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Category: Stretch Wrappers
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Since its inception in 1971, the ARPAC Group has been designing and manufacturing heavy-duty, standard and custom-designed shrink packaging, corrugated packaging and stretch wrapping solutions for a wide range of industries. The ARPAC packaging product line includes: Shrink Bundlers, Horizontal Shrink Wrappers, Tray and Case Packers, Tray Loaders and Stretch Wrappers. The ARPAC Group has designed, engineered and installed over 20,000 packaging systems worldwide.

Less expensive than other packaging methods, shrink packaging protects products from dust, dirt, moisture and other harmful environmental conditions. ARPAC systems can also use clear or print-registered film, thus improving a product's marketability. Not only can a customer see a product through the shrink film, but a company's marketing message, slogan or logo can be printed directly on the shrink film.

To complement the shrink packaging product line, ARPAC manufactures a heavy duty line of tray loading and tray/case packing equipment. Arpac’s tray loading systems offer quick product changeovers to make tray loading a variety of product sizes fast and easy. Arpac’s tray and case packers ensure enhance stacking strength and reduce damage caused by products shifting during shipping and handling.

Arpac’s line of stretch wrapping machines are manufactured in 3 types of wrapping configurations platform, rotary tower and orbital. All stretch wrappers offer simple design, extreme flexibility and rugged durability that are second to none.

For custom applications, quotations are developed on an individual basis, taking into consideration several factors including: product size and weight, line speed, film gauge, use of plain or print registered film, type of side closure, special requirements regarding package appearance, ability to withstand rough handling.

All ARPAC packaging machines meet the highest safety standards, boast many easy-to-maintain-features and feature quick and easy changeover capabilities. ARPAC packaging machines are constructed with heavy-gauge structural steel, designed for continuous service in a variety of industrial environments

All machinery is sold and serviced by the ARPAC Group’s international network of distributors. The ARPAC Group also provides an extensive after-sales customer service program which includes, spare parts support, technical service to assist with installation & startup, and technical and sales training for customers and distributors. Located near Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport, the ARPAC Group maintains sales offices throughout the United States and selected countries worldwide. The ARPAC Group has approximately 200 employees and occupies 138,000 square feet of office and manufacturing space.

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