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Stafford Manufacturing Corp. - Staff-Lok™ Quick-Release Clamp Collar

The Stafford Staff-Lok™ Quick-Release Clamp Collar features an integral hinge with a conformal cam lever and a knurled screw that provides fully adjustable clamping by hand without tools. The collar includes a mounting flat with a countersunk drilled and tapped hole and two mounting holes on the face, and it permits the attachment of optics, sensors and other devices along with rap... (read more)

Stafford Manufacturing Corp. - Shaft Collars and Couplings with Captive Screws

Stafford’s Captive Screw Design has been added to their line of two-piece and hinged shaft collars and to two-piece couplings to prevent screws from dislodging and eliminating the need for removing screws before assembly. Simplifying the assembly process, these special retention screws remove the potential lost screws provide the same clamping power as conventional loose screws. (read more)

Stafford Manufacturing Corp. - Shaft Collars, Couplings, Components for Conveyors

Stafford Shaft Collars, Couplings & Mounts are ideally suited for use in virtually all conveyor systems as stops, spacers, and mounting devices for guides, rollers, sensors, and other structural and mechanical components. Featuring over 4,000 standard parts and extensive custom manufacturing experience, the firm can match specific conveyor system requirements. (read more)

Stafford Manufacturing Corp. - Split Hub Clamps Manufactured to OEM Requirements

Stafford's custom designed split hub clamps can be manufactured to OEM specifications for use with hollow shaft motors, encoders, and gearboxes. They are available in one- and two-piece clamp-style designs machined from a variety of materials with special features such as wider slots, stress relief holes, and balancing flats. (read more)

Stafford Manufacturing Corp. - Micro-Adjustable Collars for Fine Positioning

Stafford's new line of Micro-Adjustable Shaft Collars allow for precise and fully repeatable and locked positioning for linear motion and other applications. These collars are fully sealed to protect their internal threads from contamination and provide 0.200” total adjustment in 0.005” increments. (read more)

Stafford Manufacturing Corp. - 3-D Prototype Service for Proof-of-Concept Testing

The Stafford 3-D Prototype Development Service lets users create a 3-D printed part from a drawing within a few hours and quickly test the form, fit and function to provide immediate feedback on proof-of-concept testing. Ideally suited for shaft collars, couplings and mounting devices, a finished machined part ca... (read more)

Stafford Manufacturing Corp. - 3-D Positioning System for Mounting

Stafford's Universal Positioning System simplifies the setup of cameras and other devices for research, laboratory, process, and packaging applications. The system consists of a robust group of mounting components, including a base which can securely attach to any flat surface, stepped and straight-through couplings, and precision shafting that can be easily adjusted and locked. (read more)

Stafford Manufacturing Corp. - Positive Lock Shaft Collars

Stafford Positive Lock Shaft Collars feature a spring-loaded ball which can precisely fit into either a detent or a groove that is machined into a shaft to provide fully repeatable radial or axial positioning. (read more)

Stafford Manufacturing Corp. - Shaft Collars and Components for Drones and UAV

Stafford Parts for Drones and UAV's (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) can include shaft collars, couplings, and flange mounts for attaching and repositioning structural components, cameras, sensors, and other devices. (read more)

Stafford Manufacturing Corp. - Shaft Collars & Couplings for Robotics

Stafford Shaft Collars, Couplings and Mounting Components for robotic applications include 4,000 standard parts in a wide range of materials, sizes, and configurations. (read more)

Stafford Manufacturing Corp. - Stafford Flip-Lok™ Clamp Attaches without Tools

The Stafford Flip-Lok™ Quick Release Clamp Collar features a cam lever for clamping and a knurled nut for adjusting the clamping preset; making it easy to open-close and clamp by hand without tools. Suitable for use in horizontal and vertical applications as a clamp, stop, or spacer, simply lift the cam lever, slide along a shaft or tube to reposition quickly and retighten in secon... (read more)

Stafford Manufacturing Corp. - Flanged Shaft Collars

Stafford offers flanged shaft mounting collars that combine secure clamping with specially machined features such as attachment points, cam surfaces, O-ring grooves, slots, and more. Flanged shaft collars are one-piece shaft mount solutions that can be manufactured from a variety of materials with custom configured flanges to meet customer application requirements. (read more)

Stafford Manufacturing Corp. - Custom Designed Shaft Collars Solve Problems

Stafford's custom manufacturing capabilities include modifications to shaft collars which customers previously made on their own, or completely new designs to customer specifications. Minor modifications to standard parts may include slots, flats, through-holes, and threaded holes, while complete custom designs could incorporate cams, levers, mounting holes, hinges, and more. (read more)

Stafford Manufacturing Corp. - Rigid Shaft Couplings and Adapters

Stafford Rigid Shaft Couplings and Shaft Adapters are designed to join shafts of different sizes and configurations, extend shafts, and provide different mating options. (read more)

Stafford Manufacturing Corp. - Stafford Mounting Collars and Components

Stafford Mounting Shaft Collars and Components feature various options for attaching items to a shaft, pipe, and tube. The full standard line includes a variety of shaft collar designs and mounting options including face, flange, flat, and stackable as well as different fastening alternatives. (read more)

Stafford Manufacturing Corp. - Weldable Shaft Collars, Couplings and Mounts

Stafford Weldable Components include shaft collars, couplings and mounts made from ANSI 1018 steel and stainless steel to allow users to modify parts and create custom high-strength assemblies without fasteners. Suitable for mechanical and structural applications, typical modifications include brackets, cams, lever arms, mounts, pins, and rods. (read more)

Stafford Manufacturing Corp. - Collars and Couplings for Maintenance and Repair

The Stafford Maintenance Group includes eight families of products designed for special repair and retrofit requirements, including shaft collars, rigid couplings and shaft adapters, as well as special purpose mechanical components. (read more)

Stafford Manufacturing Corp. - Shaft Collars and Couplings for Converting

Stafford Shaft Collars and Couplings include over 3,600 standard items for building and maintaining cutters, slitters, and other converting equipment requiring precision, rigidity, chemical resistance, and other properties. Designed for use as stops, spacers, mounts, and adjustable solutions, they are offered in aluminum, steel, and stainless steel in sizes ranging from 1/4” to 6... (read more)

Stafford Manufacturing Corp. - Shaft Collars and Mounts in Colors

Stafford’s anodized aluminum shaft collars and mounting devices are offered in permanent bright colors to enhance the appearance of equipment and machinery and increase safety by color-coding switches and fittings. These components provide OEM’s and system designers with the ability to select and custom match colors to enhance the aesthetics and branding of their products. (read more)

Stafford Manufacturing Corp. - Heavy Duty Mounting Components

Stafford Heavy-Duty Mounting Components feature robust designs with wider bodies and heavier clamping screws than conventional parts and are manufactured to specification with modifications such as flats, mounting holes, slots, and keyways. (read more)

Stafford Manufacturing Corp. - Staff-Lok™ Quick-Release Shaft Collars

A new version of the Stafford Staff-Lok™ Hinged Shaft Collar incorporates a mounting flat with a countersunk drilled and tapped hole and two mounting holes on the face for attaching sensors, cameras, and other devices. It has an integral hinge with a conformal cam lever and a knurled screw that allows fully adjustable clamping by hand; making it ideal for use as a clamp, stop, or s... (read more)

Stafford Manufacturing Corp. - Shaft Collars & Couplings for Food Processing

Stafford’s wide range of standard and custom shaft collars, rigid couplings, and mounting components are available for food and beverage processing, conveying, and packaging applications.These products are made from FDA- and USDA-approved materials to match user requirements. (read more)

Stafford Manufacturing Corp. - Stafford Prototype and Repair Collar System

SPARC™ - the Stafford Prototype and Repair Collar System - enables users to create their own working prototypes of special-purposed shaft collars within a few hours. Precision machined shaft collar masters are available from stock and accept 3-D printed inserts with bores to fit virtually any type of shaft. (read more)

Stafford Manufacturing Corp. - Wrenching Collars Prevent Crushing and Teeth Marks

Stafford’s line of smooth bore, two-piece collars feature wrenching flats and fit on six popular pipe sizes to facilitate installation and removal. Especially effective for removing frozen pipes and tubing, they let users apply torque using standard wrenches without crushing and teeth marks. (read more)

Stafford Manufacturing Corp. - Component Mounting Collars Expand Design Options

Stafford’s Component Mounting Shaft Collars feature a perfectly square integral mounting clamp which provides a flat mounting surface with multiple attachment options. These mounts can be easily repositioned and are suitable for use with a wide range of components including gears, lever arms, pulleys, and sprockets. (read more)