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Category: Mechanical Testing Services
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Your technical experts in medical device package, product and materials testing.

DDL, a third party testing lab, was founded in 1990 by John Hart and Patrick Nolan.  DDL was established to provide international quality laboratory testing services for companies wanting to evaluate their products and packages for the effects of dynamic and environmental inputs. The core disciplines are dynamic, environmental and material testing, and package evaluation and validation testing.

In January of 2003 DDL opened a second lab in Costa Mesa, CA, which later moved to Fountain Valley, CA in January 2007.    DDL East opened in January of 2009 in Edison, NJ.  All three facilities are ISO 9001:2008 registered resource for product, packaging and material testing services. We serve the medical device, pharmaceutical, electronics, aerospace, packaging and automotive industries.

Capabilities of the lab include vibration, controlled input shock, and compression testing.  Complete product/package evaluation is available in accordance with ASTM methods such as; Vibration Test of Products (D3580); Product Fragility Assessment (D3332), Performance Testing of Shipping Containers (D4169); Compression Test for Shipping Containers (D642); Vibration Test of Shipping Containers (D999) and others as applicable.  Other specific services include: medical device package validation for transportation protection and sterility maintenance; accelerated aging and environmental conditioning of products and packages;  field condition data acquisition programs; protective cushion evaluation; random vibration simulation; Environmental Stress Screening Technology and Training Seminars; Mechanical Engineering Services and Consulting. 

DDL’s technical engineers are known for their extensive experience and capabilities in low force tensile testing applications for materials, small components and medical devices and products.  DDL also has a strong background in Thermal Quality of Packages (ASTM D3103) validations for temperature controlled shipment of pharmaceuticals.

DDL’s single source, totally integrated approach enables globally recognized corporations to maximize product performance, reliability and safety while seamlessly achieving regulatory compliance.  We work hard to build strong relationship with our clients in an effort to partner with them and assist them in getting their product to market on time.  We work one on one with clients to ensure all of their testing needs are being met and to direct them to the right test the first time.  Our experienced engineers can consult on package, product or material failures and initial design processes when needed.

DDL maintains a high level of data integrity. We promote accurate data, quick turnaround times, the highest level of customer service, and superior quality systems.  Our staff is involved with a number of industry organizations such as ASTM, ISO, and IoPP in order to do our job of staying on top of industry trends. We offer the highest level of technical expertise to our customers.

One of the main advantages of working with DDL is the collaborative consulting that we do with our clients to make sure the test procedures and methodologies are correct for regulatory compliance. When potential issues may arise within a project, DDL’s technical team is on call to lend guidance.



We're aware that understanding what test is best suited for your testing is difficult, that's why DDL offers PackAdvice, a tool for finding the right test standard for your next project.

DDL is pleased to offer a suite of testing services to MDM's.  DDL's PackAdvice is a tool for MDM's looking for pre-testing consultation and expert advice.  Our PackAdvice service is a resource for MDM's to dig deeper into what test is best suited for your project.  PackAdvice also offers similar tests that might also be associated with your project!

Try searching now for your test standard!

Package, Product & Materials Testing Labs

DDL Package Testing

Validating Packaging for Strength and Integrity
DDL Thermal Performance Testing

Testing the Performance of Thermal Packaging
Electrosurgical Testing

Testing Electrosurgical Accessories
Sustainable Packaging Testing

Consulting to your Level of Package Sustainability
Packaging Materials Testing

Testing the Packaging Materials that Protect Your Product
Product Testing

Testing your Product's Performance and Safety
Customized Package Testing

Testing that's Specific to Your Need
Consumer Product Package Testing

Testing for All Types of Consumer Products

Packaging Lab Management

Managing the Testing Needs of Your Lab
Package testing consulting on package failures  and packaging materials Package Test Consulting

Consulting on All Facets of Your Packaging Project

Environmental Testing

Chamber Testing Services with the Capacity to Meet Any Environment 

Combination Product Testing

Testing Services for Medical Devices & Biologic or Drug Products in a Single Package

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