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Servoflo Corporation - ASI9300 Submersible Pressure/Level Sensors

The ASI9300 Series of submersible level pressure transmitters for IIOT applications offer the best price-performance ratio by utilizing the latest in MEMs piezo-resistive technology using corrosion-resistant 316L stainless steel.

From 0-3 psi to 0-100 psi level measurement, this submersible pressure transducer is an excellent solution to level monitoring for indoor and outdoor app... (read more)

Servoflo Corporation - ASI7300 Differential Pressure Transducer for IIOT

Accepting a 3V or 5V supply, the ASI7300 is a low power differential pressure transducer for IIOT (Industrial Internet of Things) applications. The output signals can be I2C, 0.5 - 4.5V ratiometric, or 0.5 - 2.5V ratiometric.

The sensor has 316L stainless steel for wetted material and a weight of 150 grams. (read more)

Servoflo Corporation - ASI7000 Wet-Wet Differential Pressure Transmitter

The ASI7000 is a media-isolated differential pressure transmitter consisting of an isolation membrane differential pressure sensor and integrated circuits. Various pressure ranges are available up to 300 psi with a common line pressure of 500 psi. (read more)

Servoflo Corporation - ASI4000 Steel Pressure Transmitter for 10,000 PSI

The ASI4000 is designed for industrial and off-road applications. It employs a p-n junction-free piezo-resistive technology that is inorganically bonded for media isolation.

Because of its one-piece stainless steel structure, the ASI4000 provides reliable operation in harsh environments. It can be calibrated from 0-5 psi up to 0-10,000 psi. (read more)

Servoflo Corporation - ASI3000 OEM Industrial MEMS Pressure Transmitter

The ASI3000 is a media isolated pressure transducer intended for general purpose OEM applications that require measurement of liquids & gases up to 2000 psi.

The ASI3000 offers rugged construction, the latest in MEMS silicon sensor technology, advanced electronics, and competitive pricing. (read more)

Servoflo Corporation - ASI2200 Media Isolated Pressure Sensor

The ASI2200 pressure sensor is intended for media-isolated industrial OEM applications as low as 0-2 psi up to 0-2000 psi.

The ASI2200 offers rugged construction, the latest in MEMS silicon sensor technology, advanced electronics, and competitive pricing. (read more)

Servoflo Corporation - ASI2080 Pressure Transducer with USB Interface

The ASI2080 is a USB output pressure transducer offering high-accuracy measurements of ±0.1% FSO. It is ideal for use with laptops and data recorders for portable applications.

Its compact and lightweight design facilitates ease of installation within space-constrained environments. (read more)

Servoflo Corporation - ASI3300 Low Power Pressure Transducer for IIOT

Accepting a 3V or 5V supply, the ASI3300 is a low power pressure transducer for IIOT (Industrial Internet of Things) applications. The output signals can be I2C, 0.5 - 4.5V ratiometric, or 0.5 - 2.5V ratiometric.

The sensor has 316L stainless steel for wetted material (Hastelloy C276 is optional) and weight of 95 grams. (read more)

Servoflo Corporation - ASI200 Mini Pressure Transducer for Small Spaces

The ASI200 is a pressure transducer with a miniature design that provides reliable measurement where space and weight are a concern. The main body is 1 inch long. (read more)

Servoflo Corporation - How Do Mass Air Flow Sensors Work?

Mass air flow sensors are detection devices that are used to measure mass flow rate, and they play a critical role in the function of various medical equipment. Respirators, ventilators, anesthesia equipment, oxygen concentrators, and many other medical devices rely on mass air flow sensors... (read more)

Servoflo Corporation - ME78X/ME79X Ceramic Pressure Sensors

Servoflo is pleased to announce updated data sheets for the ME78X and ME79X ceramic pressure sensors from Metallux. These state-of-the-art ceramic pressure sensors have excellent accuracy and versatility for those users designing a pressure transducer or embedding a sensor in a pump, valve or other part of a pressure control system. (read more)

Servoflo Corporation - Why Use Servoflo for Board Level Pressure Sensors

Users of pressure sensors enjoy a broad selection of models and manufacturers from which to choose. While detailed specifications of individual models are easy to come by, it often helps to understand more about the overall supplier. The following blog post compares board-level pressure sensors from Servoflo and other providers of pressure sensors. (read more)

Servoflo Corporation - Why Use Ceramic Pressure Sensors

Industry professionals employ pressure sensors in a variety of applications, ranging from aerospace to oil and gas to utilities. In many cases, they are subjected to harsh operating and environmental conditions, such as high pressures, corrosive compounds, and temperature extremes. For use in these circumstances, ceramic pressure sensors are a suitable option. (read more)

Servoflo Corporation - HTS1510 Harsh Media Pressure Sensor Up To 100 psi

The HTS1510 Series is a surface-mountable package with both digital and analog outputs available. Its backside pressure measurement provides excellent compatibility with wet, corrosive media. It is ideal for integration on a control board. (read more)

Servoflo Corporation - PAV1000 Air Velocity Sensor for HVAC & Datacenters

The PAV1000 was designed as an economical high-performance air velocity sensor for thermal management & HVAC systems. Unlike thermistor-based solutions, the Posifa MEMS sensor core is minimally affected by ambient temperature changes and provides instant real-time feedback on air velocity speeds. (read more)

Servoflo Corporation - LP Series Pressure Sensor Has Wide Operating Temp

The LP Series pressure sensors is a surface mountable 8 pin design available in both uncompensated and compensated output configurations. The compensated LP Series versions include both high-accuracy analog (LP1410) or digital ratiometric signal output options (LP1420) with each version having full compensation for offset, temperature and span variability. (read more)

Servoflo Corporation - M3800 Pressure Transducer for Gas & Liquids

The M3200 pressure transducers are suitable for measurement of liquid or gas pressure, even for difficult media such as contaminated water, steam, and mildly corrosive fluids. Various ranges from 100 psi to 5000 psi. (read more)

Servoflo Corporation - AMS6915 Digital Pressure Sensor Has Small Package

AMS6915 is an OEM pressure sensor with a digital I2C interface in a small package. Low ranges from 0-5 mbar and up. Supply voltages of 3.3V or 5V. (read more)

Servoflo Corporation - HTC52 Pressure Sensor Accepts Harsher Media

The HTC52 Series is a miniature, robust pressure sensor with calibrated and temperature compensated SPI, I2C or analog output. Available in either a 3.3V or 5V supply version, the HTC52 can be ordered as a differential, gauge, or absolute. (read more)

Servoflo Corporation - FS6122 Bi-Directional Medical Respiratory Sensor

The FS6122 is a medical respiratory sensor to measure from -250 to +250 SLPM with a linear analog output or I2C output. Pressure & humidity sensor integration. (read more)

Servoflo Corporation - AL4 Pressure Sensor Digital Output High Accuracy

The AL4 pressure sensor has high accuracy of 1% FS and comes in a gauge or differential configuration. (read more)

Servoflo Corporation - FX29 Force Sensor For 10lbf To 100lbf

FX29 low cost force sensor for 10lbf up to 100lbf has excellent span and zero stability. Choice of mV, voltage or I2C outputs. (read more)

Servoflo Corporation - MVH3200D High Performance Digital Humidity Sensor

The MVH3200D Series are small digital humidity sensors with high performance and accuracy. The miniaturized smart humidity sensors are fully calibrated and provide standard digital I2C outputs. (read more)

Servoflo Corporation - How to Pick a Pressure Sensor E-Book

With an unlimited amount of pressure sensor choices, it is easy to get overwhelmed with picking a part. Learn about the most important factors to consider when choosing a pressure sensor to pick the right part for your needs. (read more)

Servoflo Corporation - AP & AG Fujikura Pressure Sensor

The AP/AG pressure sensor series from Fujikura is composed of a silicon piezeoresistive pressure sensing chip and a signal conditioning integrated circuit. (read more)

Servoflo Corporation - Sensor Customization Value Added Solutions

Servoflo's Value Added Solutions infographic is a quick and easy way to help customers understand the potential for modifications and customization of sensors we offer. This short infographic explains the type of creative solutions that can be made for your unique application! (read more)

Servoflo Corporation - How to Pick a Ceramic Pressure Sensor

Ceramic pressure sensors are utilized in a variety of ways across numerous industries – but not all sensors are created equal. Learn more about how to choose the right one for your application! (read more)

Servoflo Corporation - MEMS Mass Flow Sensor - FS4001

The FS4001 mass flow sensors are manufactured using Siargo's proprietary MEMS flow sensor and packaging technology. The sensors are specially designed for low flow rates from 0-30 sccm up to 0-1000 sccm. (read more)

Servoflo Corporation -  Ceramic Pressure Transducer - ME780 Series

The new ME780 family uses a hybrid technology and Metallux's chip-on-board expertise to have signal conditioning directly integrated on top of the sensor. (read more)

Servoflo Corporation - Centrifugal Pump for Liquids 0-400 ml/min - M100 Series

The M100 series are constructed from precision CNC machined aluminum alloy with stainless steel tubing connectors. The M100 range is fitted with Viton seals as standard. (read more)

Servoflo Corporation -  Integrated Pressure Temperature & Humidity Sensor - MS8607

The MS8607 is the novel digital fusion sensor providing 3 environmental physical measurements in one small package: pressure, temperature and humidity (PTH). This product is optimal for applications in which key requirements such as ultra low power consumption, high PTH accuracy and compactness are critical. (read more)

Servoflo Corporation - AG3xF Absolute Pressure Sensor for 0-115kPa

The AG3xF is an absolute pressure sensor for 0-115 kPa. The low-level signal from the sensor is amplified, temperature-compensated, calibrated and converted to a high-level analog output signal proportional to the applied pressure. (read more)

Servoflo Corporation - Digital Temperature Sensor MVT3000D High Accuracy

The MVT3000D offers high levels of performance such as fast temperature measurements and high accuracy. The technology also offers a very robust proprietary sensor-level protection, ensuring excellent stability against aging and harsh environmental conditions such as shock and volatile chemicals. (read more)

Servoflo Corporation - Board Level Capacitive Pressure Sensor

ESCP-BMS1 is a series of board mountable capacitive pressure sensors targeting a variety of markets requiring high resolution and accuracy for absolute, gauge, or differential pressure measurements up to 10 bar. (read more)

Servoflo Corporation - MPM3808 Liquid Pressure Sensor Has Digital Output

The MPM3808 is a piezoresistive OEM pressure sensor with 316L stainless steel corrugated diaphragm and isolated oil-filled construction. The sensing package utilizes silicone oil to transfer pressure from the 316L stainless steel diaphragm to the sensing die. (read more)

Servoflo Corporation - Capacitive Pressure Sensor For Up to 400 Bar

ESCP-MIS1 is a series of capacitive pressure sensor transducers for absolute pressure measurements. Each module integrates an oil-filled pressure capsule equipped with a medium isolation diaphragm that protects the MEMS capacitive pressure sensor die. (read more)

Servoflo Corporation - Capacitive Pressure Transmitter For Up To 400 Bar

The ESCP-MIT1 is a series of media-isolated pressure transmitters suitable for applications with harsh environmental conditions where resistance to corrosive fluids or gases is required. (read more)

Servoflo Corporation - Energy Harvesting With Dye Sensitized Solar Cells

Dye-sensitized solar cells (DSC) are energy harvesters that can generate power from ambient light energy. These "fit & forget" self-powered devices are used to supply power to various kinds of sensors where providing directly wired power is difficult such as inaccessible places, deployment of sensors over a wide area or deployment of a high number of sensors. (read more)

Servoflo Corporation - Mass Flow Sensor for Gases

ES Systems has developed the ESRF-ESF, an inline mass flow sensor for gas, based on the hot-film anemometer principle. The ESRF-ESF is one of the few gas flow sensors featuring bi-directional gas flow sensing up to ±300 ln/min (about 322 SLPM) with a total error and of <1.25% RD. (read more)

Servoflo Corporation - MVH2000A High Performance Analog Humidity Sensor

The MVH2000A Series are small analog humidity sensors with high performance and accuracy. The miniaturized humidity sensors are fully calibrated and provide a standard analog output that is ratiometric to the supply voltage. (read more)

Servoflo Corporation - Low Pressure Sensors With Digital or Analog Output

The SM5XXX, SM6XXX, and SM7XXX are ultra low pressure MEMS sensor families offering state of the art pressure transducer technology and a CMOS mixed signal processing technology to produce a digital or analog, fully-conditioned, multi-order pressure and temperature-compensated sensor in JEDEC standard SOIC-16 packaging with dual ports (horizontal or vertical). (read more)