Senior Aerospace Metal Bellows has promoted these products:

Senior Aerospace Metal Bellows - PRIME MOVER Hermetic Linear Actuators
  • Operates in corrosive environments and extreme temperatures
  • Ultra-clean actuation - meets ISO 14644 class 1
  • Hermetic operation, ideal for actuation across a pressure boundary
  • Metal bellows provides hermetic seal and actuation driver
  • No dynamic elastomeric seals to wear/replace
  • 1 million+ cycles
  • No calibration required
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Senior Aerospace Metal Bellows - High Temp and High Cycle Life

Senior Aerospace Thermal Control Valves use no elastomers. The all-metal construction is capable of operation at temperature extremes and meets today's higher reliability requirements. Designs may be fine-tuned for specific actuation temperature ranges. This is ideally suited for turbine engine accessories cooling requirements or anywhere automatic thermal control is required. (read more)

Senior Aerospace Metal Bellows - Compressors & Vacuum Pumps

Senior Aerospace Metal Bellows' compressors and bellows vacuum pumps use our unique welded metal bellows technology as the pumping chamber. This allows for features and performance parameters that are impossible to achieve with conventional vacuum pumps and compressors. (read more)

Senior Aerospace Metal Bellows - Aircraft Compressor

This bellows type compressor may be used for commercial or military aircraft or weapons systems applications where a 400Hz compressor is required.

Standard (off-the-shelf) and custom-designed pumps are available with options for high-pressure, low-flow, all-metal valve, VCR® ports, along with various motors. (read more)

Senior Aerospace Metal Bellows - Maintenance-Free Accumulators & Reservoirs

The Senior Advantage

  • Experience – Decades of proven service
  • Speed – Custom designs fast and right
  • Efficiency – Eliminate extraneous components (e.g. charging lines, valves, gauges, etc.)
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Senior Aerospace Metal Bellows - Flexible shaft coupling products

The Senior Advantage

  • Experience – Decades of proven service
  • Speed – OTS and custom designs fast and right
  • Flexible – Designs for a wide variety of applications (torque/size requirements)
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Senior Aerospace Metal Bellows - No Performance Drift
  • Innovative – Unique wax-filled design
  • Flexibility – Various wax formulas/actuation temps
  • Safety – No membranes to fail/replace. Can include pressure-relief options, as needed
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Senior Aerospace Metal Bellows - Motion Feedthroughs
  • Reliable – Hermetically sealed / Withstand extreme temps
  • Zero-leakage – All-metal/welded design = hermetic seal
  • Friction-free operation
  • Suitable for use with gasses/liquids/vapor
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Senior Aerospace Metal Bellows - Dynamic Bellows Seals & Seal Assemblies

Senior designs and manufactures a variety of bellows dynamic seals, ideal for high temperature applications where elastomeric seals break down.

Typical applications include engine nacelle seals, firewall seal, fuel drain seal, and engine duct seals. (read more)

Senior Aerospace Metal Bellows - Bellows 101

What is a welded metal bellows? A welded metal bellows is a zero leakage dynamic seal capable of a great range of motion and manufactured from sheet stock. The material of construction may be stainless steel, high nickel alloys, titanium or other alloys to suit the application requirements. (read more)