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Category: Molding Compounds and Resins
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At Cri-Tech, we don’t make Fluoro-materials such as FKM, ETFE, EFEP, FEP, PFA and FKM/TPEs … but we do make them better!  We make unique Cri-Line Fluoroelastomer and Cri-plastMP™ Fluoro-thermoplastic compounds to meet your specific application, process and tooling needs.  While many compounders produce some Fluoro-material compounds, this has been our area of expertise and passion for over 40 years.  We don’t just compound materials.  We carefully select the best polymers and additives to meet your specific need, then compound them in a way that maximizes properties and provides the best value.  You will like the results.

  • Fluoroelastomer Compounds
  • Fluoroplastic compounds and alloys
  • TPEs (fluoro-material blends)
  • Cross-linkable compounds
  • Lower Permeation Compounds
  • Unique Filler blends (CB, Graphene, CNTs, BN, etc.)
  • Electrical (static dissipative) and thermal conductivity
  • EMI Shielding
  • Low Particle Count
  • Color Masterbatches (in your formulation)
  • High Temperature non-blooming slip additive masterbatches
  • Pelletized elastomer compounds and masterbatches

A wholly owned, independently operating, subsidiary of Daikin America since 2004, Cri-Tech continues to expand its specialty product portfolio, compounding equipment/capacity including Inconel twin-screw compounding lines sized for both development, and testing capabilities. 

On the Fluoroelastomer side, Cri-Tech also created an ultra-low contamination "clean" mixing operation. Changes included the complete separation between color and black mixing lines, equipment redesign with enclosed/vented motors, enhanced dust collection, HEPA filter air curtains, as well as stainless steel contact/close contact surfaces. In addition to general contamination control, these investments have allowed Cri-Tech to expand its compounding of nanomaterials including nanotubes and graphene. Also added were 5S Tool locating surgical stainless-steel inspection/ packaging tables and a HEPA filtered Micro-photograph contamination inspection area. With this unique mixing capability in place, Cri-Tech continues to grow its core business in Oil & Gas, Automotive, Wire & Cable and Aerospace, while expanding into new areas such as Consumer Products, Food Contact, Pharmaceutical, and Medical.

Quality leads the way at Cri-Tech with systems that include an inventory management with 100% traceability from raw material to batch, bar code enforced Inventory transactions, FIFO System (enforced Shelf Life Control) resulting in better than 99.9% inventory accuracy. All systems (Lot Trace, Weigh-up, Mesabi Mix Vision, Mill Sensors, and Test Lab) are interconnected to allow real time root cause analysis.

While Cri-Tech's internal focus is on quality, our external focus is on you. We tailor our services to match both your material performance and delivery requirements.