Crouzet - Brushless DC Geared MotorCrouzet - Brushless DC Geared MotorCrouzet - Brushless DC Geared MotorCrouzet - Brushless DC Geared MotorCrouzet - Brushless DC Geared MotorCrouzet - Brushless DC Geared Motor

Crouzet, brand of Custom Sensors & Technologies is a leading manufacturer of automation control components, serving the industry, aerospace and transport industries worldwide.

With over 80 years' experience and expertise in electronic, electromechanical and magnetic technologies; Crouzet addresses the full spectrum of automation functions - from sensing, monitoring, actuating and processing to communicating - through an extensive range of micro control, micro motor, sensor, position sensor, solid state relay and pneumatic products.

Recognized across the industry for its responsive, flexible services; Crouzet can customize its products to match the specifications of OEMs, equipment manufacturers, distributors and integrators. We are driven by a culture of customer satisfaction. Crouzet works closely with customers to identify their exact technical and cost requirements to develop the best solution for their application.

At the cutting edge of technology, Crouzet's strategy is founded on continuous innovation. We spend 7% of our annual revenue on research and development. In response to the stringent demands of the aerospace and industrial markets, Crouzet has also established a policy of continuous improvement through agressive quality management.

Crouzet incorporates eco-design into its processes and ensures that we comply with environmental directives, including the RoHS and REACH regulations. Crouzet also complies with the Environment, Health and Safety at Work ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 certifications.

The pursuit of excellence and performance, and the commitment of employees and management to Quality, Safety, Environment (QSE) and Sustainable Development helped Crouzet to secure the French Prize for Quality and Performance in the "Companies and Subsidiaries" category, awarded by the French Movement for Quality (MFQ) in 2008.

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Crouzet DC Motor Tech Guide (.pdf) (Motors) Many applications call for a high start-up torque. The DC motor, by its very nature, has a high torque vs. falling speed characteristic and this enables it to deal with high starting torques and to... (View Full Article)