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SemiGen - Full-Service RF/Microwave Assembly

Our full-service, high-quality, RF/Microwave design and automated assembly services are a viable option for companies looking to reduce assembly cost while keeping their production domestic. (read more)

SemiGen - RF/Microwave Fixed Attenuator Pads

SemiGen fixed attenuator pads feature precise resistor films and superior metalization resulting in superior performance and consistency. (read more)

SemiGen - Zero Bias Schottky Detector Diodes

The SemiGen SZB900 Series of Zero Bias Schottky Detector diodes are designed for use in video detectors and power monitors eliminating the need to provide external DC bias to the diode. The choice of barrier metal and processes provide a broad selection of video impedance. (read more)

SemiGen - Spiral Inductor Coils

The SemiGen Spiral Inductor Coils are manufactured using our thin film process on quartz substrates. The precision photolithography and non-chemical etching process provides clean edges to assure uniformity from coil to coil. By using quartz and applying a polyimide coating we produce a device that eliminates the need for conformal coating or staking. (read more)

SemiGen - Binary Capacitors

The SemiGen Binary Capacitor Series are designed for ease of use when trimming, tuning or facilitating breadboard applications. The devices feature our MNOS design using Nitride and Oxide to achieve a robust and reliable dielectric. Custom designs as well as catalog off the shelf parts allow the user flexibility and varied capacitance values. (read more)

SemiGen - Schottky Barrier Bridge Quads

SemiGen's Silicon Schottky Diodes are designed for applications through 40Ghz. The special process technology utilizes various metal schemes to provide excellent performance of Low, Medium, and High Barrier applications. (read more)

SemiGen - PIN Diodes

The SemiGen SGP7000 series of PIN Diodes are processed with a high-resistivity epi that have intrinsic layers that range in thickness from 4 micron to 200 micron depending on performance specifications. These devices are typically manufactured with either a robust thermal-oxide passivation or ceramic glass for durable high-power applications. (read more)

SemiGen - Beam Lead Pin Diodes

The SemiGen SBL 2000 series Beam Lead Pin Diodes feature fast switching speeds at both low capacitance and resistance. Beam Lead Pin Diodes have high levels of mechanical strength and stability during assembly. (read more)

SemiGen - SemiGen Increases Contract Manufacture Capability

We are pleased to announce that after moving into our new state-of-the- art facility, we’ve made an additional capital investment of over a half million dollars in new production, wafer fab, and testing equipment to support customer demand. (read more)

SemiGen - PCB assembly

Expert PCB assembly when premium quality is the only acceptable outcome. (read more)

SemiGen - RF/Microwave repair work

Production team busy producing? No problem.
Send your RF/Microwave repair work to us. (read more)

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From prototyping to production there are many ways to gain profitability and time by engaging an expert RF assembly outsource.


Each application and die may have its own set of parameters and evaluation criteria. Learn more.


We are proud to announce the hire of our new President, Tim Filteau.


Small MESA devices have posed a number of wire-bonding challenges, which have required advancements in wire-bonding technologies and skills.


If you've been looking for replacement devices or a new first or second source for your RF and microwave diodes and semiconductors, you can rely on SemiGen.