Schneeberger Inc. has promoted these products / services:

Schneeberger Inc. - MINIRAIL - High Precision, Miniature Package

Schneeberger introduces the new MINIRAIL series, a two-row miniature guideway ideal for those applications that require precision movement in a small yet robust package. The MINIRAIL series includes sizes 7, 9, 12 and 15 with guideway lengths up to 360, 700, 950 and 950mm, respectively. (read more)

Schneeberger Inc. - Mineral casting

The right mineral casting for any application - whether as light as 80 grammes or as heavy as 30 tonnes (read more)

Schneeberger Inc. - Reduce Costs w/MINISCALE Integrated Measuring

Reduce your costs with Schneeberger's MINISCALE compact, miniature guide way with 0.1 micron integrated measuring system. (read more)

Schneeberger Inc. - Integrated distance measuring system

Magneto-resistive distance measuring system specially designed for applications in machine tools

One read head for all sizes = reduces storage at service depot. (read more)

Schneeberger Inc. - A. Mannesmann Ball Screws

AM ball screws can be deployed over a variety of technical requirements! (read more)

Schneeberger Inc. - US Built Linear Motion Systems

Schneeberger, a local and global resource for precision linear positioning solutions, offers standard and custom solutions for linear motor driven stages, ballscrew driven stages, and piezo driven stages. (read more)

Schneeberger Inc. - AMSD-3A, -4A Digital Encoder For Linear Guideways

Schneeberger Advanced Measuring Systems are available with digital interface, AMSD-3A (for ROLLER MONORAIL) and AMSD-4A (for BALL MONORAIL). By using a digital interface, digital signals are transferred directly from the read head without additional interpolation electronics. (read more)

Schneeberger Inc. - Minature Ball Screw and Lead Screws!

Do you have a need for high precision, miniature ball or lead screws? Schneeberger, Inc is the North American distributor for Karl Hipp GmbH. Hipp has been producing ball screws and lead screws for 50 years. With nominal diameters ranging from 3mm-40mm and leads from 1mm-10mm, we have the know how to provide you with what you require! (read more)

Schneeberger Inc. - Schneeberger Standard and Customized Racks

Schneeberger offers standard racks of any cross-section up to module 16 with metric or module pitch, with helical or straight gears. Customized racks can be produced according to customer drawing. (read more)

Schneeberger Inc. - TYPE RNG Modern, High-Performance Linear Bearing

The RNG linear bearing is a modern, high-performance design and was created through the consistent optimization of the R type bearing. Highly loadable guidance systems with the smallest dimensions can be realized. Through the high performance with comparably small bearing cross-sections, an unrivalled economic efficiency results in many applications. (read more)

Schneeberger Inc. - Stainless Steel Linear Ball Monorail BM WR/SR

Excellent dynamic characteristics and high economy are the distinguishing features of the SCHNEEBERGER stainless steel ball-type linear guide way MONORAIL BM WR/SR. These guide ways are designed for applications where common anticorrosion coatings are sufficient. (read more)

Schneeberger Inc. - AMSA-Long Magneto-Resistive Measuring System

Schneeberger's AMSA 3L distance measuring system has been conceived for extra long axes. "The product for all lengths" is made possible by this highly accurate combination of guide way and linear encoder. (read more)

Schneeberger Inc. - NDN Stainless Steel Linear Positioning Slides

Schneeberger Inc. has announced its NDN family of high precision, stainless steel linear positioning slides. The NDN slides deliver high precision linear motion in an extremely compact envelope and are factory preloaded for optimal stiffness and smoothness. (read more)

Schneeberger Inc. - Type NK Frictionless Tables

SCHNEEBERGER frictionless tables are linear guidance systems for precise positioning tasks in numerous applications. For decades these tables have been renowned for the highest degree of accuracy, reliability and the ultimate in operating characteristics. (read more)

Schneeberger Inc. - DryRunner, Anti-Friction Precision Linear Bearings

Schneeberger, Inc.- announced a new line of Dry Running anti-friction precision Linear Bearings- DryRunner- that are absolutely free of organic lubricants, sulfur-containing solid lubricants such as MoS©ü or WS©ü and are also free of soft metal coating lubricants. (read more)

Schneeberger Inc. - Monorail BZ 35

Schneeberger, Inc. introduced a new profile linear guide with integrated toothed rack drive. The MONORAIL BZ 35 extends the performance of the MONORAIL BM by connecting highly accurate toothed gear segments creating a unified linear guide and rack that is ready for fast installation with a pinion drive. (read more)

Schneeberger Inc. - MINIRAIL: Long Carriages, Long Rails

Schneeberger, Inc. announces longer length capabilities for their line of precision linear guideways known as MINIRAIL. Long carriages are now available in four standard sizes: 7, 9, 12, and 15. Additionally, Schneeberger now has the manufacturing capability to offer single piece rail lengths up to 1000mm in all standard and wide MINIRAIL sizes. (read more)

Schneeberger Inc. - MONORAIL BM-W Wide-Version Ball-Type Guideways

Excellent dynamic characteristics and high economy are the distinguishing features of the SCHNEEBERGER ball-type linear guide way MONORAIL BM-W wide-version. The innovative design, with few but optimally designed components and the small number of transitions in the ball tracks, makes for outstanding running characteristics. (read more)

Schneeberger Inc. - Cut Costs w/Schneeberger's Motion Systems Design

Do your motion systems tie up engineering resources and cost too much? Schneeberger, a leading ISO 9001 certified, global provider of integrated systems and linear guide technology, can help your company's bottom line by building your motion systems more cost effectively, freeing up your engineering resources. (read more)

Schneeberger Inc. - Formula-S Linear Guideway

THE linear guide way with cage assist for your most demanding applications: High accelerations, High frequency oscillations, All mounting orientations (including vertical), Easily retrofitted, Easily assembly (read more)

Schneeberger Inc. - New MONORAIL Absolute Linear Encoder

Schneeberger, Inc. is pleased to announce its new absolute linear encoder AMSABS-3B and -4B, which resulted from further development of the world's first combination guideway and linear encoder, the MONORAIL Advanced Measuring System or AMS. (read more)

Schneeberger Inc. - Linear ball bearings and shafts

Schneeberger, Inc is the authorized North American distributor of Sferax ball bearings and shafts. (read more)

Schneeberger Inc. - Linear Guideways and Profiled Guideways

 Highly precise and reliable standard components. (read more)

Schneeberger Inc. - Frictionless tables

Linear units suitable for flexible dimensioning and multiple installation options (read more)

Schneeberger Inc. - Type N/O Linear Bearing for Use With Needle Cages

The N/O linear bearing has been designed for use with needle cages. These anti-friction guideways are suitable for high-load applications. Together with the closely arranged needle cage the bearing has a very high rigidity. The SCHNEEBERGER plastic and steel composite cage used in these guides gives less resistance to motion than similar needle cages. (read more)