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Category: Organic Chemicals
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Located in Vermont, Cheap Tubes is a leading supplier of Carbon Nanotubes for research and industry. Since opening in 2005, Cheap Tubes has quickly become known as being “The Source for high quality, low cost CNTs. Data sheets, MSDS’s, and CNT Safety Addendums come with every product they ship. Their analysis capabilities include SEM, TEM, Raman Spectroscopy, and Thermo Gravimetric Analysis. Cheap Tubes stands behind every product they sell 100%. They are working diligently to attain their desired position as the highest volume, lowest cost supplier of high quality CNTs. They want to earn your business!

Cheap Tubes, Inc.www.cheaptubes.com

Please visit their web site when you are in need of any of the nanomaterials listed below.

SWNTs - 1.0-2.0nm OD, 5-30um Length available in high purity 90wt% , industrial grade 60wt%, OH or COOH functionalized, and short 0.5-2.0um versions of these. They can also supply separated metallic or semiconducting SWNTs upon request.

DWNTs 2-4nm OD, 5-30um length are available with 60wt% DWNTs content and >90wt% CNTs content. They are available in standard, OH or COOH functionalized and short versions of these materials.

TWNTs 3-5nm OD, 5-30nm length are available and are custom made for transparent conductive coating applications.

MWNTs are available with the following outer diameters <8nm, 8-15nm, 10-20nm, 20-30nm, 20-50nm, & 50-80nm in purified 95wt%, graphitized 99.5wt%, industrial grade 90wt%, OH functionalized, COOH functionalized, and short versions of these materials

Vertically Aligned MWNTs - They can supply VAMWNTs on SI or Quartz substrates with ~15nm OD from 0.1-5mm height. Contact them today for a quotation. Mixed VASW/MW arrays are also available.

Fullerenes - They can supply C60 in 99.0wt% or 99.5wt%, C70 in 99wt% and higher fullerenes as well.

Cheap Tubes, Inc.Graphene Oxide - Cheap Tubes can supply Single Layer Graphene Oxide with 0.7-1.2nm thickness and Multi Layer Graphene Oxide in either 2-4 layer or 4-8 layer. Their SLGO & MLGO are soluble in Di Water, DMF, DCB, & NMP solvents at high loadings 2mg/ml-10mg/ml without using any surfactants. Graphene oxide and reduced graphene coatings are available upon request.

Graphene Nanoplatelets - They can supply GNPs with the following properties and very economical prices. Grade 1 – has a surface area of about 50 m2/g and an average thickness of about 15 nanometers. It is available in average sizes of 5, 15, 25 micron diameters. This material is good for some thermal applications and also where mechanical sheer forces are extreme. Grade 2 – has a surface area of about 100 m2/g and an average thickness of a bit less than 10 nanometers. It is available in average diameters of 5, 15, and 25 microns. This is the standard material that they typically ship to customers unless there is a reason to do otherwise. They also have an “experimental” grade 3, which has surface areas of 600 – 750 m2/g and typical particle diameters of less than 2 microns. This material is actually composed of aggregates of sub-micron sized particles, however due to the small size, the platelet shape is not dominant. This material is very good for applications requiring high capacitance. Currently, they can only make this material in small amounts.

Conductive Nanotubes Additive for Li-Ion batteries and other electrode applications. Cheap Tubes can supply their Conductive Nanotubes Composite Additive material with their standard MWNTs or their highly conductive GMWNTs. This material is priced for high volume applications. They can also supply a functionalized version of this dispersed in NMP or Di Water without using any surfactants. 50 ton per year capacity. When using their CNCA in Li-Ion applications, the tap density of the electrode coatings can be increased by 10% and the life of the electrode can be extended by an order of magnitude.

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