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igus® inc. has promoted these products / services:

igus® inc. - igus launches bionic hand for ReBeL cobot

igus launches bionic hand for ReBeL cobot on the market. igus adds a humanoid hand made of high-performance plastics to its ReBeL product range. (read more)

igus® inc. - igus pre-populated, application-specific e-chains

Expert-assembled e-chains and cables from igus streamline engineering processes, promoting superior project outcomes (read more)

igus® inc. - Food Contact Sample Box for Hygienic Applications

New igubal Food Contact sample box includes a new coupling joint (read more)

igus® inc. - snapchain 2.0: small, cost-effective cable carrier

The new igus e-chain cable carrier made entirely of recyclate can be installed in seconds and guides cables reliably (read more)

igus® inc. - Reduce downtime & increase service life of cables

Plastic e-chain® cable carriers reduce downtime & increase service life of cables. Plastic e-chain® cable carriers are more durable and longer lasting than the plastic carriers you’re used to. That’s because they’re made of highly engineered plastic materials (read more)

igus® inc. - Partly Recycled & Fully Recyclable Bicycle Parts

From recycling to bicycling: igus develops bicycle components for the mobility of tomorrow (read more)

igus® inc. - Next-level recycling with digital innovations

Recycling platforms designed by igus and cirplus jointly promote the regenerative plastics industry of the future (read more)

igus® inc. - Smart, solar-powered trash bin with igus bearings

Finbin develops waste bins with maintenance-free igus plain bearings - revolutionizes waste management (read more)

igus® inc. - xiros ball bearings stand up to 150°C

New igus xiros ball bearing materials stand up to chemicals and temperatures of 150°C

More reliability in the chemical and semiconductor industries with the xirodur F500 cage material or zirconium oxide balls (read more)

igus® inc. - Plastic gears vs metal gears: Which is better?

The debate between plastic and metal components is a seemingly never-ending one. However, discourse has shifted in recent years in favor of plastic due to the wide range of benefits it can provide over metal. (read more)

igus® inc. - igutex TX3 fiber-wound material, for heavy loads

Heavy loads are no problem for the new igutex TX3 fiber-wound material

igus launches a new dry-running material, the endurance runner, which is ideal for heavy-duty applications (read more)

igus® inc. - Fun access to the right motion plastics products

Enjoyneering: igus drives engineering forward with 190 physical and digital new products (read more)

igus® inc. - igus mobile expo meets customers where they are

The igus mobile exposition allows customers to interact with the latest igus innovations without leaving the parking lot (read more)

igus® inc. - E4Q e-chain with extender crossbars, safe guidance

A clever adapter system ensures quick and easy adjustment of the E4Q energy chain to the hose diameter (read more)

igus® inc. - Cable carriers with smart condition monitoring

Service life extension made easy: just three online steps to your smart e-chain (read more)

igus® inc. - igus linear carriage with new locking function

Clip, stop, and go - igus linear carriage to go with new locking function. The drylin® W clips carriage ensures quick assembly directly on the rail and easy handling. (read more)

igus® inc. - Clearance-free multi-link hinges for automotive

Clearance-free multi-link hinges with self-calibrating iglide plain bearings for automotive applications (read more)

igus® inc. - New igus hybrid cables for Bosch Rexroth & Siemens

Still more choice: two new hybrid cables from igus suitable for Bosch Rexroth and Siemens
Guaranteed reliability with new cables for MS2N motors of Bosch Rexroth and Siemens SINAMICS S210 drives (read more)

igus® inc. - igus slewing ring bearing for food contact

So very clean: The hygienically designed slewing ring bearing from the iglide PRT series allows cleaning without disassembly. (read more)

igus® inc. - igus partner network supports low-cost automation

igus is working with manufacturers and integrators to further expand its service and range for cost-effective automation (read more)

igus® inc. - igus modular linear axis for travels of any length

East to install and almost infinetely extendable: drylin EGW offers new design freedom on long travels (read more)

igus® inc. - igus e-chain stays at the highest cleanroom class

e-skin flat energy chain: igus proves abrasion resistance with the first industry test of its kind (read more)

igus® inc. - RBTX Marketplace low-cost automation is now easier

The intuitive design offers users an immediate overview of the right components and more than 100 cost-effective automation solutions (read more)

igus® inc. - igus makes it easier to get started with IoT

igus makes it easier for industrial companies to get started with the Internet of Things. Smart plastics specialist igus is a new member of the Berlin-based IoT Use Case expert network. (read more)

igus® inc. - Module Connect - space-saving plug-in connectors

Quick access to a customized interface with the new igus online shop for Module Connect (read more)

igus® inc. - Support for semiconductor manufacturing from igus

igus, the Germany-based manufacturer of motion plastics, makes components that are critical to semiconductor manufacturing. With a portfolio of hundreds of cables available from stock, igus can supply almost all cable types and energy supply systems for the construction of new factories or those being expanded. The cables include cleanroom certification,.. (read more)

igus® inc. - How does 3D printing work?

Additive manufacturing (commonly referred to as 3D printing) is a manufacturing method where material is added layer by layer to create a solid object. There are different types of 3D-printing, (read more)

igus® inc. - 3D printing service for wear parts

igus 3D-printing service uses powders and filaments that have been proven to last up to 50 times longer than standard 3D-printing materials inside moving applications. (read more)

igus® inc. - World's 1st urban bike made from recycled plastic

No corrosion, maintenance or lubrication: igus presents the world's first urban bike made from recycled plastic. (read more)

igus® inc. - Large DIY palletizing gantry robot from igus®

Large DIY palletizing gantry robot from igus® at a small price
The drylin® XXL 3-axis linear gantry robot is up to 60 percent more cost-effective than comparable solutions and easier to implement (read more)

igus® inc. - igus: UL approval for halogen-free TPE cables

Long service life of igus® chainflex® high-end TPE cables convince inspectors and give customers certified security (read more)

igus® inc. - igubal® pillow blocks alternative to cast iron

New igubal® pillow blocks are a maintenance-free, economically effective alternative to classic cast iron housing bearings (read more)

igus® inc. - igus develops new energy chain for cleanrooms

e-skin flat gets Cleanroom Class 1 designation and is alternative to ribbon cable (read more)

igus® inc. - Reliable Bearings - New Material for Food Industry

Electrostatically dissipative iglide AX500 tribo-polymer ensures maintenance-free applications with food contact (read more)

igus® inc. - igus unveils new sensor for predictive maintenance

i.Cee:local sensor predicts the service life of machinery and equipment, making maintenance efficient and predictable (read more)

igus® inc. - e-spool flex, continuous panel feed in robots

New slip ring-free igus cable unwinder allows easy cable management (read more)

igus® inc. - igus energy chain openable without tools

Manually assembled in a matter of seconds: the new E4Q e-chain from igus for unsupported and long travels with a lightweight design and QuickLock crossbars. (read more)

igus® inc. - igus offers 36-month guarantee on energy chains

With the online service life calculator, users can now determine the guaranteed operating time of their e-chain and obtain a certificate (read more)

igus® inc. - 7th axis quickly extends range for robots

New solution gives UR and robolink units dramatically increased action radius (read more)

igus® inc. - Guide cables from start to end without slip ring

e-spool flex: guide cables from start to end without slip ring

New igus cable reel with worm guide ensures more safety on operating panels and in assembly areas (read more)

igus® inc. - Free simulation & cost-effective control of robots

Fast entry into Low Cost Automation using a digital twin in intuitive robot control (read more)

igus® inc. - Highly flexible Ethernet cables for energy chains

Highly flexible Ethernet cables for e-chains with CC-Link IE Field certificate

New chainflex CAT5e and CAT6 cables with predictable and guaranteed service life and certification for CC-Link IE protocols (read more)

igus® inc. - Video: Motion plastics keep people & machines fit

Surfing on land: motion plastics keep people and machines fit

Lubrication-free, high-performance polymers save 70 percent in costs and minimize maintenance in surf machines (read more)

igus® inc. - igus bearings beat the heat in solar racing cars

Aided by igus motion plastics, Germany students claim 6th at World Solar Challenge in Australia (read more)

igus® inc. - igus' updated cable series saves space and money

New chainflex M control cables reduce structure 20 percent, have 36-month guarantee (read more)

igus® inc. - When plastic becomes oil again: chemical recycling

Cat-HTR technology developed by a German scientist regains resources from plastic waste in 20 minutes. (read more)

igus® inc. - Cable Carriers for All Movements

Increase service life of cables and hoses. Reduce downtime. e-chain® systems are referred to as the lifeline of modern machinery. These durable cable carriers ensure safe supply of energy and data while under constant motion. igus® has been developing and testing plastic energy chains since 1971, gaining the expertise to continuously refine the systems and directly benefit users. (read more)