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Sealevel Systems, Inc. - Preventing Food Loss and Meeting Compliance

Sealevel Systems, Inc. announces the newest addition to the SeaConnect family of IoT edge devices: the SeaConnect 370 Restaurant Kit. The Restaurant Kit brings IoT to the commercial kitchen with continuous temperature monitoring for coolers, freezers, refrigerators and more. (read more)

Sealevel Systems, Inc. - Next Level I/O Expansion and Data Acquisition

Sealevel Systems, Inc. announces the newest member of the Relio™ family of industrial computers, the Relio R1I/O Controller. (read more)

Sealevel Systems, Inc. - IIoT Edge Device to Remotely Control I/O Processes

The SeaConnect 370C is an Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) edge device that allows you to remotely monitor and control the status of real-world I/O processes. (read more)

Sealevel Systems, Inc. - SeaMAC Synch Serial Driver Supports Windows 10

SeaMAC V6 provides a powerful interface (CreateFile, ReadFile, WriteFile, etc.) for Sealevel synchronous serial products, and is available for immediate download. (read more)

Sealevel Systems, Inc. - App Features Enhanced Functionality & Integration

Mod+ Connect 2.0, a diagnostic and test utility, is now available on the Apple® iTunes® App Store®. The new version is a universal app that now runs on iPad® as well as previously supported iPhone® 6 or greater iOS devices an active Wi-Fi connection. (read more)

Sealevel Systems, Inc. - 1.91 GHz Quad-Core Rugged Computer

The Relio™ R1: Sealevel takes COM Express architecture to extremes with the Relio R1 industrial computer, featuring a quad-core Intel Atom processor and 8 GB of RAM in a virtually indestructible, DIN rail compatible enclosure. The R1 is Sealevel's most rugged computer to date, designed to exceed military specifications for shock and vibration. (read more)

Sealevel Systems, Inc. - Z16C32-Based PCI Express Adapter

Sealevel’s most requested sync product is now a reality: the 5104e Low Profile PCI Express (PCIe) Synchronous Serial Interface. (read more)

Sealevel Systems, Inc. - Flat Panel Computer Includes Modbus Tools

The SeaPAC R9-7R combines a powerful RISC-based processor with a bright 7" TFT LCD to create a wide-temperature, ruggedized, flat panel computer. (read more)

Sealevel Systems, Inc. - New Software Tools Enhance RISC Embedded Computing

Sealevel has announced Modbus-SSD, a new suite of software tools designed to speed development time for embedded applications. (read more)

Sealevel Systems, Inc. - PCIe Serial Adapter Offers Highest Data Rates

Sealevel’s best-selling dual-port multi-interface PCI Express serial adapter has been enhanced with the release of the 7205ec. (read more)

Sealevel Systems, Inc. - Isolated, Dry Contact Input Module Supports PoE

Sealevel Systems, Inc. has added two new modules to the popular SeaI/O data acquisition family. Control and monitor 32 isolated, dry contact inputs via any 10/100BaseT Ethernet connection with the SeaI/O-580E and SeaI/O-580PoE I/O modules. (read more)

Sealevel Systems, Inc. - Control and Monitor with eI/O-160E and eI/O-160PoE

Sealevel Systems, Inc. announces two additions to the popular eI/O family of Ethernet and PoE I/O adapters. Sealevel’s eI/O modules provide system designers with a compact, cost-effective alternative for monitoring and control. (read more)

Sealevel Systems, Inc. - Multi-Interface PCIe Adapter Offers High Data Rate

Sealevel Systems, Inc. has released the 7106e low-profile PCI Express serial interface offering a single serial portconfigurable for RS-232, RS-422, RS-485 or RS-530. (read more)

Sealevel Systems, Inc. - SeaRAQ 8 Channel Isolated Differential A/D Inputs

Sealevel Systems, Inc. has released a new SeaRAQ general purpose A/D expansion module. SeaRAQ I/O expansion modules provide unprecedented expansion capabilities for the Sealevel Relio R3 and Relio R4 industrial computers. (read more)

Sealevel Systems, Inc. - Modules Now Available in Embeddable OEM Versions

Sealevel Systems, Inc. has released the eI/O family of Ethernet digital I/O solutions for embedded OEM applications. (read more)

Sealevel Systems, Inc. - UL Recognized, Medical-Grade USB Isolators

Sealevel announces the SeaISO family of USB isolators with 4 kV of medical-grade optical isolation between the host computer and connected USB equipment. (read more)

Sealevel Systems, Inc. - New Touchscreen Computer for Hazardous Areas

The HazPAC R9-8.4 combines a powerful RISC-based embedded computer with a bright 8.4″ TFT LCD to create a wide-temperature, ruggedized, flat panel computer perfect for a variety of HMI and control applications in hazardous area locations. (read more)

Sealevel Systems, Inc. - HMI with RISC Processor & NEMA 4/IP65 Rating

The SeaPAC R9-7R combines a powerful RISC-based processor with a bright 7″ TFT LCD to create a wide-temperature, ruggedized, flat panel computer perfect for a variety of control and HMI applications. (read more)

Sealevel Systems, Inc. - Solid-State Computer Offers Synch Serial Comm

The Relio R2 Sync Server combines powerful processing with robust synchronous communications. (read more)

News articles and press releases for Sealevel Systems, Inc.:


Tom O’Hanlan, founder and CEO of Sealevel Systems, Inc., received the Outstanding Manufacturing Lifetime Service Award at the 2018 South Carolina Manufacturing Conference and Expo.


Sealevel Systems, Inc. is retelling its story and sharing engineering experience through a new website. Sealevel collaborated with BECK Digital of Greenville, SC to create a new, fully-responsive site that launched in July.


Sealevel Systems, Inc. is proud to announce a renewed partnership with Sital Technology. Sealevel representatives will service the United States territory for Sital, headquartered in Israel.


ADLINK Technology, a leading global provider of cloud-based services, intelligent gateways, and embedded building blocks for edge devices that enable the Internet of Things (IoT), has selected Sealevel Systems, Inc. as a 2015 Channel Partner of the Year.


Sealevel Systems, Inc. and ADLINK Technology announced a partnership designed to provide industry-leading computing and I/O solutions for OEMs using ADLINK’s computer-on-module (COM) and Sealevel’s custom carrier board technology.


A global leader in thermal management systems has chosen Sealevel to design a new flat panel touchscreen computer designed for wide temperature operation in hazardous environments.


Sealevel was recognized as the Philanthropic Spirit Award winner during the Charitable Giving Awards in Greenville on November 1.


Sealevel will provide advanced custom carrier board designs for GE’s family of COM Express embedded processor modules.


During our 25th anniversary celebration, our founder and CEO, Tom O’Hanlan, announced Ben O’Hanlan as the company’s new president.


Sealevel Systems, Inc., proudly celebrated 25 years of innovative, reliable hardware and software products to enable computer connectivity and control with a day-long event that included an employee appreciation lunch and an open house...


Sealevel Systems, Inc. was selected to design and manufacture docking stations for VT Miltope’s At-Platform Automatic Test Systems (APATS) Integrated Family of Test Equipment (IFTE) Maintenance Support Device – Version 3 (MSD-V3) system.


Thomas B. (Tom) O’Hanlan, president and CEO of Sealevel Systems, Inc., was awarded the Allan J. McDonald Award from the Society for International Business Fellows (SIBF).


Matlog, a leading distributor of embedded and industrial computing solutions in Angers, France, has been chosen to strengthen Sealevel’s presence in France through the company’s SeaPARTNER network.


Sealevel Systems is making it even easier to shop for products, find resources and engage with industry experts. The company worked with Blue Ion of Charleston, SC to launch a new website in February 2010.


Sealevel Systems is pleased to announce Landmark – a Chinese system integrator, distributor and OEM of embedded computer systems and associated products – has joined the SeaPartner network.