Datacolor, a global leader in color management solutions, provides software, instruments and services to assure accurate color of materials, products and images. The world’s leading brands, manufacturers and creative professionals have used Datacolor’s innovative solutions to consistently achieve the right color for more than 40 years.

Datacolor provides sales, service and support in over 65 countries throughout Europe, the Americas and Asia. This has given the company an intimate understanding of its core markets and how they depend on color, allowing Datacolor to provide cost-effective solutions to manage color globally throughout its customers’ workflows – enabling them to realize their vision, save time, improve quality, reduce costs, and excite their customers. Industries served include textile and apparel, paint and coatings, automotive, plastics, microscopy, photography, videography, digital imaging, home theater, ink, printing, paper, leather and others.

In supply chains, Datacolor’s award-winning technology electronically controls and communicates color between retailers, manufacturers and suppliers. Offerings include complete computerized systems for color measuring, matching, quality control and communication to industries who must manage color accurately from design through production and marketing. In manufacturing, Datacolor improves efficiency and competitiveness with fast, accurate color matching, color testing and color communication. In digital imaging, Datacolor provides leading-edge, affordable solutions for monitor and printer calibration. These solutions allow serious photographers, creative professionals, and home entertainment specialists to achieve the optimum color experience in all their media.

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