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SigmaTEK Systems, LLC - Trump's Steel Tariffs: What you need to know

Join us on April 26th at 2:00 pm EST for a webinar on the new steel tariff, how it could affect your company and other need-to-know information. Hosted by SigmaTEK Systems' CEO, Ben TerreBlanche, this webinar will explore the new tariff set in place by the United States, how it could affect your shop, and ways to potentially save money now on steel. Sign up today to reserve your s... (read more)

SigmaTEK Systems, LLC - See SigmaNEST transform your fabrication process

From small job shops with a single machine to large manufacturing companies with hundreds of machines, SigmaNEST offers a complete, custom solution that meets or exceeds your business needs. (read more)

SigmaTEK Systems, LLC - Nesting Efficiencies for Tube Cutting

Are you programing your tube machine with flat patterns from SOLIDWORKS and wish there was a better way? If you're taking more than a few minute to program your tube cutting machine you are wasting your time and money. Join us and see how SigmaTUBE can take your assemblies and process them effortlessly. (read more)

SigmaTEK Systems, LLC - Have you signed up for STAC?

STAC, or SigmaTEK Academy and Conference, SigmaTEK's largest annual user summit, is quickly approaching. Join us May 8-9 in Cincinnati for in-depth technical training and one-on-one time with the experts of SigmaTEK. (read more)

SigmaTEK Systems, LLC - SigmaNEST optimizes CNC knife cutting technology

SigmaNEST optimizes CNC knife cutting technology through tight and accurate nesting (read more)

SigmaTEK Systems, LLC - A complete tube and pipe cutting solution

Round, square, rectangular, or triangular tube/pipe along with structural material such as I-beams, H-beams, C-channel, angle iron, and other user-defined shapes (read more)

SigmaTEK Systems, LLC - SigmaTEK Presents All-New Mini-Series

SigmaTEK’s Cornel Warren and Jandre TerreBlanche are getting their hands dirty in the all-new mini- series American Made. The first episode of the series premiered Thursday, May 11th when the duo met with CEO, Don Colbertson at Omni Technologies.

Omni Technologies, located in Greendale, Indiana is a manufacturing company specializing in high quality,... (read more)

SigmaTEK Systems, LLC - Quote parts and assemblies in minutes


Let SigmaMRP transform your shop today! (read more)

SigmaTEK Systems, LLC - How Organized is Your Shop Floor?

Shop floor organization is one of the biggest challenges manufacturers face. If it makes you feel better, the image above is from a real company who struggles with inventory issues. With a disorganized shop floor like this it’s not surprising that this company would struggle to find the correct material to cut on. (read more)

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SigmaTEK presents the all-new mini series, American Made. “We wanted to give the community a closer look at how things really go in our nation’s job shops and industrial facilities,”says Cornel Warren, Director of Marketing & Inside Sales at SigmaTEK.


SigmaTEK Systems, LLC, announces the release of SigmaBEND AP™. This latest software version incorporates the unfolding functionality of AutoPol™ (FCC Software AB) into SigmaTEK’s press brake solution SigmaBEND AP™.


SolidEdge University June 11-13 Nashville, TN

SigmaTEK Academy 05/01/2012

SigmaTEK Academy May 1-2 Cincinnati, OH


CINCINNATI, OH, Apr 3, 2012 - SigmaTEK Systems, LLC, the world’s leading CAD/CAM nesting authority, announces that SigmaNEST has been awarded Autodesk Inventor 2013 certification


SigmaTEK Systems, LLC, the world's leading CAD/CAM nesting solutions provider, announces additions to the company's Central United States Region team.


SigmaTEK Systems, LLC, the world's leading CAD/CAM nesting solutions provider, announces that Scott Taylor has joined the company as Regional Technical Manager for the company's Southeastern United States region.


This two-day event is provided at no cost to attendees and will showcase current and future material cutting tools and technologies for laser, plasma, waterjet, punch, CAD/CAM Nesting and related technologies.


SigmaTEK’s “Nest with the Best” roadshow series will kick-off in Washington, PA (Pittsburgh) on Tuesday, March 27, 2012. There is no cost to attend.


Maple Grove, MN, January 5, 2012 - Applied Engineering, Inc. (AE) announced that it has partnered with SigmaTEK Systems, and is now authorized to sell all SigmaNEST software products.


CINCINNATI, OH; DECEMBER 20, 2011 — A recent selection of SigmaNEST CAD/CAM nesting software by Tampa Bay Steel is delivering a substantial return on investment.


SigmaTEK Systems, LLC announces that its industry-leading SigmaNEST® software is being successfully employed on the Salvagnini fiber laser cutting system.


SigmaTEK Systems hosted the first SigmaTEK Academy from October 5-8, a seminar series for manufacturers using plasma, laser, punch and waterjet cutting machines. The Academy helped fabricators improve their productivity, using the tools they already have.