Avantes is a leading company in the field of  fiber optic spectroscopy. They offer miniature spectrometer systems and components for laboratory research and OEM industrial inline measurements and analysis. The company’s product line includes spectrometers, light source, fiber optic cables/probes and a variety of accessories to enable fiber optic spectroscopy measurements. Avantes instruments and systems support research and industrial applications such as chemical analysis, thin film metrology, biomedical assays, food & beverage, quality/process control and irradiance measurements. Avantes has over 21 years of experience in fiber optic spectroscopy and thousands of instruments in the field serving a variety of industries.

  World Headquarters:
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The Netherlands
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The AvaSpec line of spectrometers is based upon a symmetrical Czerny-Turner design which optimizes stray light rejection, resolution and range. The flexible and interoperable AvaSpec line of instruments offers an extensive selection of 12 detectors and 19 standard gratings from which to choose for the specific needs of customer applications. The grating, slit and detector options enable measurements from 190-2500 nm with resolution as a high as 0.025 nm (FWHM) in the UV range. Avantes instruments come standard with, USB 2.0, USB 3.0, Gigbit Ethernet and RS-232 communication ports and an optional wireless interface. Additional standard features include onboard averaging, digital & analog I/O capability and ultra-fast triggering capabilities. Avantes instruments are available as enclosed instruments as well as OEM components for integration into other systems. Avantes has extensive OEM experience in industries such as lighting, semiconductor, chemical, biomedical and agriculture.  
CompactLine spectrometers


Avantes proprietary AvaSoft software is a comprehensive 32 and 62 bit compatible spectroscopy software application that fully controls the Avantes line of spectrometers.  Application specific software add-on modules are also available for irradiance, color measurement, process control and thin film metrology. OEM and research customers with specific demands also have the option of controlling Avantes instruments through their Dynamic Link Library (DLL) interface. Avantes offers sample programs and support for Delphi, C++, C#, Visual Basic, LabView and many other programming environments. Avantes’ in house software engineering team is experienced with  developing custom software for the specific needs of their customers. 

Light Sources

The Avalight line of light sources, are affordable illumination sources for spectroscopy applications in the UV, VIS, and NIR ranges. Light sources include deuterium, tungsten-halogen, LED and pulsed Xenon for spectral ranges from 190nm – 2500 nm as well as line sources (HgAr, Ne) for wavelength and NIST traceable irradiance calibration sources. All light sources are fiber optically coupled with SMA connectors.

Avantes invites solicitations for custom fiber optic fabrication.

Fiber Optics

Avantes offers an extensive line of fiber optic cable pathcords, bundles and probes for a variety of sample types and environmental conditions. Avantes’ in-house production capabilities in the Netherlands and in the US can design and fabricate standard and custom assemblies to meet your needs. Avantes standard products include reflection probes, dip probes, fluorescence probes, flow cells, vacuum feed-throughs and a variety of optical couplings for these fiber optic products.


Avantes offers a wide range of fiber optic accessories for optical sampling of solids, liquids and gases in a variety of environments. Standard accessories include cuvette cell holders, integrating spheres, filters, filter holders, flow cells and fiber optic multiplexers. Avantes invites solicitations for custom accessory fabrication.


In an effort facilitate understanding of fiber optic spectroscopy techniques, Avantes has designed a variety of sample application configurations that detail standard set ups for many of their common applications including: color measurements, UV/VIS absorbance, and irradiance measurements, LED measurements, thin-film metrology, vacuum coating process monitoring, oxygen sensing, gemstone measurements, fluorescence measurements and biomedical applications.

Avantes also offers integrated systems based upon their instruments, light sources and fiber optics for Raman and Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy (LIBS).


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