Helping our customers solve their sealing problems has been BRP's goal ever since Donald D. Barner founded the company in 1937. His first challenge was assisting a Cleveland landing gear manufacturer find the right seal for their landing struts, which needed to be smaller and lighter for use in military aircraft. Barner enlisted the aid of Neils Christensen, a Danish inventor who had perfected the O-ring and its application inside a grooved metal housing. Christensen, who was living in Cleveland, Ohio at the time, filed for the patent for his invention in 1937. The landing gear OEM was extremely pleased with the efforts of Barner and Christensen, and other aircraft related OEM's began using the O-ring extensively for the pre-World War II build up of military aircraft.

Today, 70 years later, we are 49 employees strong and dedicated to providing products, value, and service throughout the fluid power industry. With each and every one of us owning a piece of the company, we have a unique perspective and desire for serving our valued customers. We trust you will find our website both helpful and informative. Please do not feel hesitant to contact us.

In addition to distributing a wide range of standard sealing products, we have years of experience developing custom designed seals for special applications. We have the reputation of being able to solve the really tough jobs, So don't hesitate to call us and let us work with your engineers in the design and production of these highly critical parts.

We shall endeavor to provide a desirable and gainful environment for our employees that will ensure the quality and value of products supplied to our customers. BRP is committed to meeting the requirements of ISO 9001:2000 and select objectives, and to continually improving upon them through employee evaluations and the review of the quality management system for its suitability and effectiveness. Our goal is to achieve superior quality status in the distribution of fluid sealing devices and to provide the products and services that allow our customers to become the leaders in their respective industries.

We are committed to providing superior product quality for customer satisfaction.

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