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Waukesha Bearings - Thrust Bearings - For High or Low Axial Loads

From fixed profile designs for lightly loaded applications to advanced tilt pad solutions for more demanding, high-load, high-speed applications, Waukesha Bearings offers a wide range of thrust bearings to provide an optimized solution no matter the application.

Combination thrust/journal bearing designs are available for applications with limited axial space.

About... (read more)

Waukesha Bearings - Integral Squeeze Film Damper

Leading Vibration Solution

ISFD technology provides highly engineered damping and stiffness to shift critical speeds and increase the dynamic stability of the rotor/bearing system. (read more)

Waukesha Bearings - Hard Surfaces at High Temperatures

Ceramic Bearings

Waukesha Bearings applies ceramic and cermet (ceramic-metallic composite) materials to thrust and journal bearing designs to extend bearing capabilities in applications where traditional materials and polymers fall short. (read more)

Waukesha Bearings - Magnetic Bearing Controller - Zephyr

The Zephyr® controller is a powerful, compact, cost-effective digital magnetic bearing controller for turbomachinery and rotating equipment, recommended for machinery in the power range of 1 MW to 18 MW. (read more)

Waukesha Bearings - Horizontal Bearing Assemblies-Expertly Engineered

Horizontal Assemblies - Highly Customized

Waukesha Bearings horizontal bearing assemblies include highly customized journal or combined journal and thrust bearings designed to interface with an external pressurized oil system or operate fully self-contained.

Expertly engineered to meet each customer’s specifications, these horizontal arrangements can be fitted... (read more)

Waukesha Bearings - Custom Augmented Labyrinth Brush Seals

Augmenting labyrinth seals with brush seals is a simple and effective approach to reducing clearances and eliminating potential problems from shaft contact wear. (read more)

Waukesha Bearings - Custom Multi-Lobe Semi-Floating Bearings

Waukesha Bearings provides uniquely engineered multi-lobe semi-floating bearings that improve stability and ensure long life and maximum reliability compared to conventional floating ring bearings.

Using proven technology, MLSF® bearings are designed to run at optimum temperatures with minimal vibrations, extending the life of the equipment and surrounding parts. (read more)

Waukesha Bearings - Custom Fluid Film Thrust Bearings - Hidrax HT

With technological advances in steam-assisted gravity drainage (SAGD), electric submersible pumps (ESPs) are operating at higher temperatures and placing increased demands on the thrust bearings in the seal/protector section and motor.

To sustain high load capacity at these high temperatures, Waukesha Bearings offers the Hidrax™ HT thrust bearing. (read more)

Waukesha Bearings - Custom Canned Magnetic Bearing

Canned magnetic bearings are designed to be immersed in the process fluid of the most extreme corrosive and abrasive environments. For compressor applications where the gas is contaminated with H2S, chlorides, sand, condensate and other liquids, canned magnetic bearings are the only option. (read more)

Waukesha Bearings - Tilt Pad Thrust Bearings

Waukesha Bearings tilt pad thrust bearings are specially engineered for reduced power loss, oil flow and pad temperatures, for the most reliable and efficient machine performance. Tilt pad designs may be non-equalizing or self-equalizing with flooded or ‘Directed’ lubrication. (read more)

Waukesha Bearings - Magnetic Bearings for Critical Applications

For more than three decades, Waukesha Magnetic Bearings has applied proven magnetic bearing technology to advance the performance of rotating equipment. We lead the industry in custom-engineered active magnetic bearing (AMB) systems for large turbomachinery and high-performing rotating equipment. (read more)

Waukesha Bearings - Brush Seals for Rotating Applications

Compliant brush sealing systems can be applied to a wide variety of rotating equipment in air, steam, or process gas applications to reduce the leakage gap between the sealing surface and rotor.  The compliancy of a brush seal allows the bristles to deflect with minimal wear, thereby maintaining a small leakage gap over time and increasing operational efficiencies. (read more)

Waukesha Bearings - Dry Lubricated Bushings

Auxiliary bearings support the rotor when the machine is stationary, accommodate overloads, and support the rotor in the event of system fault. Our auxiliary bearing options include stator-mounted ball bearings, rotor-mounted ball bearings, and bushing type bearings, all backed by a full-speed landing test. (read more)

Waukesha Bearings - Fixed Profile Journal Bearings

Waukesha Bearings supplies medium and thick wall journal bearings specifically designed for turbomachinery. Several configurations are available to handle application needs for load capacity, rotating load, stiffness, damping, and rotordynamic stability. (read more)

Waukesha Bearings - Reduce Dynamic Bearing Forces

ISFD technology provides highly engineered damping and stiffness to shift critical speeds and increase the dynamic stability of the rotor/bearing system. In the patented ISFD design, stiffness and damping are independent of each other and can be precisely controlled. (read more)