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Category: Cable Assemblies
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Buy Direct and Save up to 50% on Thousands of Quality Industrial Control Products…
--Enjoy the benefits of great values, fast shipping and superior service.

AutomationDirect® began as PLCDirect in 1994, and quickly grew from a tiny PLC company to a well-recognized name in the industrial automation market. The company offers over 14,000 name-brand and private label automation process control and industrial electrical products including PLCs, operator interfaces/HMI, drives and motors, motor controls, sensors, pushbuttons, DC power supplies, NEMA electrical enclosures, wire duct, wire, fuses, pneumatic components, light curtains, safety glasses and more, through a 2,000+-page catalog and an e-commerce store.

As the first industrial controls company to successfully use a direct sales model, AutomationDirect passes savings on to customers at prices well below the industry average. Shopping by phone, fax, or online is easy, and in-stock items ordered by 6 p.m. ET are shipped the same day (with approved credit). Shipping on most orders of $49 or more is FREE. Most orders are delivered with a 2-day transit period as the standard at no extra charge.

AutomationDirect offers a wide range of products to meet customer needs and applications. To keep up with the most current product offerings, visit their Web site or subscribe to their newsletter.

To keep customers informed of available products, AutomationDirect publishes a free catalog filled with product descriptions, colorful photos, technical specifications, and a comprehensive price list. The same information is also available via the online store. Customer service reps and technical support staff are available to take orders, answer questions or troubleshoot problems from 9-6 p.m. weekdays, ET.


AutomationDirect’s Product Line Includes:

  • AC Drives (VFD-variable frequency drives)
  • AC Motors (1/4 – 300 hp)
  • AC Motor Soft Starters
  • Air Cylinders (Pneumatic)
  • Beacons (Signal Lights)
  • Buck-Boost Transformers
  • Buzzers/Alarms
  • Cable Ties
  • Circuit Protection
    (supplementary protectors/breakers/disconnects)
  • Control Transformers
  • Cord Grips
  • Counters /Timers /Tachs
  • Current Sensors/Switches/Transducers/Indicators
  • Data Cables (RS485, RS422/RS232)
  • Data Logging / Monitoring Software
  • DC Motors  (1/3 - 2 hp)
  • DC Power Supplies
  • Digital Counter-Timer-Tachometers 
  • DIN Rail
  • Disconnect Switches
  • Electrical Enclosures (NEMA, metal/non-metal, disconnect)
  • Enclosure Climate Controls (Heaters, Humidistats, Thermostats, etc.)
  • Enclosure Cooling (A/C units, cooling fans, etc.)
  • Encoders / Optical Transducers
  • Ethernet Patch Cables
  • Ethernet Switches (managed & unmanaged)
  • Fiber Optic Sensors
  • Field I/O Products
  • Field Wireable M8/M12 Connectors and Couplers
  • Flexible Electrical Tubing
  • Flexible Portable Cable
  • Foot Switches
  • Fuses
  • Gearboxes (worm)
  • Ground Fault Sensors
  • HMI /Operator Interfaces
  • Indicator Lights
  • Industrial Communication Products
    (Ethernet, serial)
  • Junction Blocks (Multi-Port)
  • Level Sensors
  • Light Curtains (for machine safety)
  • Limit Switches
  • Line Reactors for VFD
  • Modbus Gateway (TCP/IP to RTU)
  • Molded Case Circuit Breakers (MCCBs)
  • Monitors (Industrial LCD, touch/non-touch)
  • Motion Control
  • Motor Controls (contactors, starters, overloads)
  • Motor Speed/Standstill Relays
  • Multi-Conductor Cable (Bulk)
  • Multi-Wire Connectors
  • Operator Interfaces/HMI Text/Touch Panels
  • PACs (Programmable Automation Controllers)
  • Panel Interface Connectors
  • PC-based Industrial Control Products
  • Photoelectric Sensors (& Photo Eyes)
  • Pilot Lights
  • PLCs (Programmable Logic Controllers)
  • PLC Data Logging Software
  • Plugs, Connectors and Receptacles
  • Pneumatic Parts (fittings, tubing, air hoses, cylinders, FRL's, control valves, solenoid valves, pilot valves)
  • Power Distribution Blocks
  • Power Transformers
  • Pressure Gauges
  • Pressure Sensors/Switches/Transmitters
  • Process Instrumentation and Controls
  • Proximity Sensors
  • Pushbuttons / Switches / Indicator Lights
  • Relays                                                                         (SSR, electromechanical, power, HAZLOC, more)
  • RTD Sensors
  • Safety Glasses
  • Safety Gloves/Arm Protection Sleeves
  • Safety Interlock Switches
  • Safety Relay Modules
  • Sensors (fiber optic, photoelectric, ultrasonic, more)
  • Servo Systems (Motion Control)
  • Signal Conditioners
  • Signal Devices (Visual/Audbile Alarms)
  • Soft Starters (for electric motors)
  • Stack Lights / Tower Lights
    (emergency warning lights, xenon strobes, machine status lights)
  • Stepper Systems
    (stepper motors, stepper drives…)
  • Strain Reliefs
  • Temperature Controllers
  • Temperature Sensors & Transmitters                     (RTD, thermocouple, thermowell)
  • Terminal Blocks and Wiring Solutions
  • Thermometers (3" &  5" Dial, Bimetallic)
  • Timer Relays
  • Tools (hole cutting)
  • Tools (pliers, strip, crimp)
  • Tools (screwdrivers & torque tools)
  • Tools (wrenches, ratches, sockets)
  • Touch Panels (Operator HMI and LCD monitors)
  • Ultrasonic Sensors
  • Wire (MTW, TFFN, THHN Hookup/Building wire)
  • Wire Connectors
  • Wire Duct
  • Wiring Devices                                              (plugs, receptacles, connectors, lockout/tagout)
  • Work Gloves (Hand & Arm Protection)
  • Worm Gearboxes
  • ZIPLinks (pre-wired device connection cables)


AutomationDirect’s ability to sell high-technology automation products at discounted prices relies on strategies employed to cost-effectively reach customers and the efficiencies inherent in their plant operation. The headquarters in Cumming, GA (30 miles north of Atlanta) is designed for maximum performance. For example, their warehouse is equipped with bar code identification equipment and a PC-based control system resulting in an order shipping accuracy of 99.98 percent.


In addition to quality products and low prices, AutomationDirect is noted for its outstanding service. Customers have rated their technical support and sales teams as top-notch, year after year. Since 2001, readers of Control Design magazine have voted AutomationDirect #1 in service and support. As part of their customer commitment, a 30-day, money-back guarantee is provided on nearly all items (including software).

For more information, call 1-800-633-0405 or visit www.AutomationDirect.com

Supplier Directory Categories

AC Motor Drives
(54 Products)
AC Motors
(212 Products)
AC Servomotors
(16 Products)
Air Blow Guns
(2 Products)
Air Cylinders
(652 Products)
Audible Alarms
(24 Products)
(17 Products)
Cable Assemblies
(373 Products)
Cable Clamps
(2 Products)
Cable Glands
(16 Products)
Cable Ties
(64 Products)
Circuit Breakers
(406 Products)
Computer Cables
(27 Products)
Control Valves
(132 Products)
DC Motors
(11 Products)
DVI Cables
(2 Products)
Data Acquisition
(77 Products)
Drill Bits
(325 Products)
Electric Heaters
(15 Products)
Ethernet Cables
(60 Products)
(151 Products)
Foot Switches
(34 Products)
(571 Products)
Hole Saws
(113 Products)
Industrial Enclosures
(1,315 Products)
Industrial Hose
(34 Products)
LED Lamps
(40 Products)
(50 Products)
Limit Switches
(112 Products)
Motor Bases
(21 Products)
Network Cables
(60 Products)
Network Switches
(21 Products)
Pipe Fittings
(19 Products)
Plastic Tubing
(250 Products)
Pneumatic Fittings
(557 Products)
Power Connectors
(118 Products)
Power Plugs
(40 Products)
Pressure Gauges
(95 Products)
Proximity Sensors
(714 Products)
Relay Boards
(6 Products)
Rotary Encoders
(248 Products)
Safety Relays
(25 Products)
Sealing Glands
(16 Products)
Serial Cables
(63 Products)
Servo Drives
(3 Products)
Solenoid Valves
(58 Products)
Strain Reliefs
(21 Products)
Terminal Blocks
(189 Products)
(23 Products)
Toggle Switches
(7 Products)
(73 Products)
Tube Fittings
(576 Products)
(250 Products)
USB Cables
(9 Products)
Vacuum Switches
(2 Products)
Video Cables
(2 Products)
Video Displays
(6 Products)
Warning Lights
(358 Products)
Wiring Ducts
(230 Products)
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