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Saint-Gobain Tape Solutions has promoted these products / services:

Saint-Gobain Tape Solutions - Thermalbond® for Future Architectural Innovations

The push towards reducing the carbon footprint and providing lightweight and sustainable construction is a key driver for current building design innovations. (read more)

Saint-Gobain Tape Solutions - Tape Solutions for Composite Molding

Saint-Gobain CHR® Tapes are available for a wide range of demanding accessory applications, such as masking for stripping and painting, lining and seaming of miscellaneous cargo and bulkhead compartments, and general purpose sliding applications in cargo pits. In addition... (read more)

Saint-Gobain Tape Solutions - Enhanced Norseal® PF Series for battery packs

Versatility for automatic assembly - Enhanced Norseal® PF Series micro-cellular polyurethane foams! (read more)

Saint-Gobain Tape Solutions - Hold fast with new Norbond®

Hold fast with new Norbond® A7600 Acrylic Foam Tape! (read more)

Saint-Gobain Tape Solutions - Tapes That Don't Stick! High Temp Cling Films

CHR MCL075 is a high temperature tape 200oC for up to 6 hours that has very low adhesion for easy removal as a protective cling film. CHR KCL050 can withstand 315oC for 6 hours. The tapes are printable, UV resistant, can be die cut & have very low shrinkage (<1%). (read more)

Saint-Gobain Tape Solutions - 260°C Electrical Tapes from H-old and CHR

H-old and CHR have teamed up to provide Electrical Insulation Tapes that are “Specialized for Extreme Conditions”™ These tapes use high performance backings to make tapes that survive up to 500oF(260oC) in electrical insulation applications. The combined UL files include: OANZ2.E178430, OANZ2.E66639, OANZ2.E51201, OANZ2.E245005, & OBJ... (read more)

Saint-Gobain Tape Solutions - Norseal Silicone Rubber Gasket

Saint-Gobain Norseal Silicone Rubber is a high- performance silicone product with a unique chemical structure that gives it high temperature stability and general inertness unavailable in any other elastomer. As a result Norsealsilicone rubber works in applications where no other material can be used with the main function as a gasket for different applications and markets. (read more)

Saint-Gobain Tape Solutions - Norseal FS1000 : intumescent, airtight, watertight

Norseal FS1000 is a high-performance foam tape designed with a unique combination of properties.

  • Intumescent : exposed to high temepratures, it will inflate and generate a char blocking fire propagation
  • Air and water tight : under 20% compression only, it's air tight and water tight
  • Soft and resilient : it conforms to uneven surfaces and comes b...
(read more)
Saint-Gobain Tape Solutions - TRS080 Silicone Stops Sound

Saint-Gobain's CHR TRS Silicone Transfer Adhesive is used for sound damping in automotive, aerospace, and electronics markets. Silicone transfer adhesives have excellent sound damping performance across a very wide range of temperatures. (read more)

Saint-Gobain Tape Solutions - Pressure Sensitive Tapes for Electrical Insulation

CHR Pressure-Sensitive Adhesive Tapes: Electrical Insulation and Isolation
CHR tapes for electrical insulation applications center around dielectric strength and operating temperature. Whether it's coil winding, end tabbing, outer wrapping, harness protection or potting cable ends, these tapes cover most of the demanding industrial electrical needs. (read more)

Saint-Gobain Tape Solutions - Skived PTFE, Paste Extruded and UHMW Film

Chemfilm Skived PTFE, Paste Extruded PTFE and UHMW Film Products

Chemfilm skived PTFE is produced by compression molding a cylindrical billet and "skiving" the film off of the billet in a lathe. Saint-Gobain has made extensive investments in the latest skiving technologies, enabling us to provide customers with high quality, competitively priced products. (read more)

Saint-Gobain Tape Solutions - CHRPressure-Sensitive Adhesive Tapes

Saint-Gobain Tape Solutions offers a broad range of PSA tapes serving industrial and commercial users. Produced from a variety of film, fabric, metal, laminations or paper substrates with acrylic, silicone, or natural rubber adhesive systems, Saint-Gobain is uniquely able to produce outstanding, and sometimes proprietary products. (read more)

Saint-Gobain Tape Solutions - Cable and Electrical Tapes for Electronic Assembly

CHR tapes are very high quality masking products. Special formulations for softness allow adhesives to create fine lines and conform to trace lay-downs. Whether it's for gold finger plating, splash and fume protection, wave soldering, hot air leveling or conformal coating, Saint-Gobain has made an adhesive, in combination with the correct substrate film to work each and e... (read more)

Saint-Gobain Tape Solutions - Heat Seal Plastic Processing with Adhesive Tapes

Saint-Gobain offers a powerhouse of release, non-stick and low friction tapes. Whether it's for masking in polyethylene extrusion coating or disposable release surfaces for vinyl window welding, Saint-Gobain is well known for providing a variety of solutions for everey high temperature plastic processing application. (read more)

Saint-Gobain Tape Solutions - Thermal, Plasma, Flame Spray Masking Tapes

Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics' CHR HV60 is a high-temperature heavy-duty pressure sensitive adhesive tape used for thermal spray masking. HV60 is manufactured by combining multiple layers of silicone rubber, aluminum foil and fiberglass and is coated with an aggressive high temperature silicone adhesive. (read more)

Saint-Gobain Tape Solutions - Anti-Friction and Release Industrial Tapes

Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics CHR brand slip, anti-friction and release tape products have been designed to meet the tough requirements demanded by the packaging industry: high speed durability and long life at high temperatures. (read more)

Saint-Gobain Tape Solutions - Green Glue Noiseproofing Compound by Saint-Gobain

Green Glue is a viscoelastic damping compound that is applied between two layers of drywall to create a vibration damping effect. Damping works by first reducing the vibration caused by sound (known as resonance) and then dissipating the vibration as it travels through the wall. The result? Significantly less outside noise penetrating your walls and disturbing you and your family. (read more)

Saint-Gobain Tape Solutions - NorbondAcrylic Foam Tapes

Saint-Gobain's Norbond acrylic foam tapes are engineered for durable, long-lasting adhesion, and have been tested on a variety of substrates under challenging environmental conditions. The viscoelastic nature of these tapes allow for superior conformability and elongation, as well as shock and stress absorption, providing a secure bond for applications with dynamic stress loads. (read more)

Saint-Gobain Tape Solutions - Thermalbond Structural Glazing Spacer Tape

Thermalbond spacer tape is available in black and grey colors and is perfect for 2—sided and 4-sided structural glazed curtain wall façade designs. With adhesive on two sides this firm spacer tape will aid in the positioning and stabilization of the glass during assembly and curing (read more)

Saint-Gobain Tape Solutions - Norbond High Performance Bonding Tapes

Saint-Gobain's Norbond foam tape family includes a wide range of tailored bonding solutions for long lasting security. These tapes combine polyurethane, acrylic, or polyethylene foam cores with high-performing pressure sensitive adhesive on both sides for permanent attachment. (read more)

Saint-Gobain Tape Solutions - Norbond Z2000 Series Automotive Acrylic Tape

Norbond Z2000 series is a high performance gray, double-sided, acrylic foam tape with outstanding adhesion properties for automotive exterior applications.

Z2000 is characterized by fast short-term adhesion build and excellent peel adhesion to automotive paint systems, as well as Medium Surface Energy (MSE) plastics such ABS and ASA. (read more)

Saint-Gobain Tape Solutions - Providing the Right Combination of Film Materials

Saint-Gobain offers the broadest line of specialty high-performance films. (read more)

Saint-Gobain Tape Solutions - High Strength & Wear Polyimide Polymer Films

Saint-Gobain's Polyimide (PI) film not only can fully meet any general requirements of a wide variety of industrial applications, but it also possess the unique characteristics of high tensile strength, high-wear tolerance, high-temperature tolerance, and anti-corrosion. (read more)