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Siemens Process Instrumentation - SITRANS FS230 clamp-on gas ultrasonic flow meter

For natural and process gas applications. Utilizing 100Hz data update - Improved accuracy and reaction time to changes in flow, permitting the use of low volume provers. Available internal AGA 9 gas tables. Simplifying correction for temperature and pressure variations in gas flow. (read more)

Siemens Process Instrumentation - Compact weighing electronics for maximum accuracy

SIWAREX WP351 is the clever alternative to the weighing terminal. Whether you need to produce accurate mixtures, ensure precise filling and loading, or perform tasks like bagging, checking and dosing: SIWAREX WP351 is always the right choice. It’s the perfect fit for all automatic and non-automatic weighing applications. (read more)

Siemens Process Instrumentation - Remote Digital Solutions

Siemens provides a comprehensive portfolio of results-ready digital solutions to help process industries safely and efficiently manage facilities operations anytime and anywhere. (read more)

Siemens Process Instrumentation - SITRANS P 320/420 Pressure Transmitter

The digital " high performance" pressure transmitter which features remote saftey handling and developed according to IEC61508 standards for SIL2/3 (read more)

Siemens Process Instrumentation - Digitalization of Remote Monitoring & Maintenance

Siemens offers today’s facility operators and managers the ability to remotely monitor the activity and health of process equipment, regardless of whether it’s local to the plant or in the most remote of locations. Through the use of Siemens Mindsphere and for a low monthly cost, information can be uploaded to the cloud and then used to provide you with real-time monitoring... (read more)

Siemens Process Instrumentation - Do you know if your pressure readings are correct?

Demands on accuracy, reliability, and availability of measurement instruments are steadily increasing. Siemens provides complete, traceable calibration of pressure transmitters. Our certified technician can perform calibration services on-site or off-site. (read more)

Siemens Process Instrumentation - First Pressure Transmitters w/Remote Safety

The HART7 Sitrans P transmitters are ready for plant digitalization, giving users in-depth control and analysis through new data logging functions and event control. The devices’ reduced response time increases process efficiency by speeding up the control system’s response to changing process conditions. (read more)

Siemens Process Instrumentation - Sipart PS100 Valve Positioner

The Sipart PS100 valve positioner can be initialized quickly at the touch of a button, automatically adjusting itself to the attached valve. If required, it is possible to optimize the positioner for a specific application with just one further touch of a button. (read more)

Siemens Process Instrumentation - Efficiently service intelligent field devices.

Field devices are the eyes and ears of automation. The failure of a valve positioner, temperature, flow or pressure sensor can quickly lead to serious malfunction of the process. With SIMATIC PDM Maintenance Station V3.0, Siemens offers the right solution for efficiently monitoring the condition of smart field devices, irrespective of the automation and control systems used. (read more)

Siemens Process Instrumentation - What is Your Daily Pumping Routine Costing You?

How can you utilize process instrumentation to save money in your water operations? Siemens cost of water calculators help you determine where you could be losing money from the cost of water. Try out our cost of water calculators and watch our webinars to learn more about addressing these issues. (read more)

Siemens Process Instrumentation - Siemens Sitrans MAG8000 - Water Meter of Choice

To enhance operational efficiency, improve billing accuracy and significantly reduce costs, the Siemens SITRANS F M MAG 8000 includes a built-in wireless automated meter reading (AMR) solution designed for use in Water Fixed Networks. (read more)

Siemens Process Instrumentation - What is Lost Water Costing You?

How can you utilize process instrumentation to save money in your water operations? Siemens cost of water calculators help you determine where you could be losing money from the cost of water. Try out our cost of water calculators and watch our webinars to learn more about addressing these issues. (read more)

Siemens Process Instrumentation - Compact Level Transmitter w/Intelligent Processing

Expect the unexpected with the newest HART ultrasonic level transmitter - SITRANS Probe LU240. This compact, rugged, and high-performance ultrasonic transmitter gives you the level, volume, and flow measurements you need with field-proven echo processing that’s engineered to last. (read more)

Siemens Process Instrumentation - Enhanced Ultrasonic Flow System w/High Accuracy

Siemens Process Instrumentation is pleased to announce the release of the Sitrans FS220 clamp-on ultrasonic flowmeter, the newest addition to the growing portfolio of next-generation digital flow measurement systems from Siemens. (read more)

Siemens Process Instrumentation - Digital Ultrasonic Flow System w/High Accuracy

The SITRANS FS230 digital clamp-on ultrasonic flow meter offers a process-optimizing solution for measuring flow in virtually any typical or hazardous area fluid application. FS230 clamp-on flowmeter offers outstanding cost savings without sacrificing the high levels of accuracy, ease of use and reliability required to run your hazardous or non-hazardous processes at peak efficiency. (read more)

Siemens Process Instrumentation - Constructed for excellence. Sitrans 330

Building on a strong tradition of innovative thinking, Siemens has designed the next generation of Coriolis flow meters for excellence in performance, safety, and user-friendliness: the SITRANS FC330. The digitally-based SITRANS FC330 is suitable for all applications within the process industry and offers the market's most compact sensor. (read more)

Siemens Process Instrumentation - SITRANS LU150/LU180 ultrasonic level transmitter

The Sitrans LU180 is designed primarily for liquid applications in the environmental, water/wastewater, and energy management industries, the device is ideal for non-contacting continuous level measurement of liquids and slurries in open or closed vessels. (read more)

Siemens Process Instrumentation - SIPART PS2 Positioner

SIPART PS2 is currently the most widely used positioner for linear and part-turn actuators in a wide range of process industries. This is not without reason. The proven all-round design has a particularly flexible stroke range, intelligent diagnostics, and communicates either via HART, PROFIBUS PA or Foundation Fieldbus. What has been proven so often is certainly the correct choice. (read more)

Siemens Process Instrumentation - SITRANS TO500 Fiber-Optic Temperature Transmitter

The SITRANS TO500 multipoint temperature transmitter is used for measuring a large number of temperatures using a very narrow fiber-optic temperature measuring lance. The system consists of the following components... (read more)

Siemens Process Instrumentation - SIPART PS2 digital valve positioner

The SIPART ® PS2 electro-pneumatic valve positioner is used to control the final control element of pneumatic linear or part-turn valve actuators (read more)

Siemens Process Instrumentation - Process-Optimizing Updates to Coriolis Flow Meter

Siemens has made process-optimizing advantages to their entire digital Coriolis flowmeter platform! (read more)

Siemens Process Instrumentation - SITRANS TF Field Transmitter

SITRANS TF is used where other transmitters can't cope. One main point is its rating of IP67.

Made of rugged die cast aluminum or long-lasting stainless steel. It transforms resistance thermometers, thermocouples, Ohm and mV signals into a load independent DC current corresponding to sensor characteristic or a digital signal... (read more)

Siemens Process Instrumentation - Weighing terminal control and your fingertips

The weighing terminals SIWAREX WT231 for non-automatic scales and SIWAREX WT241 for belt scales and solids flow meters combine weighing electronics and touch panel in a single unit that sets up as a standalone solution. (read more)

Siemens Process Instrumentation - SITRANS LG

The SITRANS LG series are guided wave radar transmitters for level, level/interface, and volume measurement of liquids and solids. It is unaffected by changes in process conditions, high temperatures and pressures, and steam. (read more)

Siemens Process Instrumentation - SITRANS FEC920 Thermal Energy Meter

The Siemens SITRANS FEC920 Thermal Energy Meter, the perfect solution for taking back control of your building’s energy costs, provides the real-time data you need to verify your building’s climate control systems are operating efficiently. (read more)

Siemens Process Instrumentation - Siemens Expands Pressure Transmitter Portfolio

Siemens Process Industries & Drives Division has announced that it is expanding the SITRANS pressure transmitter portfolio with the newly developed SITRANS P310 for basic measurement and the advanced SITRANS P410. (read more)

Siemens Process Instrumentation - Siemens introduces the SITRANS TS500 product line

Siemens extends SITRANS temperature sensor portfolio. Siemens Process Industry and Drives has extended its offering of temperature sensors to include the SITRANS TS500 product family. The new resistance thermometers (RTDs) and thermocouples (T/Cs) are designed for universal use in the process industries. (read more)

Siemens Process Instrumentation - The World’s Most Accurate Level Controller

The new benchmark in ultrasonic level measurement accuracy: the Sitrans LUT400 ultrasonic controller. With world-leading accuracy of 1 mm (0.04 inches), the Sitrans LUT400 ensures that measurements are consistently precise. (read more)

Siemens Process Instrumentation - 760 P/E Valve Positioners

The series 760 P/E Valve positioners provide a cost effective, universal approach to your valve control. Their modular concept allows all models to be built on the base pneumatic unit (760P). The electro-pneumatic model (760E) is created by adapting an I/P transducer to the base and a wide range of accessories is easily installed inside the unit. (read more)

Siemens Process Instrumentation - Integral Volume Booster for the PS2

The Integral Volume Booster was designed for use on pneumatic actuators that require high flow for fast stroking times. The unit reproduces pneumatic signals in a 1:1 ratio for applications requiring increased flow capacity, while maintaining small step accuracy and reducing piping requirements.

  • Integrally mounted to the SIPART PS2
  • Provides a Cv of 2.0 to ope...
(read more)
Siemens Process Instrumentation - SITRANS WW100 Weighfeeder

One of the most accurate in-motion weighing systems on the market. SITRANS WW100 weighfeeder is specially designed for high accuracy on light loading processes. This design eliminates material buildup to ensure accurate, reliable measurement. (read more)

Siemens Process Instrumentation - SITRANS WF200 and WF250

SITRANS WF200 and WF250 flowmeters are medium to high capacity flowmeters for various product sizes, densities, and fluidities. (read more)

Siemens Process Instrumentation - SITRANS WW200 Weighfeeder

SITRANS WW200 is a low- to medium-capacity weighfeeder used for minor ingredient additives.

The unit can be customized to meet exact application needs. Stainless or mild steel units are available in open or enclosed styles. Custom lengths, belt types, inlet configurations, drives, and other options are available to meet your requirements. (read more)

Siemens Process Instrumentation - SITRANS WF300 Series Flowmeters

SITRANS WF300 Series are low- to medium-capacity flowmeters for various product sizes, densities, and fluidities. With weighing mechanics located externally, the WF300 Series solids flowmeters are unaffected by corrosive, abrasive, or hot materials. (read more)

News articles and press releases for Siemens Process Instrumentation:


Siemens Industry Automation Division introduces the GVF Eliminator TM (Gas Void Fraction Eliminator) when accurate flow measurement of a two-phase liquid application is vital to the success of your business.


Siemens has introduced the Sitrans FM MAG 8000 for Irrigation, a battery-operated electromagnetic flow meter designed as a cost-efficient water metering solution to manage water consumption...


Siemens Industry Automation Division introduces the Sitrans FUE950 thermal energy calculator, designed for use in hot water, chilled water, and combined cooling/heating applications.


Siemens Industry Automation Division announces the Sitrans LUT400 series ultrasonic controllers with one-millimeter (0.04-inch) measuring accuracy. These new controllers offer the highest accuracy available on the market.


Siemens Industry Automation Division introduces the next generation of Coriolis flow measurement technology with the Sitrans FC430 digitally based flow solutions.


Siemens Industry Automation Division has expanded its dry solids flowmeter product line with the introduction of the new Sitrans WF100, Sitrans WF200 and Sitrans WF250 strain-gauge load cell based flowmeters.