CDF Industries is a leading innovative company meeting the needs of manufacturers in today's competitive global economy.

We specialize in design and manufacturing of water based parts washers, vibratory deburring, bowls and tubs high energy centrifugal barrel and centrifugal disc finishing equipment and industrial wastewater treatment.

Industrial Parts Washers

Under the sleek design and quality finish of CDF's industrial parts washers, you will find superior engineering and durable construction.  CDF Industries is a custom manufacturer with extensive experience designing water based parts washers with options that can process diverse parts and materials in a lean manufacturing environment.  We work closely with our customers to design a highly effective aqueous cleaning system that meets their needs today and will grow with them for the future.  CDF systems are guaranteed to perform and provide reliable, long-lasting and dependable service to your organization.

CDF Industries builds various styles of parts washers including conveyor belt, rotary drum, dip tank, cell, rotating basket, cabinet washers and vertical door washers.  We also supply the water-based cleaners to compliment any aqueous cleaning operation.   We are proud that every machine we build is a highly effective, environmentally friendly alternative to harsh solvent based washers.

Deburring & Finishing

CDF Industries specializes in complete deburring and finishing systems, including fully and semi-automated systems and sound enclosures.  We know our machines will work with your parts because we test your parts in our lab first.

CDF Industries manufacturers blast equipment, high energy deburring machines, centrifugal disc, vibratory tub and continuous flow finishing machines.  In addition to machinery, CDF Industries provides an exact finish with our full line of media and compounds.

Industrial Wastewater Treatment

CDF industrial wastewater treatment equipment feature small footprints, rugged construction and high capacity output. The automatic systems use advanced Allen-Bradley, Micrologix PLC controls and heavy-duty agitators for years of dependable service.  From our economic manual treatment systems to our large automatic systems, CDF Industries has a system right for any size wastewater application.

CDF Industries industrial wastewater treatment products clarify and treat wastewater containing emulsified oils, heavy metals, and suspended solids using an easy one-step process.   In addition to a comprehensive bentonite clay flocculant line, we offer a complete line liquid flocculants and coagulants, filtration media, solidification and stabilization agents for industrial waste water.  CDF Industries can design a custom treatment process to fit a wide array of requirements for discharge or reuse of wastewater.

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