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Zurn Industries LLC - Sustainable Water Solutions for Construction

We never stop driving sustainable innovation for our customers and end users. Check out our latest water solutions for your next retrofit or new construction project.

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Zurn Industries LLC - Zurn's BrightShield Restroom Bundle at BOMA

Connect with Zurn at Building Owners and Managers Association (BOMA) International Conference & Expo in Nashville, TN June 25-28. We will be at Booth #1315 presenting our BrightShield restroom bundle and answering all your questions. Register here (read more)

Zurn Industries LLC - Smart Restroom Solution: Adopt Faster with Answers

Smart restrooms cut down on guest congestion and germ transference from hands to surfaces…to more hands and more surfaces. IoT-enabled flush valves, faucets, soap dispensers and occupancy sensors use real-time data to monitor performance, pinpoint peak traffic times, detect outliers (like clogs or vandalism), and keep the entire user experience hands-free and problem-free. 

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Zurn Industries LLC - Want to reduce bacteria transfer?


Zurn keeps patients and medical professionals safe through hygienic, performance-driven and reliable healthcare facility water systems.

Zurn understands what is at stake in a medical setting. Patient health and provider safety are under constant threat. The inherent exposure within these facilities is intensified without proper hygiene and bact... (read more)


With the widest array of industrial-strength stainless steel sanitary drains designed specifically for food processing facilities, and custom fabrication capabilities, there is no project Zurn can’t tackle. Whether you are designing a new food processing facility, renovating an existing space, or retrofitting an existing drainage system, Zurn is your single source provider and trus... (read more)

Zurn Industries LLC - Touchless Solutions for Restrooms

Our touchless solutions sense the user to help keep hands off fixtures. We also offer smart IoT-enabled technologies that back user best practices and maintenance with real-time performance data. Beyond operational efficiency, you can also install antimicrobial surfaces recommended for handwashing stations. (read more)

Zurn Industries LLC - Restroom of the future - Video

Maybe you missed the latest webinar, "Restroom of the Future," but that's okay! It's available on-demand, and we've even got a five-minute overview of the BrightShield Bundle to get you started!

What is a BrightShield Bundle?

This is a brand new offering from Zurn. It's a complete portfolio for hassle-free, hygienic, and sustainable restroom upgrades that pays for itself by... (read more)

Zurn Industries LLC - New 500XL3 Pressure Reducing Valve

The Zurn Wilkins 500XL3 leads in performance with the flattest flow curve on the market today. No other pressure reducing valve handles high flow rates more efficiently for commercial plumbing systems and industrial water lines. (read more)

Zurn Industries LLC - High Performance Roof Drain

Z100 FLOFORCE™ parabolic design promotes laminar flow and allows for most efficient water evacuation off the roof at lower head depths. Unique dome and gravel guard design increase open area to maximize water while limiting debris.

  • Reduces construction cost by optimizing storm system design with more efficient roof drain performance
  • Membrane cut ridge a...
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Zurn Industries LLC - Wireless monitor; interior content grease level

Smartpro RF Radio Frequency Monitoring and Alarm System

Smartpro RF is a patented ultrasonic monitoring and alarm system designed to monitor interceptor interiors with wireless connectivity. Supplied with a 5 year long life battery, the sensor probe is easily installed with the supplied bracket inside any interceptor. Wireless monitoring of interior content grease level, solids le... (read more)

Zurn Industries LLC - Myth Busting: What You Should Know About Backflow

Could you imagine the contaminates lurking in your system flowing back into the water source? Yeah, you’re not raising a glass to that.

Clean water is mission critical, whether protecting residential, commercial or irrigation systems. Backflow prevention handles pressure change and keeps water flowing in the right direction for public safety. (read more)

Zurn Industries LLC - Roof Drain Webinar

Join our FREE roof drains webinar on August 24 @ 1pm CT, "Roof Drain Flow Data Required, FLOFORCE Provides a Solution Where There is no Equal" hosted by PHCPPros. (read more)

Zurn Industries LLC - The Expansion of PEX

In the mid-1900s, indoor pipes consisted of copper and metal materials. These plumbing solutions became problematic against corrosive environments. Pitting of the pipes put in question the integrity of the water supply and users at risk. (read more)

Zurn Industries LLC - Higher Education Upgrades to Smart Restroom

At colleges and universities today, decision-makers and facilities managers face more and more financial stressors. Student enrollment and tuition revenues are provisionally declining, operating costs are spiking in general, and budgets and funding are being trimmed back because of both. (read more)

Zurn Industries LLC - Plumbing Pro Spotlight: Chad Brooks

We’re continuing to spotlight the plumbing professionals who put our solutions to the test and make us look good at the end of their long workday. (read more)

Zurn Industries LLC - Smart Tech Takes Off in Airports Nationwide

Have you ever noticed how the latest innovations tend to take off with the airport industry first? I mean, whoever thought of the cosmetic and electronics vending machines deserves a medal. Or how about using your own identity as your passport? That’s an actual thing in the works. Let’s face it (pun intended), airports experience high traffic and even higher risks. (read more)

Zurn Industries LLC - Hands-On Restrooms Turn Customers Off to Business

When is the last time you used a public restroom? How did it make you feel? If it wasn’t great, would you return to that business and simply steer clear the restroom next time? Good or bad, your experience left an impression. (read more)

Zurn Industries LLC - Smart Restroom Innovations Whitepaper

Touchless, smart restrooms are the standard today. Customers equate cleanliness to public safety.

According to a Deloitte survey, cleanliness mattered more than social distancing or computer screening upon entry into a business. (read more)

Zurn Industries LLC - PEX Piping Can Melt Away the Winter Blues

For a lot of us, “the dead of winter” means that we’re knee deep in snow — or dealing with stubborn ice accumulation brought on by chilly weather. If you’re a small‐to‐mid‐sized business or a home with a demanding driveway, you can prevent these precarious precipitation issues by including a PEX Snow and Ice Melt System the next time you po... (read more)

Zurn Industries LLC - How Sensor Faucets Work

What makes more sense? Choosing the right touchless technology. When it comes to sensor product actuation, you have two options—solenoid or motor-gear operation. Before we break down the differences, let’s quickly cover the mutual benefits. For the sake of simplicity, we’ll stick to restroom fixtures. (read more)

Zurn Industries LLC - Why Smart Plumbing Shouldn't Use Bluetooth

Bluetooth comes up short with range, analytics, bandwidth, security and more.
Imagine this: You’re confronted with a DIY project or some serious cleaning you can no longer put off. You pop in your wireless headphones to get in the zone. It’s working its magic. You quickly run outside to throw out the garbage and...(signal lost). (read more)

Zurn Industries LLC - Earn LEED Points with Your Existing Building

Existing buildings can earn and prove LEED points to increase energy and water efficient measures without going back to square one. (read more)

Zurn Industries LLC - K-12 Schools: Solutions Promote Trust and Comfort

Learning to maintain positive interaction for development while adhering to safety measures is a challenge many are facing today. (read more)

Zurn Industries LLC - Zurn Signs Agreement to Acquire Hadrian

Zurn has entered into an agreement to acquire Hadrian Inc., a leading provider of washroom partitions and lockers, enabling Zurn to offer building owners a complete washroom solution and accelerate its strategy of being the leading provider of smart building solutions. (read more)

Zurn Industries LLC - Hardwired or Battery Operated?

You’re ready to upgrade to connected, touchless flush valves and faucets. Does it matter if you connect using hardwire or battery-powered? Zurn can help. (read more)

Zurn Industries LLC - Retrofit Pint urinal systems save $$ and water

Caltech Saves Gallons Without Changing the Flow of Campus Life

You know the value of every drop if you live in the golden state. Even though water usage is systematically managed, dry seasons affect California and the people who live there. Drought causes economic and environmental challenges – lost crops, fires, land degradation, animal survival, and the list goes on. (read more)

Zurn Industries LLC - Fiberglass grease interceptor solves odor problem

Proceptor GMC-1250 engineered fiberglass grease interceptors replace corroded concrete grease interceptor to eliminate repulsive odors.

Customers create a stink about failed concrete interceptor

Aromatic herbs and spices. Garlic bread baking in the oven. Nothing piques our interest or speaks to our stomachs quite like whiffs of what’s cooking.

Now... (read more)

Zurn Industries LLC - Customized drainage solutions - Customer Story

PTR Mechanical and Zurn pool project expertise

Three decades ago, PTR Mechanical got its feet wet on a few projects with just a handful of skilled workers. It didn’t take long for the firm to find its rhythm and move full steam ahead, keeping pace with its impressive client roster. Today, PTR handles large-scale remodel and new construction projects across the US, fro... (read more)

Zurn Industries LLC - Proceptor fiberglass grease/solids interceptor

In troubled waters

From full tables to full stomachs, being busy is a good problem to have if you run a restaurant. But with all that demand comes a whole lot of fats, oils and grease (FOG). For a popular seafood chain, FOG began piling up as fast as the plates.

The restaurant’s concrete interceptor couldn’t handle the flow rate or the acidic, corrosive f... (read more)

Zurn Industries LLC - Stainless steel trench drain system customer story

Four Day Ray Knows Well Crafted

How do you pour yourself into work without losing passion and pure enjoyment? Four Day Ray seems to have the formula down to a science. After connecting through an industry networking site, brewmaster, Mitch Ackerman, and restaurateur, Brian Graham, hit it off and set out to make Four Day Ray a staple in the Nickel Plate District of Indiana.... (read more)

Zurn Industries LLC - Keeping things flowing with 2,000 flush valves

Stadium for the Masses

What does it take to build a stadium that’s as awe-inspiring today as it was a decade ago? Ask the professionals behind AT&T Stadium – where America’s Team calls home. The sports and entertainment venue supports over four million guests each year beyond the gridiron pastime, including college sports, soccer games, monster trucks,... (read more)

Zurn Industries LLC - Total Smart Restroom; Zurn/ TRAX Analytics partner

Zurn Industries, LLC is pleased to announce its partnership with TRAX Analytics. Zurn will integrate its real-time plumbSMART™ capabilities with TRAX Analytics. The company is looking to deliver the total smart restroom to its demand customers, especially airport custodial and maintenance teams.

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Zurn Industries LLC - On Line Courses from Zurn - Plumbing & Fire Safety

Online self-paced course

Learn more...

Achieving Style & Substance with the Newest Plumbing Innovations (1.0 hour)

Achieving Fire Suppression and Safety with Standpipe Systems (1.0 hour)

Achieving Control and Peace of Mind with Connected Plumbing Products (1.25 hours)

Achieving Sanitation and Safety with the Latest Plumbing Innovations (1.0 hour) (read more)

Zurn Industries LLC - Battery-operated sensor faucets, flush valves...

Zurn Industries, LLC adds battery-operated sensor faucets, flush valves, and retrofit kits to its Zurn Connected Products portfolio. The new offering delivers the same hands-free activation and wireless connected data monitoring through Zurn’s web portal, plumbSMART™. The battery operation is designed to make installation easier for contractors and building owners.

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Zurn Industries LLC - PHIX cartridge/acid neutralization/low maintenance

“The PHIX system, with its nonhazardous media, is a cost-saving measure. We don’t have to get the environmental department involved to dispose the media, as we do with a typical dilution tank. Disposing the old crushed limestone becomes a substantial cost.”
James Cohen, Fort Worth ISD Forman (read more)

Zurn Industries LLC - Healthcare Facility- Zurn advanced water solutions

Focusing on Performance

Performance drives every decision behind Baylor Scott & White. That includes the building’s plumbing systems. Baylor Scott & White specified Zurn’s advanced water solutions, including drainage, fixtures, valves, and more. Every plumbing product delivers improved water efficiency, safety and control, and reliable performance. (read more)

Zurn Industries LLC - Sprinklermatic/Zurn - Education to Fire Protection

Partnering for Fire Protection

High-rise buildings heighten the pressure even more. Zurn and Sprinklermatic work to be the answer before the call takes place. The manufacturer and contractor are having conversations with the pros. What’s working. What’s not. How can systems be smarter for the buildings and individuals using them. Florida’s fire personnel l... (read more)

Zurn Industries LLC - Zurn’s trench drains for the Bay Chase Center

Ahead of the Curve

Every inch of the campus rounded out the vision. “There is no square corner anywhere,” added DeLong. “It’s all radiused. It’s all unique. It’s all custom.”The build team needed custom drains to outline and perform along those non-existent corners. Zurn’s trench drains offered the selection and prefabrication... (read more)

Zurn Industries LLC - Zurn's 2nd Annual Specifier of the Year Contest

MILWAUKEE, WI – Zurn Industries, LLC is pleased to announce the second annual inSpec Specifier of the Year contest. The company will recognize an American Society of Plumbing Engineers (ASPE) member who uses technology to improve the entire plumbing specification process.

“The experts who seek out and optimize technologies for plumbing specification shape our in... (read more)

Zurn Industries LLC - Connected Pressure Monitor from Zurn

The Zurn Connected Pressure Monitor (ZCSM-PF) allows you to monitor your water pressure. Simply, set high- and low-pressure thresholds for real-time alerts through Zurn's secure web portal, plumbSMART™. (read more)

Zurn Industries LLC - Zurn Releases New EZ Gear Sensor Flush Valves and Retrofit Kits

Zurn Industries, LLC announces the expansion of its EZ Gear Technology portfolio with the EZ Gear Sensor Flush Valves and Retrofit Kits. (read more)

Zurn Industries LLC - Pressure Reducing Valve from Zurn

The Zurn Wilkins ZW209 Pressure Reducing Valve provides steady downstream pressure and allows high flow rates. Standard features ease maintenance and repair, and provide the lowest total cost of ownership. (read more)

Zurn Industries LLC - Zurn Wilkins Dielectric Union

The Zurn Wilkins DUXLC Dielectric Union is installed on potable water lines to protect against piping system deterioration caused by galvanic and stray current corrosion. (read more)

Zurn Industries LLC - Zurn Dura-Coated Cast Iron Body

Zurn Z1400-BZ1 Dura-Coated Cast Iron Body with EZ1™ post-pour technology is engineered to simplify product installation.


  • Integrated Engineering that includes post-pour adjustment and tilt accessory package
  • Ships as a Complete and Assembled System
  • Saves over 14 minutes per drain installation
  • Available in Cast.../li>
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