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Thermon Manufacturing Co. - KSR Heating Cables for Surface Snow & Ice Melting

Self-Regulating Heating Cable

Application: Snow and Ice Melting
KSR self-regulating heating cables are an integral part of Thermon's SnoTrace™ snow and ice melting systems. Designed and approved specifically for direct burial, KSR cable withstands the abuse encountered during concrete placement. (read more)

Thermon Manufacturing Co. - TubeTrace Freeze Protection High Temp Steam Lines

TubeTrace Type SEI/MEI - HT, HTX, and HTX2 electrically heated instrument tubing was developed to freeze protect high temperature steam lines. Though designed for freeze protection of condensates, temperatures of super-heated steam for sampling will be extremely hot during normal operation. (read more)

Thermon Manufacturing Co. - Steam Heated Bundles

Applications are freeze protection and process temperature maintenance for process instrument impulse lines, sample lines, and small diameter process lines.

TubeTrace Type SI and MI steam trace is a metallic tracer tube that is isolated from direct contact with the process tube(s). TubeTrace Type SP and MP "heavy" steam trace is a metallic tracer tube in direct contact with the pr... (read more)

Thermon Manufacturing Co. - Skin Effect Heating Systems

A ThermTrac skin effect system provides a cost-effective alternative to conventional resistance heat tracing on long pipelines by eliminating the need for an extensive power distribution system. A pipeline up to 15 miles (25 km) long can be traced from a single power point. (read more)

Thermon Manufacturing Co. - CompuTrace® Design Suite

Thermon, a world leader in providing complete heat tracing solutions, has reset the standard in heat tracing design with its new CompuTrace Design Suite. This software package includes several new features and benefits that offer engineers the most comprehensive and robust heat tracing design tool on the market. (read more)

Thermon Manufacturing Co. - HPT™ Power-Limiting Cables

Process Temperature Maintenance or Freeze Protection High performance HPT power-limiting heating cables are designed specifically for process temperature maintenance or freeze protection where high maintain temperatures or high temperature exposure is required. (read more)

Thermon Manufacturing Co. - Complete Heat Trace Audit

Complete Heat Trace Audit

The winter months lead to many industrial plants being subjected to pipes, instruments and vessels freezing resulting in expensive down time, lost production, burst pipes and water damage. To prevent this happening to your plant Thermon can provide a comprehensive heat trace system audit, for both hazardous and non-hazardous areas. (read more)

Thermon Manufacturing Co. - Tank and Hopper Heating Systems

Thermon offers a simple system for cost-effective heating of tanks and hoppers utilizing our RT and RTF for tank heating, HT Module for hopper heating and ThermaSeam for standing seam insulation systems. (read more)

Thermon Manufacturing Co. - BTS Steam Tracer

SafeTrace BTS is a metallic tracer tube covered with a special high temperature polymer jacket. The SafeTrace BTS jacket provides a measure of personnel burn protection without sacrificing thermal performance when compared to bare metal tube tracers installed on a pipe. (read more)

Thermon Manufacturing Co. - TraceNet™ TCM2 Dual Circuit Control & Monitoring

Remotely-operated TraceNet™ TCM2 unit controls & monitors heat trace around-the-clock. (read more)

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Thermon Group Holdings, Inc. (NYSE: THR) (“Thermon”), signed an agreement to acquire 100% of the equity interests of CCI Thermal Technologies Inc. (“CCI”) and certain related real estate assets in an all-cash transaction valued at CAD $258 million.