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VOXMICRO - COVID hits, Innovation continues: Dense networking
  • Advances in fundamental tehcnologies bring improvements in quality of life.
  • Fixed wireless applications for dense environments is actual.

Qualcomm's QCA6391 in AIRETOS E63 Class modules enables swift and profound enhancements in the consumer, public, industrial metwork applications. (read more)

VOXMICRO - WiFi6 EVBs featuring Qualcomm's QCA6391 11ax+BT5.1

February 17, 2020 - VOXMICRO, a California Corporation, starts accepting pre-orders today for AIRETOS® E63 Class Evaluation Boards (EVBs). Through early-access EVBs, the company provides for the first time on the open-market the possibility to test Wi-Fi 6 hosted modules based on the latest Qualcomm® chipset, the QCA6391. (read more)

VOXMICRO - Software Engineering Services

Our many years of experience in driver development enables us to offer a comprehensive set of services available to electronic product development companies worldwide. (read more)

VOXMICRO - Wi-Fi 6 hosted Chip-on-Board Module

The AIRETOS® E63 Class marries fully featured and certified Wi-Fi 6 and Bluetooth 5.1 with leading design techniques into a variety of module forms. (read more)

VOXMICRO - Qualcomm Wi-Fi 6 CoB Modules-the AIRETOS E63 Class

Based on the Qualcomm QCA6391 chipset, part of the FastConnect 6800 and Networking Pro architectures, the AIRETOS E63 Class provides extended 802.11ax and Bluetooth 5.1+ features in a variety of module formats, with the engineering power of the world leading IC Vendor. A revolution in module design, as the E63 CoB has SMD and soldered on-carrier options for... (read more)

VOXMICRO - Qualcomm IC Wi-Fi 5 / Bluetooth 5.0 Combo Modules

Cost-savvy wide temeprature hosted solution, supporting IEEE 802.11ac/abgn (Wi-Fi 5) and BT 5.0 standards. It features: global regualtory support, antenna matching and flexible interface adaptation. (read more)

VOXMICRO - Qualcomm based, infrastructure Wi-Fi 5 DB modules

Wireless Infrastructure Wi-Fi with up to industrial-grade for demanding, robust applications. (read more)

VOXMICRO - Qualcomm IC 802.11abgn (Wi-Fi 4) Dual-Band Modules

Qualcomm Reference Design modules, for Wi-Fi 4, or as combo with independently enabled Bluetooth transceiver using the same antenna. (read more)

VOXMICRO - Electronic Design Services

We help customers to implement their ideas into commercial devices for the global market. (read more)

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Pre-orders now accepted on E63 Evaluation Board Kits [CS Units] of the AIRETOS E63 Class. Fully-featured 802.11ax (Wi-Fi 6) modules based on the Qualcomm QCA6391 chipset.