monitor and ISL78600 battery manager enable ASIL-D compliant systems


High-speed, quad-channel ISL78365 pulses high intensity lasers up to 750mA, projects full-HD resolution video onto windshield


Single-channel, pin-compatible ISL8205M and ISL8202M offer compact solution size for battery-powered industrial and high-end consumer applications


Highly efficient ISL7823x DC/DC converters step-down 5V rails to point-of-load


Easy-to-use ISL68200 and ISL68201 deliver industry-leading transient performance