Tripp Lite has promoted these products:

Tripp Lite - 36-Device AC Charging and Secure Storage Cart

36-Device AC Charging Cart provides efficient charging and secure storage for dozens of Chromebooks and laptops while offering multipurpose features for K-12 environments. Automatic dual-zone charging supports higher wattages without overloads, and key-locking front and rear compartments deter theft of devices and power adapters. Innovative features include an... (read more)

Tripp Lite - Mobile Device Security, Organization and Charging

Provide Mobile Device Security, Organization and Charging in Tight Spaces (read more)

Tripp Lite - Connect 10 Gb Equipment to 40 Gb Switches

Instantly Connect 10 Gb Equipment to 40 Gb Switches. Pre-Assembled, Self-Contained Patch Panels Offer a Hassle-Free Alternative to Breakout Cables (read more)

Tripp Lite - Fiber Optic Cable Buying Guide

Connect a blazing-fast network over long distances What is a fiber optic cable and how does it work? (read more)

Tripp Lite - Redundant 3-Phase Rack Power Distribution

Tripp Lite's 3-Phase Rack ATS with patent-pending technology provide redundant power to clustered server racks without requiring redundant server power supplies. (read more)

Tripp Lite - Integrate Network Equipment with Varying Speeds

Advancing technology make it necessary to integrate equipment with different network speeds into your network infrastructure. Modular Patch Panels help you seamlessly integrate 10Gb, 40Gb and 100/120Gb speed equipment. (read more)

Tripp Lite - 12k-24k Portable AC Cooling Units

Tripp Lite's portable AC Cooling Units are designed for supplemental area cooling, spot cooling, emergency cooling and off-hour cooling applications. Built-in evaporator means there is no drain pan or water collection tank to empty!
(read more)

Tripp Lite - Wall Mount Rack Enclosures - 5U to 26U

Keep equipment secure with wall mount rack enclosures. (read more)

Tripp Lite - Rack-Mounted Air Conditioning Unit

Exclusive Rack-Mounted AC Unit is the first EIA-compliant AC unit specifically designed to cool IT equipment in data centers, server rooms and network closets. (read more)

Tripp Lite - UPS Systems

From the desktop to the data center, Tripp Lite has the UPS System solution you need. (read more)

News articles and press releases for Tripp Lite:


Tripp Lite Rack Enclosures Now Available on Top Building Information Modeling (BIM) Site


Tripp Lite launches a line of cables and adaptors with the new USB Type-C connector which is small enough for mobile phones, but powerful enough for tablets and laptops.


Tripp Lite has expanded its line of bench/cabinet power strips to include foldable models to bend the power strips for small spaces.


Tripp Lite announced that Michelle Wang and Nancy Czlonka have been named to the Channel Company's prestigious 2015 CRN Women of the Channel.


Tripp Lite, a world-leading manufacturer of power protection and connectivity solutions, has expanded its popular line of bench/cabinet power strips to include 24- and 36-inch models with up to 12 widely spaced right-angle outlets.


Tripp Lite's new expanded line of charging stations with AC models is for Chromebook computers. They allow all the Chromebooks to charge at the same time at high-speed.


Tripp Lite has teamed up with Icecat to fully support its e-commerce partners in Canada, the UK, France, Mexico, and Russia with detailed and accurate technical information.


Tripp Lite launched a sales incentive program for its resellers in Canada.


Tripp Lite's new expanded line of bench/cabinet power strips and industrial surge protectors feature up to 1650 joules and more.


Tripp Lite announced the inauguration of a training and demonstration center in Amsterdam, Netherlands.


Tripp Lite announced Alexander Khalaev as being appointed as its new Vice President of Sales for the MENA, CIS and Baltic regions.


Tripp Lite expands its line of UPS systems by adding four new models that offer network-grade protection with pure sine wave output.


Tripp Lite's new line of tablet charging stations charge, sync, and secure up to 48 tablets.


Tripp Lite's line of surge protectors has expanded and incudes surge protectors with USB charging capability.


Bob Nahorski, the executive vice-president of Tripp Lite, has been named to the list of 2015 CRN Channel Chiefs.


Tripp Lite’s newly added console serves features 8 ports and allows users to wirelessly acess UPS systems, PDUs, and more.


Tripp Lite has been recognized on the CRN Data Center 100 list. This list features technology vendors whose solutions are necessary to today’s data centers.


Tripp Lite’s two new SmartRack wall-mount rack enclosure cabinets save space and offers increased weight capacity due to it sideways-mounted design.


Tripp Lite’s PDU Ethernet Switch Combo features a PDU and unmanaged network switch into a single 1U device.


Tripp Lite’s new USB charging station features four ports to charge up to four devices all at once.


Tripp Lite expanded its line of fiber cables that all feature easy installation and no tools needed.


Tripp Lite’s 16-Port USB charger is able to charge and sync up to 16 devices.


Tripp Lite’s new high-density fiber cassettes are able to interconnect any combination of network equipment.


Tripp Lite’s new fiber cables contain push-pull tab connectors that allow easy installation and no tools necessary.


Tripp Lite invites resellers and customers to experience how they fit in a customer's overall IT solution by using their theatre-style auditorium, fully-operation data center, and more.


Tripp Lite's new TLP31SAT Surge Protector features outlets and coaxial connectors mounted on the side for easy access, a neat display, and easier installations.


Tripp Lite's new 3-Phase Switched PDUs provides a highly efficient means of power distribution and much more.


The executive vice president of Tripp Lite, Bob Nahorski, has been recognized by the most prestigious list of the most powerful leaders.


More than 100 of Tripp Lite's UPS systems are now compatible with Network UPS Tools (NUT) software.


Tripp Lite's new SRCOOLNET allows IT managers to monitor temperature and humidity, receive alerts over the network, and more.


Tripp Lite's new self-locking outlet covers prevent unauthorized electrical device connections in healthcare environments.


Tripp Lite's new addition of dual monitor DVI KVM switches allow users to control computers with dual-head DVI video cards, giving them the ability to use two monitors.


Tripp Lite's new IP KVM Switches allow users the ability to control multiple servers or serial devices from one monitor, keyboard and mouse.


Tripp Lite's new surge suppressor features built-in clamps to attach on the sides of desks, workbenches and tables for better accessibility to outlets.


Tripp Lite's new line of display mounts are suitable for a variety of applications for a wide range of displays.


Tripp Lite's new line of display mounts are suitable for a variety of applications for a wide range of displays.


Tripp Lite’s new USB cables can be attached to a USB port in either direction which makes connections easier and faster.


This new surge suppressor gives users economical surge protection and features individual rotating outlets and coaxial jacks to meet their unique installation needs.


This new surge suppressor features a timer to prevent energy from being wasted during phantom loads. It also provides surge protection for a variety of items.


Tripp Lites 3-phase and single-phase swiched power distribution units are now Cisco EnergyWise certified.


The slim design of Tripp Lite's new models of SmartRack wall-mount rack enclosures allows easy equipment access and keeps equipment off the floor.


Tripp Lite's new multi-display splitter/expanders allows a user to split or expand a DisplayPort signal on two DisplayPort, DVI or HDMI monitors.


The new single-phase switched PDUs include individual outlet current monitoring for managing network power consumption more efficiently.


Tripp Lite's PDU Plug-lock inserts ensures a secure connection between the plug and the outlet by preventing accidental disconnection.


Tripp Lite's digital signage applications now have maximum flexibility due to two new extenders.


Tripp Lite's new data transfer cables are designed for short reach connections at a length commonly found in data center environments.


Tripp Lite's new SMART2500XLHG UPS system is designed to protect sensitive medical equipment in patient care areas from damage and data loss.


Tripp Lite expanded its series of line-interactive UPS systems to include six network cards.


Tripp Lite's new economical UPS system protects equipment from blackouts, brownouts, and other power problems while informing the user through an LCD control panel.


Tripplite's first DisplayPort extends signals beyond the typical 16-foot limitation.


Tripp Lite's new power strips provide convenient multiple outlets for a variety of equipment.


Tripp Lite's new USB 3.0 Ethernet Adapter makes it an ideal quick solution for a computer that needs Ethernet connectivity but has no network card or wireless capability.


Tripp Lite's new extensive line of surge products gives users economical surge protection.


These new UPS systems prevent data loss to connected computers and home theater systems with different types of features.


The ECO750 UPS System has received strict energy efficiency qualification set by the EPA and U.S. Department of Energy.


This new industrial-grade hub expands a USB port into 4 ports and provides protection.


Tripp Lite participates in the Data Center Dynamics in Jeddah and in Doha.


This new wall-mount rack enclosure protects sensitive equipment from harmful environmental conditions.


The upgrade in Tripp Lite's SmartOnline UPS Systems saves operating costs while delivering a higher efficiency result.


Tripp Lite expands its healthcare solutions line by adding two new products to lead to a safer workplace.


This new 8-port console has been added to Tripp Lite's extensive line of console servers. Users can access servers, routers, etc. very securely.


Tripp Lite's new IP Remote Access Unit with Power Control gives users the ability to control connected KVM switches and servers from anywhere in the world.


This new energy-saving, row-based air conditioning unit contains efficient cooling for high density rack installations in datacenters.


Tripp Lite's line of networked PDUs and SNMPWEBCARD is now upgraded, successful, and rapidly expanding.


The Wall-Mount Rack Enclosure Cabinet has been added the the SmartRack™ series to save space by allowing it to lie flat against a wall.


Trippe Lite celebrates 90 years of excellence in dedication, great quality and reliability, and fantastic customer service.


Two new surge suppressors have been introduced in the healthcare environment. Easy installation.


This new energy-saving surge suppressor reduces energy waste caused by phantom loads.


The new Pure Sine Wave DC-to-AC Inverter/Chargers supply pure sine wave power output to connected equipment.