Electron Energy Corporation

Electron Energy Corporation (EEC) is a fully integrated innovator, designer and manufacturer of rare earth magnets and rare earth magnet assemblies.  They are the only American producer in the $9 billion rare earth magnet industry.

Founded in 1970, EEC is headquartered in Landisville, PA. They occupy 40,000 square feet of office and manufacturing space in a building designed and constructed in 1985 specifically for the production of rare earth permanent magnets and magnetic systems.

Their talented staff of 100 continually exceeds expectations of customers, including military and aerospace prime contractors, as well as medical and oil exploration companies. They provide magnets and magnet assemblies for demanding applications such as the JSF, F-18, Patriot, Predator, and Navy nuclear programs. Their customization and ability to precisely control material compositions allow them to partner with their customers as a virtual ‘in-house’ source of magnet technology.

Electron Energy Corporation
Electron Energy Corporation
As a specialty manufacturer, EEC addresses the permanent magnet needs of the traveling wave tube (TWT), accelerometer, gyro, high speed (30,000 to 100,000 rpm) permanent magnet generator and motor, medical device, telecom, electric spacecraft propulsion and other industries that require high quality, high performance permanent magnets and/or systems. EEC's accomplishments include technology leadership in the early commercial production of samarium cobalt 1:5 magnets, and later commercialized SmCo 2:17, followed by a new series of SmCo 2:17 magnets patented in 2002 from DOD SBIRs, which can operate at temperatures up to 550°C.

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