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Soft Robotics - Chemistry and soft robotics for food processing

Harvard University chemistry lab researchers used fluid actuation, pneumatics and hydraulics on off-the-shelf polymers that mimicked an octopus. It was the genesis of developing a robot to pick up fragile items that vary in weight and size. (read more)

Soft Robotics - Fast Deploy Modular Soft Robotic Gripping System

mGrip brings infinite robotic grasping solutions to picking challenges that couldn’t previously be automated. mGrip allows quick tool builds with limitless configurations and spacing options getting your end-users operational quickly. Each mGrip kit comes equipped with the components you need to build, validate and install production-ready systems in minutes. (read more)

Soft Robotics - Win Business with Soft Robotics - WEBINAR

Every day we hear from OEMs and Integrators who are tired of turning down projects because they don't have the tools needed to successfully pick the product. We know there are entire industries that OEMs and Integrators aren't currently automating because they don't have the enabling technology needed to break into these markets. (read more)

Soft Robotics - Advanced Manufacturing Case Study

Industry: Injection Molded Clips for the Automotive Industry

Automation Challenge: High speed pick and place without damaging product

Customer: Micron Products, Inc (read more)

Soft Robotics - Meet the Team

Soft Robotics designs and builds soft robotic gripping systems and automation solutions that can grasp and manipulate items of varying size, shape and weight with the same tool.* We solve previously off-limits automation challenges for customers in food & beverage, advanced manufacturing and e-commerce. (read more)

Soft Robotics - What do robots do at Christmas? VIDEO

We can all use some help with the many tasks during the holidays. From gift wrapping to preparing holiday tables, we need a grip on all the things to do. And then take time to enjoy it all. (read more)

Soft Robotics - Universal Robotics - Development Kit

Build your own plug and play, customizable gripper system, that seamlessly integrates with all Universal Robots, enabling a new world of collaborative robotic automation. (read more)


This high speed configuration excels at handling objects of varying weight, shape and size like dough balls and hamburger patties. (read more)

Soft Robotics - Soft Robotics Gripper Challenge & Development Kit

Watch the versatility of Soft Robotics grippers which can handle an array of variable items, including meat, eggs, and apples to pens and small delicate products. Learn how to enable your application. (read more)

Soft Robotics - 5 Myths about Automated Bin Picking - White Paper

With labor becoming an increasing hardship, many distribution centers and warehouses are turning to automation. Robotic innovation and advances in end-of-arm-tools (EOATs) are making it possible to bring automation to the fulfillment stage of the supply chain—specifically bin picking. (read more)

Soft Robotics - Bin Picking,Sorting Order Fulfillment- ROBOTICALLY

An Automated Bin Picking Solution for Order Fulfillment and Logistics


Meet SuperPick™: The first autonomous soft robotic solution designed specifically for e-commerce and retail logistics environments. SuperPick combines the power of soft robotics with artificial intelligence to enable automation of highly unstructured tasks like bin pickin... (read more)

Soft Robotics - Automation: Pick & Place, Packaging Applications

- Adapts to variable product and unstructured environments without the need for sensors or complex software development. This means less downtime, fewer tool changes, & instant productivity.
- Protects the safety & integrity of your products with a soft, product line-specific, FDA compliant tool. This means a system that can dexterously manipulate items without bruising, mar... (read more)

Soft Robotics - When conventional robotic technology falls short

From apples to IV bags and eggs to pen packaging Soft Robotics enables automation in applications where human hands were needed. From warehouse logistics involving objects of unpredictable size, shape and weight, to advanced assembly Soft Robotics soft grippers are designed to excel where conventional robotic technology fall short. (read more)

Soft Robotics - Unlocking Automation across all Markets

Labor starved industries such as food and beverage, advanced manufacturing and e-commerce and retail can make great advances with Soft Robotics technology. The Human Hand-Like Dexterity and Plug & Play gripper system deliver automation in facilities where it was thought impossible. (read more)

Soft Robotics - Soft Robotics Development Kit - Infinite Solutions

Build your own Plug and Play customizable robotic gripper systems. Our one-of-a-kind soft robotic gripping system enables industrial and collaborative robots to adaptively handle unstructured tasks and objects of varying size, shape and weight. Request our Development Kit to prototype and test robotics tooling. (read more)


Ideal for handling substantial objects like large bags, bread loaves, large toys/stuffed animals, large pouches and IV bags. (read more)


This lightweight configuration excels in compact spacing, bin picking or other areas of closely grouped objects like pens, small cosmetics and small plastics.

Available in narrow and wide spacing.
(read more)

Soft Robotics - CONTROL UNIT

Our high-speed (>3 Hz) controller with millisecond precision ensures repeatable and reliable actions. Compatible with every commercial robot controller on the market, the Soft Robotics Control Unit provides turnkey integration; no additional components or control hardware needed. (read more)


Ideal for sorting and packaging applications involving delicate produce and bakery items, like apples or small chocolates. (read more)