Since 1955, Cole-Parmer has been a leading global source of laboratory and industrial fluid handling products, instrumentation, equipment, and supplies. We are proven experts in the fields of temperature measurement and control, electrochemistry, and fluid handling. Our products are sold throughout the world through company-owned customer channel outlets and a strong network of international dealers.

In addition to our portfolio of industry-leading brands and private-label products, Cole-Parmer is renowned for offering exceptional service and technical support. Along with our highly responsive customer service, Cole-Parmer features an ISO-17025-accredited metrology lab for instrument calibration and repair and the BioConnec® program for single-use custom assemblies.

Customers also rely on our team of trained and experienced application specialists for help in selecting the right product for their application, troubleshooting existing equipment, and solving regulatory compliance issues.

It all adds up to a promise Cole-Parmer Instrument works to fulfill every day: delivering solutions you trust.

Supplier Directory Categories

Ball Valves
(278 Products)
(369 Products)
Boxes and Crates
(29 Products)
(65 Products)
Cable Ties
(50 Products)
Centrifugal Pumps
(452 Products)
Check Valves
(54 Products)
Clamp Meters
(104 Products)
Clean Benches
(32 Products)
Control Valves
(3 Products)
(87 Products)
DC Power Supplies
(116 Products)
DC Powered Pumps
(87 Products)
Data Acquisition
(184 Products)
Dial Thermometers
(343 Products)
Diaphragm Pumps
(401 Products)
Diaphragm Valves
(54 Products)
Drum Pumps
(134 Products)
Electric Heaters
(292 Products)
(76 Products)
(93 Products)
Filter Elements
(230 Products)
Filter Housings
(55 Products)
Flow Meters
(3,380 Products)
Flow Switches
(83 Products)
Fume Hoods
(169 Products)
GC Columns
(180 Products)
Gas Flow Meters
(1,152 Products)
Gear Pumps
(131 Products)
HPLC Columns
(981 Products)
Heating Mantles
(191 Products)
Hose Fittings
(4,278 Products)
Hot Plates
(200 Products)
(152 Products)
Industrial Heaters
(292 Products)
Industrial Hose
(46 Products)
Industrial Valves
(1,096 Products)
Infrared Windows
(12 Products)
Laboratory Bottles
(1,123 Products)
Laboratory Filters
(1,011 Products)
Laboratory Flasks
(390 Products)
Laboratory Funnels
(185 Products)
Laboratory Mixers
(385 Products)
Laboratory Ovens
(158 Products)
Laboratory Shakers
(240 Products)
Laboratory Tongs
(68 Products)
Level Sensors
(99 Products)
Liquid Handling Pumps
(2,180 Products)
Load Cells
(124 Products)
(100 Products)
Metering Pumps
(494 Products)
(116 Products)
(117 Products)
Moisture Meters
(125 Products)
Needle Valves
(117 Products)
(70 Products)
Peristaltic Pumps
(418 Products)
Petri Dishes
(9 Products)
Pinch Valves
(62 Products)
Pipe Fittings
(788 Products)
Pipettes and Tips
(859 Products)
Plastic Tubing
(1,149 Products)
Plastic Valves
(333 Products)
Power Strips
(10 Products)
Power Supplies
(154 Products)
Pressure Gauges
(76 Products)
Quick Couplers
(354 Products)
Rubber Tubing
(223 Products)
Safety Clothing
(667 Products)
Safety Gloves
(509 Products)
Scales and Balances
(1,416 Products)
(100 Products)
Solenoid Valves
(290 Products)
Stirring Rods
(151 Products)
Syringe Pumps
(47 Products)
Temperature Probes
(1,211 Products)
Temperature Sensors
(1,211 Products)
Test Sieves
(527 Products)
Test Tubes
(33 Products)
Totes and Bins
(75 Products)
Tube Fittings
(4,278 Products)
(2,514 Products)
Vacuum Switches
(2 Products)
(298 Products)
(97 Products)
Water Baths
(706 Products)
pH Electrodes
(556 Products)
pH Instruments
(149 Products)
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