FIC was first established in the 1930s, as a manufacturer of blown fuse indicators. FIC has grown from a small family operation catering primarily to the military market, into an internationally recognized manufacturer of industrial and military fuseholders, fuse clips, and blown fuse indicators as well as a master distributor of all major brands of fuses, terminal boards, batteries & other selected components. Today, their worldwide customer base includes defense contractors, shipyards, manufacturers of electrical and electronic equipment, powerboat builders, and public agencies.

FIC Corporation has developed and holds patents on most of the products it manufactures, including the recently introduced state of the art line of EMI/RFI Shielded Fuseholders, and they are the exclusive producers of these items.

FIC Corporation invites and welcomes your inquiries and requests for product, price, delivery, and other information concerning the quality products manufactured or distributed by their company.

Today's stringent emission control standards require new solutions in the area of circuit protection. FIC, a leading manufacturer of high quality commercial and military fuseholders, has found the answer to eliminating EMI and RFI problems with its new 8500 series of shielded fuseholders.

FIC Corporation

Designed for either 1/4" or 13/32" fuses, these new indicating and non-indicating fuseholders permit front-of-the-panel mounting for easy, cost saving accessibility. Tests show shielding effectiveness to 95 to 120 dB in the range of 25 MHz to 10 GHz which meets MIL-S-22710E (Amendment 3) ,

FIC Corporation

MIL-S-22885D, Tempest, FCC and other emission control standards. FIC's new 8500 series is part of its complete line of panel mounted military and commercial fuseholders, fuse clips and blown fuse indicators. For more information and specifications, please call or write.

FIC Corporation

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