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Xcentric Mold & Engineering - Plastic Injection Molding Services

Xcentric plastic injection molding services focus on rapid delivery of prototype, low volume, and bridge production components. Our production processes are streamlined such that we typically deliver first articles in less than 13 business days, and for simple expedited projects in as little as five days. (read more)

Xcentric Mold & Engineering - Rapid Prototyping Service

Xcentric offers a wide range of Rapid Manufacturing services that support our customers through each stage of the product introduction cycle: research and development, rapid prototyping, pre-production, testing, and market introduction. (read more)

Xcentric Mold & Engineering - Injection Molding: Prototype, Bridge & Production

Xcentric has over 24 years’ experience designing, producing, and running injection mold tooling for some of the world’s largest companies. Based on this experience we developed one of the most streamlined and repeatable in-house mold manufacturing process that allows us to typically ship first article molded parts in 13 business days or less. (read more)

Xcentric Mold & Engineering - Metal & Plastic CNC Machining

We offer CNC Machining service for a wide range of industries and applications. We utilize the latest in CNC technology to make high precision machined parts. We have a full line of 3, 4 and 5 axis machining centers equipped with automation to handle both small and large volume runs. (read more)

Xcentric Mold & Engineering - Video Guide to Insert Molding

Insert molding is a process in which plastic is injected into a mold that contains a pre-placed insert. The result of insert molding is a single molded plastic piece with an insert surrounded by the plastic. (read more)

Xcentric Mold & Engineering - Guide to Overmold Design

Overmolding is a two-shot injection molding process that creates a single part by combining two separate but complimentary thermoplastic materials. Careful consideration and planning for overmolding must occur in the concept phase. Complete the form to download the Overmolding Best Practices Checklist. (read more)

Xcentric Mold & Engineering - 3D Printing Services

Xcentric offers a range of Additive Manufacturing technologies to support projects of all types. (read more)