DBK designs, develops, and manufactures a wide range of standard and custom designed electric thermal solutions. Our product lines include electrical heaters, heating elements and heater systems as well as thermoelectric coolers and filtered fan systems. Our expertise gives us the ability to adapt our technologies to every industry that requires thermal control solutions.

With more than 60 years of experience in heating, we specialize in ptc (positive temperature coefficient) elements. For electrical heating we also make use of various other technologies, including flat open coil wire, and conventional resistive type industrial heaters. For cooling, we utilize Peltier technology to make compact and powerful thermoelectric coolers. A more basic design featuring a filtered fan system is also available to aid in the cooling of electrical cabinets. DBK brings creative thermal solutions to every industry. Our products are featured in automotive, appliances, white goods, consumer products, medical, HVAC, military, aerospace, commercial and industrial applications.

Whether you are looking for Heating Products or Cooling Products, please explore the corresponding section to view more detailed information on the various technologies and product lines that we produce.

We welcome your questions and the opportunity to discuss your application requirements and match them to our design and manufacturing capabilities.

For more information on how DBK can help you meet your heating and cooling requirements, please contact us today.

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