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Category: Handheld and Portable Computers
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Digital Systems Engineering, Inc. (DSE)

Founded in 1995, Digital Systems Engineering, Inc. (DSE) is the industry leader in intelligent flat-panel display technology and rugged mobile computing. DSE provides customized design and manufacturing services to military forces, prime contractors and commercial sectors worldwide.

Currently used and deployed within branches of the U.S. military, U.K. Ministry of Defense, international defense contractors, aerospace, maritime, homeland security sectors and commercial operations, DSE’s rugged Commercial-Off-the-Shelf (COTS) monitors and ruggedized computers are engineered to operate under extreme environments such as extended temperature, extreme shock and vibration, explosive atmosphere, high altitude avionics, and marine and tactical environments.

DSE is an ISO9001:2000 / AS9100 Rev. B registered company, and qualifies as a U.S. owned small business. Located in Scottsdale, Arizona, USA, DSE is an original design-build manufacturer of ruggedized flat-panel, sunlight readable, and night vision compliant LCD displays and rugged computers.

DSE Products:
DSE offers product lines of advanced LCD display technologies and rugged computing such as:

  • All-Weather Monitor Series (AWM Series) – Sunlight Readable Hi-Brite LCD Displays
  • Driver’s Vision Enhancer Monitor Series (DVE Series) -10.4” DVE Compliant Displays
  • Mil Spec Monitor Series (MSM Series) – Mil spec COTS Displays
  • Mil Connector Monitor Series (MCM Series) – Military-Grade LCD Displays
  • Programmable Tactical Awareness Controller Series (PTAC Series)
  • Tactical Awareness Surveillance Controller Series (TASC Series)
  • Vehicle Mount Computers (VMC Series) - Ruggedized Mobile Computers

Innovative R&D Systems Engineering and Product Development
In addition, DSE offers full-service, customized design and application engineering for innovative technology development projects. DSE’s elite group of highly-qualified electrical and mechanical engineers have immeasurable expertise in creating and designing ruggedized flat panel LCD technology and tactical mobile computers for rugged defense and commercial applications.

Since DSE’s R&D engineering team and their manufacturing facility are located on the same site, the engineers can collaborate effectively with manufacturing throughout the entire product’s life-cycle. Engineering designs and prototypes can be visually reviewed and approved in real-time. Product reviews and testing can be routinely made by onsite engineers and DSE executives for comprehensive status reports. The R&D team at DSE offers their clients services such as custom prototyping, integrated systems design, firmware design and custom programming. Product cost, engineering cost, performance goals and quality are key factors that are necessary in DSE’s product development process.

Supply Chain Management
DSE is committed to providing innovative products and solutions to meet and exceed their customers' expectations. DSE builds strong relationships among suppliers, distributors, and customers to achieve cost effective and on-time delivery on time-sensitive projects.

Digital Systems Engineering, Inc. (DSE)
Digital Systems Engineering, Inc. (DSE)
Digital Systems Engineering, Inc. (DSE)

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