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Tekscan, Inc. - The Reinvented I-Scan 9.0 Software

How could dynamic interface pressure data help solve your design challenges, or improve your manufacturing process? With the new I-Scan 9.0, engineers, designers, manufacturers, and quality control professionals can begin collecting data in seconds, while also having access to a wide variety of user-friendly and intuitive data analysis features. (read more)

Tekscan, Inc. - A Novel Method to Verify Li-Ion Battery Housing

This Application Spotlight eBook demonstrates the importance of measuring the pressure dynamics of prismatic cell lithium-ion batteries, and how ultra-thin pressure mapping technologies can help battery designers find their "sweet spot" for housing pressure. (read more)

Tekscan, Inc. - FlexiForce Sensor Characterization Kit

The FlexiForce™ Sensor Characterization Kit enables engineers and designers to get up and running in minutes to test the performance of FlexiForce sensors in a controlled loading environment. (read more)

Tekscan, Inc. - FlexiForce Prototyping Kit

The new and improved replacement for the OEM Development Kit. The FlexiForce™ Prototyping Kit allows you to efficiently progress your FlexiForce-embedded design through advanced integration phases. (read more)

Tekscan, Inc. - Tekscan Introduces a New Cost-Effective Product for Pressure Mapping Technology

Tekscan, Inc., is pleased to introduce PM64™, a new customizable pressure mapping scanning electronics module with an incremental pricing model that supports a large-scale deployment for high-volume users and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). (read more)

Tekscan, Inc. - Tactile Sensors Map the Path to Device Integration

How can you leverage tactile sensing technology as an R&D tool and/or an embedded component? (read more)

Tekscan, Inc. - The Anatomy of a Pressure Mapping Sensor VIDEO

Pressure mapping sensors are ultra-thin pressure-sensitive resistors (aka, tactile array sensors) used to capture pressure data between two surfaces. Each sensor consists of intersecting rows and columns of conductive material. At each intersection is a layer of pressure-sensitive material. As pressure is applied to the sensing area, the resistance of the pressure-sensitive material chan... (read more)

Tekscan, Inc. - Pressure Mapping as a Research & Development Tool

Technical overview on how capturing pressure profile data can enhance product development processes. The job of a design engineer is as much about searching for potential problems as it is finding solutions. Seeking new ways to advance a product or procedure often requires taking significant investment risks in test & measurement technologies. (read more)

Tekscan, Inc. - How Do Thin Position Sensors Work?

Thin linear potentiometers, or position sensors, are a unique component used to correlate the specific position of an actuator, physical contact, or touch to the sensor’s output. When physical contact is applied to the conductive area, the electrical output of the sensor varies with respect to the position of the actuator. (read more)

Tekscan, Inc. - How do tactile potentiometers work? VIDEO

Need to measure position between any two surfaces? Thin linear potentiometers, or position sensors, are a unique component used to correlate the specific position of an actuator, physical contact, or touch to the sensor’s output. When physical contact is applied to the conductive area, the electrical output of the sensor varies with respect to the position of the actu... (read more)

Tekscan, Inc. - WHITE PAPER: Force Measurement Different Techiques

This White Paper will provide insight about key attributes design engineers should know about load cells and force sensitive resistors. Engineers often wonder about the best method for measuring force feedback in their applications. In a broad sense, load cells and force-sensitive resistors (commonly referred to as FSRs) are the two most common methods. (read more)

Tekscan, Inc. - Printed Force Sensors - Proven Technology WEBINAR

With the design engineer community abuzz with the concept of printed sensing technologies – especially force sensors – this on demand webinar covers everything you need to know when evaluating ultra-thin force sensitive resistor technology for your project. (read more)

Tekscan, Inc. - Tactile Pressure Mapping - Application Examples

From catalytic converter canning to monitoring stacking pressure in packaging/logistics. From tool & die set up to seal quality in automotive doors. And from ergonomic grip design to heat sink assembly, I-Scan Sensors deliver accurate measurement and analysis in a vast array of applications. (read more)

Tekscan, Inc. - Improve Medical Devices with Force Sensing

WHITE PAPER: Set your product apart. Make it smart. Why make your product smart? Smart products eliminate guesswork, improve outcomes, and increase consistency. By incorporating force feedback into your device, you give the operator increased control and accuracy in their work. Check out our free whitepaper. (read more)

Tekscan, Inc. - Feedback System Improves Robotic Grasping Force

In recent years, robots have become an increasingly viable part of minimally invasive surgery. They offer improved range of motion in laparoscopic techniques. The drawback has been that robots have lacked the sense of touch, or haptic feedback, that is so vital in many procedures, such as applying force to sutures. (read more)

Tekscan, Inc. - FlexiPot Position Sensor

Measure position between any two surfaces with our ultra-thin, lightweight position sensors. (read more)

Tekscan, Inc. - FlexiForce A201 Trimmable Force Sensor

Thin, flexible FlexiForce A201 sensors have an overall length of 191 mm (7.5 in), width of 6mm, and thickness of 0.203 mm (0.008 in). The A201 sensor has a trimmable tail a 3-pin male connector.

The sensors are available in three force ranges: Low 4.4 N (0 - 1 lb), Medium 111 N (0 - 25 lb) and High 445 N (0 - 100 lb)*. The force ranges stated are approximations. The dynamic... (read more)

Tekscan, Inc. - FlexiForce A502 Square Force Sensor

With a sensing area of 50.8mm x 50.8mm, and thinness of 0.203mm the FlexiForce A502 is Tekscan's largest standard off-the-shelf thin, flexible sensor. (read more)

Tekscan, Inc. - New A101 Sensor: Less than 1

The A101 is our smallest sensor optimized for high volume manufacturing and ideal for embedding into products. The 2-pin sensors are currently our smallest standard sensor. (read more)

Tekscan, Inc. - Custom Force Sensors

Thanks to the unique construction and operational capabilities of FlexiForce sensors, Tekscan can create custom-designed force sensors to meet your specific OEM needs. (read more)

Tekscan, Inc. - Embedded Force Sensors

FlexiForce force sensors are ultra-thin and flexible printed circuits, which can be easily integrated into force measurement applications. FlexiForce sensors are available off-the-shelf, or can be customized for unique product designs. (read more)

Tekscan, Inc. - Enhance Your Project with Real-Time Force Data

Enhance your design or research project with insightful, real-time data. Impossible insights made possible through minimally invasive force & pressure measurement. (read more)

Tekscan, Inc. - Evaluate Coil Spring Pressure Distribution

Coil Spring Design and Testing: Evaluate coil spring pressure distribution with pressure mapping. (read more)