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DCM Tech Corp has provided quality equipment and customer satisfaction since 1974. They design and build a line of Industrial Rotary Grinders and Automotive Engine Rebuilding equipment. Their response to customer needs over the years has allowed them to provide long lasting, application specific, solutions to customers worldwide. Use of DCM equipment has consistently brought dollars to their customers bottom line via process improvement.

The intent of DCM's site is to provide you with basic product information and prompt you to contact them with your specific application needs. Whether it is precision grinding of glass, carbide, ceramic or metal or engine component rebuilding, DCM can provide you with valuable insight on your next machine tool purchase.

DCM welcomes visitors to their plant to conduct process studies on their specific parts using DCM equipment. This offer is open to you to qualify a process and confirm machine justification. If special fixturing or machine modifications are required, DCM is equipped to address those needs with in house design, engineering and manufacturing services. They look forward to your call. Thank you for your interest in DCM Tech Corp.

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