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igus® inc. - igus unveils new sensor for predictive maintenance

i.Cee:local sensor predicts the service life of machinery and equipment, making maintenance efficient and predictable (read more)

igus® inc. - Motion plastics leader sees 30% online growth

An increase in the pace of innovation and emphasis on expanding its digital presence in the face of a worldwide pandemic helped igus increase online sales by 30 percent in 2020. (read more)

igus® inc. - igus - innovative plastics recycling technology

igus investment paves the way for innovative plastics recycling technology

HydroPRS pioneer Mura Technology begins construction of the world's first commercially operated hydrothermal upgrading plastic recycling plant in the UK (read more)

igus® inc. - Hands-free door opener offers sanitary-safe entry

igus components help New York designer create easy-to-install product (read more)

igus® inc. - igus linear axes manufacture spare parts, in space

Germany students develop 3D printer for cost-effective production of structural elements (read more)

igus® inc. - e-spool flex, continuous panel feed in robots

New slip ring-free igus cable unwinder allows easy cable management (read more)

igus® inc. - Unique plastic plain bearing applications wanted!

Nominations are open for the manus award from igus, which honors extraordinary and unique use of the company’s high-performance plastics in product design. (read more)

igus® inc. - igus energy chain openable without tools

Manually assembled in a matter of seconds: the new E4Q e-chain from igus for unsupported and long travels with a lightweight design and QuickLock crossbars. (read more)

igus® inc. - igus offers 36-month guarantee on energy chains

With the online service life calculator, users can now determine the guaranteed operating time of their e-chain and obtain a certificate (read more)

igus® inc. - 7th axis quickly extends range for robots

New solution gives UR and robolink units dramatically increased action radius (read more)

igus® inc. - igus donates face shields to RI and FL schools

igus donated more than 220,000 face shields to schools in Rhode Island and Florida to help protect students and school personnel in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. (read more)

igus® inc. - California company captures green vector award

Business designs mini-bottling plants to dramatically reduce use of bottled water (read more)

igus® inc. - Automatic lathe with six spindles - wins Gold

High speeds, long travels and compact installation spaces: every two years, igus GmbH bestows the vector award, with which fascinating and creative energy chain applications are honored. (read more)

igus® inc. - Guide cables from start to end without slip ring

e-spool flex: guide cables from start to end without slip ring

New igus cable reel with worm guide ensures more safety on operating panels and in assembly areas (read more)

igus® inc. - Free simulation & cost-effective control of robots

Fast entry into Low Cost Automation using a digital twin in intuitive robot control (read more)

igus® inc. - igus donating headbands for medical masks

General-use shield for protection against coronavirus: igus produces headbands for face shields (read more)

igus® inc. - Highly flexible Ethernet cables for energy chains

Highly flexible Ethernet cables for e-chains with CC-Link IE Field certificate

New chainflex CAT5e and CAT6 cables with predictable and guaranteed service life and certification for CC-Link IE protocols (read more)

igus® inc. - Electrostatically dissipative: ball transfer unit

Electrostatically dissipative: igus polymer ball transfer units ensure safe conveyance of products

Convincing display by new xirodur material for ball transfer units in static conductivity test (read more)

igus® inc. - Additive Manufacturing: What You Need to Know

Additive manufacturing refers to a process by which digital 3D design data is used to build up a component in layers by depositing material. It is becoming more widely used, and has many advantages. Paul Gomer, an additive manufacturing development engineer at igus, offers insight on additive manufacturing. (read more)

igus® inc. - Video: Motion plastics keep people & machines fit

Surfing on land: motion plastics keep people and machines fit

Lubrication-free, high-performance polymers save 70 percent in costs and minimize maintenance in surf machines (read more)

igus® inc. - igus bearings beat the heat in solar racing cars

Aided by igus motion plastics, Germany students claim 6th at World Solar Challenge in Australia (read more)

igus® inc. - igus' updated cable series saves space and money

New chainflex M control cables reduce structure 20 percent, have 36-month guarantee (read more)

igus® inc. - When plastic becomes oil again: chemical recycling

Cat-HTR technology developed by a German scientist regains resources from plastic waste in 20 minutes. (read more)

igus® inc. - Robotics Multi-Axis Cable Carriers

Energy chain for three-dimensional movement for robots - triflex® R (read more)

igus® inc. - Plastics as Bar Stock

Semi-finished products are now available in the form of self-lubricating, wear-resistant plastic bar stock (read more)

igus® inc. - Electric Linear Solutions

Maintenance-free motorized linear actuators made ready-to-connect (read more)

igus® inc. - Maintenance-Free Linear Slide Tables

Optimized drylin® linear slide tables for dirt-resistant, quiet and modular operation. (read more)

igus® inc. - Cable Carriers for All Movements

Increase service life of cables and hoses. Reduce downtime. e-chain® systems are referred to as the lifeline of modern machinery. These durable cable carriers ensure safe supply of energy and data while under constant motion. igus® has been developing and testing plastic energy chains since 1971, gaining the expertise to continuously refine the systems and directly benefit users. (read more)

igus® inc. - Ethernet Cables for Heavy Duty Applicaitons

Chainflex® special cables for energy chains are cables for bending radii from 10xd. The data cables are tested in E-Chains® for many million cycles. Range includes gradient fiber glass cables, CAT5/6/7 cables, network Ethernet cables and fiber optic cables and Profibus/Profinet cables Chainflex® cables have been approved by various bodies and conform with various standards and directives. (read more)

igus® inc. - Maintenance Free Bearings

Self-lubricating and maintenance-free bearings made from high-performance iglide® A181 offers a range of specialized properties for the food and packaging industries. (read more)

igus® inc. - igus celebrates National Robotics Week

igus celebrates National Robotics Week by continuing more than a decade of student support (read more)

igus® inc. - New harnessed robotic dress packs now available

igus now offers standard “readychain” ready-to-use robotic dress packs for simple installation as well as multi-axis cable guidance and protection. (read more)

igus® inc. - Self-lubricating, maintenance free ball bearings

For control systems on automobiles and other applications where space and weight restrictions can be problematic, new thin xiros ball bearings from igus are available in accordance with DIN 625 for rotary controls. (read more)

igus® inc. - igus now offering instant technical support

Now customers can personal technical support instantly by chatting live with igus technical representatives on the igus website. (read more)

igus® inc. - Secure data transfer in moving applications

igus sets the standard with chainflex fiber optic and CAT7 continuous-flex cables (read more)

igus® inc. - Low cost, high reliability harnessed readycables

New readycables are harnessed to order according to 24 manufacturer standards (read more)

igus® inc. - Reliable linear guidance for variable radii

Custom-curved linear rails and adaptable guide carriages allow for additional freedom of design. (read more)

igus® inc. - ZF14 Energy Chain for Modern Furniture Design

The motion plastics specialist has introduced the new cable carrier system designed exclusively for use in the furniture industry (read more)

igus® inc. - Variable width & length linear axes w/ DryLin ZLW

To simplify product selection of maintenance-free, self-lubricating linear guides, motion plastics specialist igus has developed a modular construction kit for belt-driven DryLin ZLW linear axes. (read more)

igus® inc. - Countless Design Options with Plastic Bearings

Gliding instead of rolling with maintenance-free, high-performance dry-tech® plastic bearings. Offering clear technical advantages and lower costs. (read more)

igus® inc. - Stepped or continuous- igus introduces new options

igus presented its new drylin products at the Hannover Messe, from the light pre-defined positional system up to the preload prism slide (read more)

igus® inc. - DryLin E a complete linear stage including motor

DryLin® E is a complete linear stage including motor for a variety of applications. (read more)

igus® inc. - Bearing material for continuous hygenic conditions

The new iglide HSD350 material from igus offers a low-cost alternative to metallic options for use in steam sterilization and autoclaving. (read more)

igus® inc. - igus motion plastics car wraps up 20,000 mile tour

After ten months of travel across the United States, Canada and Mexico, the igus car has returned to home base in Rhode Island. (read more)

igus® inc. - Cable Protection: top cleanroom classification

Modular corrugated tube for cable protection gains top cleanroom classification

The "e-skin" easy-open energy supply system has achieved the IPA ISO Class 1 certification for cleanroom use. (read more)

igus® inc. - Heavy Duty Oil Rig Robot Takes Top Prize

The project from Norwegian company Robotic Drilling Systems has been awarded the most creative Energy Chain application system in biennial awards. (read more)

igus® inc. - Plastic Strain Wave Gearing Enable 6-axis Robotics

New plastic strain wave gearings enable 6-axis robotics at a lower price (read more)

igus® inc. - Smart plastics for Industry 4.0 from igus

Intelligent cables, cable management, and linear solutions from igus increase plant automation (read more)

News articles and press releases for igus® inc.:


igus® Inc. the world’s leading manufacturer of Energy Chains® and polymer plain bearings, is continuing its growth trend.


DryLin R facilitates motion for scientific analyzers


For the seventh consecutive year, IGUS has signed on as a diamond supplier for the FIRST Robotics Competition (FRC).


igus® is running its third vector award competition to reward challenging and innovative applications using cable carrier systems.


The 19th annual BEST (Boosting Engineering, Science and Technology) Robotics Competition has kicked off at hub locations nationwide. This is the seventh year for igus® as a nationwide product sponsor of the event.


igus’ plastic bushings and self-aligning bearings for entertainment seating


Machine-tool manufacturer one of first to implement new cable carrier system


A new catalog for igus®' lines of iglide® plastic bushings, igubal® spherical bearings, and DryLin® linear bearings and guides is now available.


New products for the food-processing, bottling, and packaging industries


A team of researchers from the Worcester Polytechnic Institute have developed a teleoperated robot that will greatly improve the way prostate cancer is detected and treated. igus® donated parts to the project at no cost.


A machine used during the post-plating stage of a high-performance metal finishing process uses DryLin® R linear plain bearings from igus® to apply an abrasive, thermal-resistant coating to the interiors of large exhaust pipes.


Plastic plain bearings: 300 entries from 28 countries submitted for fifth manus competition


iglide® X6 plastic plain bearings from igus® have been selected by Design News magazine as a 2011 Golden Mousetrap Best Products Winner. iglide X6 is made of an advanced bearing material containing nano particles.


A new catalog for igus®’ lines of Energy Chain® cables carriers and Chainflex® continuous-flex cables is now available. The latest edition features a completely revamped, easy-to-use layout and a number of either new or expanded product lines.


A manufacturer of various types of industrial lifting equipment uses Energy Chain® cable carriers from igus® on a line of gantry cranes predominantly used in paper mills.


Plastic bearing specialist igus® has launched the fifth manus competition for plastic plain bearing applications.


Bearings specialist igus® now offers a low cost, lubrication-free bearing material with superior chemical resistance. igus® new iglide® C210 bearing material delivers superior resistance to a wide range of acids, solvents and hydrogen peroxide.


igus® will be exhibiting at booth number 6906 in the East Hall during Pack Expo 2010. New products on show will include a hygienic linear slide table and an adjustable linear guide carriage.


igus® will be exhibiting at IMTS 2010 at booth 5613 in the Lakeside Center.


igus® has released three new webinars about its Energy Chain® cable carriers and Chainflex® continuous-flex cables. For added convenience, the webinars are pre-recorded so they can be accessed at any time.


The 19th annual FIRST Robotics Competition came to a close last week at the Georgia Dome in Atlanta. This year marked the sixth consecutive season igus® has joined forces with the not-for-profit organization as a gold-level supplier.


A manufacturer of digitally controlled industrial cutters uses fully enclosed cable carriers from igus® on its CNC routers.


igus® launched an innovative robot joint module system at the Hanover Fair 2010. Previously, robot developers were forced to put together complex custom solutions from numerous individual components.


igus® Inc. is inviting maintenance engineers to book a free cable carrier and continuous-flex cable annual check-up before or during factory shutdowns scheduled in July and August.


igus®, a developer of continuous-flex cables for highly dynamic applications, such as those using cable carriers, now offers a bus cable for the industrial serial field bus CC-Link system.


igus® now offers an energy tube especially for the machine-tool industry that is nearly 100 percent chip-proof.


A developer and manufacturer of custom-made equipment for the fabricating industry uses sliding slewing ring bearings from igus® for rotary motion on an ultrasonic welding machine.


The competition for innovative and challenging cable carrier applications received more than 110 entries from all over the world, including China, India, Korea, Singapore, the USA, Canada, Brazil, and Europe.


Need up-to-the-minute technical advice and suggestions for how to optimize your use of plain bearings, linear guides and cable carrier systems? Want to read breaking product news and be the first to hear about new applications?


igus® has posted two new videos online highlighting the latest additions to its range of DryLin® W linear guide systems. The videos explain the features and benefits of the new products and demonstrate how they are assembled and how they operate.


A Colorado-based manufacturer has incorporated iglide® plastic plain bearings from igus® into its high-end, telemark ski-bindings, which has both created a more reliable product and virtually eliminated maintenance requirements.


An Ohio-based manufacturer of horse-drawn farming equipment predominately employed by Amish communities uses iglide® plastic plain bearings from igus® on a ‘crumbler’ mechanism; used to crush clods of dirt during the tilling process.


For the second consecutive season, igus® is a sponsor for Botball, an educational robotics program funded by the KISS Institute for Practical Robotics.


For the sixth consecutive season, igus® has joined forces with FIRST (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology)—a not-for-profit organization that inspires young peoples' interest and participation in science and technology.


igus®, a leading manufacturer of cable carriers and continuous-flex cables, is running its Vector® competition for a second time to reward challenging applications using cable carrier systems.