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Rigol Technologies, Inc. - Communicate, control & access test data with ease

RIGOL Introduces its Most Powerful Oscilloscope Ever – StationMax DS70000 Series up to 5 GHz

RIGOL Technologies announces its next generation of technological innovation with the release of StationMax Digital Oscilloscopes powered by the new UltraVision III platform. The new DS70000 Series is available in either 3 or 5 GHz bandwidths and combines the new UltraVision I... (read more)

Rigol Technologies, Inc. - Power supplies for higher current applications

RIGOL Technologies is expanding its popular DP800 Series of Linear Benchtop DC Power Supplies with new higher current models up to 20 Amps. The new DP800 models provide a programmable linear power supply with high current, low ripple, and high precision for many industries and applications such as optical communication module testing, chip and integrated circuit testing, semiconductor te... (read more)

Rigol Technologies, Inc. - Multi-Domain Debugging and Analysis

Multi-Domain Debugging and Analysis

Engineers integrating RF technologies into their embedded systems need to understand how their system under test interacts with the RF environment. Tools are required that allow the user to time correlate RF events with embedded signals on your device to debug operational or performance issues.

The RIGOL RSA Family of Real-Time Spe... (read more)

Rigol Technologies, Inc. - RF Component Characterization

RF Component Characterization

Understanding the performance characteristics of your RF components is critical in validating your design. Whether you need to tune an antenna, characterize a filter or evaluate the performance of an amplifier the RSA Family provides the performance and analysis capability to solve your challenging problems.

Antenna Characterizati... (read more)

Rigol Technologies, Inc. - EMI Test & EMC Pre-Compliance Applications

EMI Test & EMC Pre-Compliance Applications

EMI Measurement Application

RIGOL’s EMI Measurement Application provides a complete EMI PreCompliance Solution with scans, peak tests, limits, and multiple simultaneous CISPR detectors. With the EMI Measurement Mode engineers can compare, analyze, and report on EMI issues throughout their design proce... (read more)

Rigol Technologies, Inc. - Most Powerful and Affordable Bench Oscilloscopes

The World's Most Powerful and Affordable Bench Oscilloscopes

From basic visualization to advanced analysis tools, RIGOL delivers uncompromised Oscilloscope solutions for today's engineers.

Whether you are a home hobbyist, an educator, an IoT developer, or are debugging an advanced embedded design, RIGOL has an oscilloscope that will delight you with a rich feature se... (read more)

Rigol Technologies, Inc. - Vector Network Analysis from RIGOL

RIGOL Technologies RSA3000N and RSA5000N spectrum analyzer extends the flexibility and capability of the UltraReal platform with a Vector Network Analyzer measurement mode. (read more)

Rigol Technologies, Inc. - 2 GHz MSO8000 Series Digital Oscilloscope

MSO8000 Series Digital Oscilloscope delivers Bandwidth up to 2 GHz Bandwidth and a new Jitter and Real-Time Eye Analysis package the MSO8000 Series extends RIGOL's unmatched value proposition into serial data analysis and signal integrity applications.

The MSO8000 delivers the same 7 instrument in 1 capability as the other UltraVision II Oscilloscopes. Logic Analysis, Protocol Ana... (read more)