Total solutions for every industry and application. That’s Eaton Corporation - Drives.

Adjustable Frequency Drives for every user, application and reason.

It all starts with a commitment to building the right product for every application. Whether it is a standard product from the catalog, or a custom solution, Eaton delivers. That’s exactly what you’ll find in every product they bring to market. Whether the application calls for an ultra-compact solution, clean power, or future configurability, Eaton Corporation - Drives answer your Industrial, HVAC, Water/Wastewater Treatment and other application demands. So, whether you’re designing a new industrial complex, building a state-of-the-art sports arena or renovating an existing structure, trust Eaton with the right product for every application.

Eaton Corporation - Drives

Engineering, manufacturing, support. One source.

The perfect solution goes beyond product. It’s engineering, technical expertise, service and marketplace understanding. This balance between product and service ensures Eaton is the one source for every requirement. Backed by the power and breadth of Eaton, and over 50 years of experience with drives, they’re the risk-free choice. Their products are manufactured and assembled to ISO 9001: 2000 certification standards and are UL 508C approved.

Industry-leading drive specialists and application engineers know the intricacies of any installation and are available to assist with design, configuration questions, software customization, specification writing and any other drives questions. This unique combination simplifies processes, ensures connectivity and helps keep you competitive. For every drive and application requirement, as well as a full suite of industrial control drives, no one delivers more complete electrical control solutions than Eaton.


Eaton's NFX9000 Micro Drives are designed to provide adjustable speed control of three-phase motors. The size and simplicity of these drives make them an ideal choice for installations where space is a primary concern

The M-Max Series provides increased efficiency and product life for today's machinery applications. These easy-to-install variable frequency drives also feature a compact design to fit into tight spaces.

Eaton's H-Max Series of drives is the next generation of drives specifically engineered for HVAC, pump and fluid control.

Eaton's SVX9000 variable frequency drive is the compact, modular solution for variable speed applications that offers a variety of features and application capabilities.

In applications where reliability and quality are essential for high performance, Eaton's SPX9000 drives are the ideal choice. They are equipped with high processing power and they provide very precise motor control.

Eaton's most space-saving drive, the LCX9000 are well suited for locations where air-cooling would be difficult or expensive or where space is at a premium. These extremely compact drives are suitable for ships, mines and heavy industry.

Eaton's CFX9000 clean power drives use tuned passive filters to significantly reduce line harmonics at the drive input terminals. These drives are an excellent choice for small and midsize applications where harmonics are a concern.

Eaton's CPX9000 clean power drives are the clear choice for applications in the water, wastewater, HVAC, industrial and process industries where harmonics are a concern. They offer one of the purest sinusoidal waveforms available.

SC 90000 MV Drives
Eaton's AMPGARD SC 9000 medium voltage variable frequency drives are designed for use with induction or synchronous motors at 2400 to 4160 volts up to 5750 horsepower. The SC 9000 delivers maximum benefits while being the smallest medium voltage drive in the industry.

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