Incorporated in 1972, American Microsemiconductor has been supplying semiconductors and other discrete active electronic components to major industrial accounts worldwide for four decades.  Our company operates primarily from two locations.  The New Jersey headquarters serves as our sales office, technical support, and corporate management center.  Our inventory center, located in Pennsylvania, serves as the primary distribution hub and warehousing facility for our company's growing stock of over thirty million components.

With a well-trained staff, we have supplied and continue to supply many of the largest industries of the world in addition to government and military branches.  Our past, present, and future are based upon excellence, reliability, on-time delivery, and affordability.

Value-Added Services Available

While we specialize in "Last Time Buy" obsolete and discontinued semiconductor technology, we also sell new products in addition to:

- Custom electrical testing and electrical performance customization,
- Develop new design solutions to obsolete components and match electrical properties, and
- Manufacture new semiconductors, arrays, and power modules to your design specifications.

Risk Mitigation, Policies, and Procedures

Quality Control.  Our company is ISO9001:2008 and AS/EN/JISQ9100 Rev. C certified for quality control.  We perform lot testing on all the products that ship from our facilities to combat the resale and redistribution of bad, nonconforming, or counterfeit materials.  We cooperate with several test houses for added-value testing.  If we cannot provide an original manufacturer's certification, we can provide a certificate of conformance that ensures the function of the product.

Risk Mitigation Policy.  American Microsemiconductor, Inc. maintain a four-page risk mitigation policy that outlines our model of standards when dealing with our supply chain.  We flow our requirements based on SAE AS5553 conformance to suppliers to ensure the quality and performance of the product to our prospective clients.  This policy can be obtained through written request from our New Jersey office.

Human Trafficking & Slavery.  Our company opposes any use of slavery or human trafficking in the manufacture and distribution of the products in our supply chain, and flow down such requirements for prohibition against slavery and human trafficking to our suppliers and cooperating manufacturers.  Our policy against human trafficking and slavery - which also includes our policy against conflict materials - is available upon written request from our New Jersey headquarters.

Product Information

Specification sheets available in PDF format offer buyers direct, easy access to the components' data, and may contain product features, possible applications, electrical characteristics, performance curves, dimensions, electrical diagrams, schematics, drawings, test circuits, web links, and part pictures.  Our company is continually updating our specification in conformance with ISO and JEDEC standards to provide the customer with the greatest amount of data in the most efficient way.  Our data can be read by professionals and laymen alike.  Most specification sheets also contain links to our company information as well as the component's online store page for quick purchasing.

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