TJM Electronics has promoted these products / services:

TJM Electronics - Keep The New Year BRIGHT With LEDs

Keep the new year bright with LEDs – TemitroniK - LED Board Assembly specializes in LED board assembly for both indoor & outdoor lighting – check out our standard shapes & sizes as well as custom options. (read more)

TJM Electronics - TJM Now Offering a FREE BOM Scrubber Tool

Quickly determine lead times, shortages, part number problems, missing parts, obsolete parts, and alternates with TJM's new BOM Scrubbing tool! (read more)

TJM Electronics - Prototype PCB Assembly With TJM Electronics

Never overlook the prototyping phase in product development – Prototyping with TJM is the best way to test your assumptions, learn about usability, and improve ideas. (read more)

TJM Electronics - PCB Assembly to Accommodate Any Design

Have a design that requires SMT or thru-hole technology or maybe a little bit of both? No matter the complexity of the design, TJM has the resources to deliver – contact us today for a quote. (read more)

TJM Electronics - Fast & Reliable PCB Assembly with ASM Pick & Place

TJM Electronics ASM Siplace Pick & Place machine processes components down to 01005 and fine pitch down to 0.3mm (BGA, QFN, QFP). (read more)

TJM Electronics - Turnkey Electronic Contract Manufacturing Services

We do more than just PCB assembly! Our full comprehensive turnkey services include PCB & electromechanical assembly, box build/cable assembly, industrial & mechanical design support, product development, and prototyping. (read more)

TJM Electronics - Quick & Precise PCB Assembly for Durable Products

TMJ's state-of-the-art machinery allows for quick & precise PCB assembly, even for the most rugged designs – Make durability a priority for your product outcome with TJM Electronics. (read more)

TJM Electronics - What Quality Means to TJM Electronics

At TJM Electronics, we put quality first and provide our customers with the confidence that our facility, equipment, and processes are performed in a well-defined and strictly controlled environment. (read more)

TJM Electronics - Expedite Product Development with TJM

Whether you are looking for PCB or electro-mechanical assembly, industrial/mechanical design support, or prototyping; TJM offers comprehensive services to expedite product development – all under one roof! (read more)

TJM Electronics - Test Your Design For Accuracy & Usability

Need to test your design for accuracy and usability? TJM offers part-fit testing, temperature humidity testing, thermal shock testing, vibration testing, and more to ensure your product is ready for production. See our prototyping capabilities: (read more)

TJM Electronics - Need a Customized PCB Assembly?

Need a customized PCB? Look no further, we can meet all your needs! Whether you’re looking for a small, simple board or a complex multi-layered board, just give us the requirements and we’ll take care of the rest! (read more)

TJM Electronics - Enhance Durability with Injection Molding

Looking to enhance durability? We utilize injection molding machines to overcoat and protect your electronics from extreme environments & high-stress situations. Guarantee stability with TJM. (read more)

TJM Electronics - TJM Electronics - Prototyping For Perfection

Need to test your design for accuracy and usability? TJM offers part-fit testing, temperature humidity testing, thermal shock testing, vibration testing, and more to ensure your product is ready for production. (read more)

TJM Electronics - PCBA's with Advanced Functionality

Do your products require military-grade elecronics with advanced functionality and rugged durability? TJM's AS9100D certified facility has the resources & equipment to deliver exceptional PCBA's to satisfy all your project needs. (read more)

TJM Electronics - Make Durability a Priority In Your Electronics

TJM Electronics state-of-the-art machinery allow for quick and precise PCB assembly, even for the most rugged designs - make durability a priority for your product outcome with TJM. (read more)

TJM Electronics - Transform Ideas Into Reality - TJM Prototyping

TJM Electronics offers innovative prototyping services right here in Bristol, Pennsylvania. We have the skills, resources, and knowledge to transform your design into an accurate and functional representation of your product. (read more)

TJM Electronics - Streamline Your Electronic Manufacturing Process

Automated electronic assembly lines with high-speed operation and precision are critical for mass production assemblies. TJM electronics is equipped with state-of-the-art automated equipment designed to streamline your electronic manufacturing processes while reducing costs and increasing speed and accuracy. (read more)

TJM Electronics - Expert Design And Prototyping

Whether you are looking to test the performance of an idea, evaluate room for product improvement, or showcase a new product to an investor or at a show, we will create an accurate and functional prototype representation of your design.

Our goal is to solve your prototyping challenges by proving and testing your concept so that you can help your customers/investors understand and... (read more)

TJM Electronics - Turnkey Electronic Contract Manufacturing

TJM Electronics is leading the way in electronics contract manufacturing, offering PCB assembly, box builds, and cable assembly services to OEM’s across multiple markets.

We prioritize customer satisfaction, which means quality, timing, and cost efficiency is at the top of our list. Our 30 years of experience and cutting edge technology allow us to offer turnkey custom print... (read more)

TJM Electronics - PCB Assembly For Your Industries Electronic Needs

Electronics are everywhere – in our homes, cars, at work, etc. and the demand for electronic products continues to rise as production advancements lower prices and make modern devices more accessible. (read more)

TJM Electronics - Mission Critical Electronics for Your A&D Applications

Mission critical aerospace & defense applications require durable printed circuit boards with rugged designs that can withstand harsh conditions. (read more)