Softing AG has promoted these products / services:

Softing AG - Class FA Test Adapter

Meet the level V accuracy specifications required for certifying Class FA cabling. Testing high performance twisted pair cabling. (read more)

Softing AG - Patch Cord Test Adapter from Softing!

Fast and accurate dual-ended testing. Test your patch cords with WireXpert. (read more)


With eXport Cloud Enterprise you operate your own cloud based platform for the exchange of measurement data and measurement lists of your WireXpert series (read more)

Softing AG - eXport Software - Manage certification projects and create reports

One Software for both WireXpert and FiberXpert

The eXport reporting software allows the user to centrally manage test results for copper and fiber-optic cables in a single program. Measurement data can be quickly imported with the software from the certification device. (read more)

Softing AG - Network Maitenance Professionals: Take a look at this cable probe

Save time! Locate cable termination ports in no time with this cable probe from Softing! (read more)

Softing AG - Test Solution for Coax Cable

WireXpert's Coax Cabling test solution turns results in about 15 seconds. (read more)

Softing AG - CableMaster 800

The CableMaster 800 is perfect for professional installers and network operators who are challenged with testing and troubleshooting network (RJ45) and coaxial cabling in active networks. (read more)

Softing AG - XpertClean Fiber Optic Cleaning Kits

90% o fiber optic cable performance issues are the result of dirty end faces. End performance degradation with XpertClean Fiber Optic Cleaning Kits. (read more)

Softing AG - WireXpert 4500: the world’s first cable certifier for CAT8

Short measuring times and intuitive device operation delivers quick certification. WireXpert is easy to handle in the field, is light weight, and has a comfortable feel in your hand. (read more)

Softing AG - Encircled Flux Multimode Adapter

New generation of Multimode Fiber Adapters adds full standards compliant fiber certification capability. (read more)

Softing AG - Test your Ethernet Cable. Prove the Speed Limit.

NetXpert XG - Wireless access point speeds at the end of the network are out-pacing the speeds of the installed cabling in the middle of the network. Is it possible that your installed cabling will handle speeds beyond design spec and will keep up with speeds of the new wireless access points?  (read more)

Softing AG - Cabling Tester for Network, Telephone, Coax Cabling

CableMaster 600 - Cabling tester for network, telephone, coax cabling as well as determining the cable length and distance to the fault. (read more)

Softing AG - Digital Fiber Microscope to Inspect Connector End-faces

Before testing fiber-optic links and every time fiber optic connectors are mated, connector end-faces should be inspected and evaluated to avoid contamination that can cause degradation of network performance and destructive damage in the contact zone. (read more)

Softing AG -  Record and Analyze WLAN Transmissions - WaveXpert

The WaveXpert can be used to record and analyze WLAN transmissions (with Wireshark) that are exchanged between two or more participants in his environment. WLAN transmissions according to the international standard IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n/ac can be recorded.  (read more)